2015 Formula Drift Round 5 Qualifying [RESULTS]


Formula Drift qualifying at Evergreen Speedway was an interesting one. It went quickly but so many drivers scored a zero due to the rain and then transition to dry during the weekend. It was a tough one and we just wish that the weather would behave for a weekend already. Here is how they qualified-

1. Kenneth Moen 89
2. Ryan Tuerck 87
3. Fredric Aasbo 87
4. Ken Gushi 85
5. Kristaps Bluss 84
6. Forrest Wang 84
7. Matt Field 81
8. Chris Forsberg 80
9. Alec Hohnadell 79
10. Chelsea DeNofa 79
11. Odi Bakchis 78
12. Justin Pawlak 77
13. Pat Mordaunt 77
14. Michael Essa 77
15. Pat Goodin 76
16. Charles Ng 76
17. Daigo Saito 76
18. Masashi Yokoi 75
19. Dai Yoshihara 75
20. Tyler McQuarrie 75
21. Dean Kearney 74
22. Vaughn Gittin Jr. 74
23. Conrad Grunewald 74
24. Kyle Mohan 73
25. Nate Hamilton 72
26. Jhonnattan Castro 68
27. Mad Mike Whiddett 67
28. Matt Coffman 66
29. Brandon Wicknick 66
30. Dan Savage 64
31. Geoff Stoneback 62
32. Jeff Jones 61

Top 32 Tandem Battle
Left Bracket
Kenneth Moen vs. Jeff Jones
Charles Ng vs. Daigo Saito

Chris Forsberg vs. Nate Hamilton
Alec Hohnadell vs. Kyle Mohan

Ken Gushi vs. Brandon Wicknick
Pat Morduant vs. Tyler McQuarrie

Kristaps Bluss vs. Matt Coffman
Justin Pawlak vs. Dean Kearney

Right Bracket
Ryan Tuerck vs. Geoff Stoneback
Pat Goodin vs. Masahi Yokoi

Matt Field vs. Jhonnattan Castro
Chelsea DeNofa vs. Conrad Grunewald

Fredric Aasbo vs. Dan Savage
Michael Essa vs. Dai Yoshihara

Forrest Wang vs. Mad Mike Whiddett
Odi Bakchivs vs. Vaughn Gittin Jr.


  1. Snowdrift says:

    The first round of qualifying yesterday was absolutely atrocious and probably should’ve been delayed. In my opinion, Mats Barribeau and Joon Maeng clearly don’t belong in Pro1. The fact that they have each missed more than half the rounds and aren’t even competing in Pro2 says a lot. After watching the Pro2 event yesterday it’s clear that Alex Heilbrunn should be promoted to Pro1. He would probably qualifying for more events than most of the drivers currently ranked 35th and worst. Hopefully, one day FD will change to a top 16 format, which would make the sport more marketable for television and not drag for as long.

  2. scooter says:

    Top 16 only? Can you hear me back there in 2008? That’s the way it was in FD for years. Top 16 would make it a lot harder on the smaller teams to make the show period and create less upsets.

  3. Twitch_6 says:

    Top 16 is a horrible idea! You can still make a good TV package with a top 32 bracket…just show a highlight package of the 32 before or during the 16 (instead of watching the same fucking commercials over and over again. I will never buy an Exidy clutch simply because of that garbage ass commercial.)

    I think it’s awesome that it rained again. I hope it rains all day Saturday too 🙂

  4. Chris Beasley says:

    potential for Forsberg and hohnadel to match up again if they both advance to top 16. After all the controversy last round id like to see Alec get his revenge. we’ll see.

  5. Samurai Sam says:

    Watching Joon Maeng try to drive that Z4 is outright painful.

    I wish Landreville came to Seattle. he probably would do good there.

    feel bad for James Evans. he sucks so bad in Pro 1 but is too good for Pro 2. he will always be stuck in limbo.

    can’t wait for Heilbrunn and Andy Gray to be running Pro 1, and guys like Joon / Wicknick / Hamilton to be watching from the sidelines (like they usually are on Saturdays)

  6. WingZeroCustom says:

    Wow so much shit talking going on now about people. *Sigh’s*

  7. PepsRocks says:

    I swear to god, that line rule is getting thoroughly annoying, like, does it really matters that much?