Formula Drift Pro 2 Driver Preview – Kevin Lawrence

Posted on Jun 4, 2015 In Enjuku Racing Formula Drift Pro 2 Video


Enjuku Racing employee now turning Pro2 driver for 2015, Kevin Lawrence looks to use his speed shop knowledge to make sure his Right-Hand Drive S13.4 will run hard and consistent. He earned his license from the new Three Palms Drift Pro Am series, where drivers who placed in the Top 3 of the series also gained cash sponsorships from Three Palms. Looks like he’s already put that money to good use on his S13 by building up a rather impressive looking RB25. Hopefully he’ll have better luck with the legendary Nissan engine than Dan Brockett had last year. Part of that longevity will come from using a Nissan 350Z CD009 six-speed transmission rather than the KA24 or SR20 FS5W71C five-speed. If you’ve never looked at a CD009, it’s massive for the S13 chassis but will take the abuse better than the FS5 transmission. He’s also going for massive lock with a Wisefab kit on the front end while ISIS Performance arms are used on the rear with BC Racing ER-Type coilovers controlling everything.

-by Justin Banner

Check out below for videos of Kevin Lawerence’s driving:



    hands down one of the ugliest cars in fd’s history. no really the worst! stupid front flares, 14 front on a hatch, god it dose not get any worse than this!! best of luck at your home track there fugly. 90% chance still fails miserably


    wait i just noticed this thing is right hand drive, way to make it even worse !!

  3. Rich D. says:

    Sorry you don’t like the style nutter, but we’ll take a 4th place qualifying position any day!

  4. paul says:

    Suck it nutterbutter. Who’s your driver? You pissed Chris dejeanneret still can’t qualify?