Our Final Bout 2 Media Thread

Posted on Sep 9, 2015 In Grassroots


Here is a collection of content we found from the big Final Bout 2 event in Wisconsin this past weekend. Feel free to submit any missing content you see in the comments below and we will work to keep this listed updated for a while.

Photo Gallery-
CarsXHype – Flickr Gallery
Brian Whedon – Flickr Gallery
AustinCPhoto Blog Post
Official Club FR Galleries
Andorblogs.com (Tons of Pics)
NaritaDogFight.com Blog Post – Story of Trip
NaritaDogFight.com Part 2
Crispy Photography Facebook Album

Keep Drifting Fun Teaser
Animal Style POV by eletor
Final Bout Day 1 by SeventyOneBlue
Final Bout II by Rob Santella
Final Bout by GridLife
Final Bout 2 by Alex Dalton Media (Vimeo)


  1. Mike says:

    I have nothing to add but, I am thankful for this.


    final bout is cool, love the vibes and style. its what we all imagine when we think of drifting in general