2015 Formula Drift Livery Overload [GUIDE]

Below is a breakdown of all the 2015 Formula Drift liveries released to date and I will update as we go along. To make life easy, I ranked them by championship finishing order of 2014.


1. Chris Forsberg – Nissan 370z
The championship returns with a Nissan 370z and some added sponsors for the new year. NOS Energy Drink returns as his title and the car gets a refresh to the new Nismo style front end.


2. Fredric Aasbo РScion tC
Another car making its return in 2015. Fredric happens to be my personal prediction for 2015 Formula Drift champion if that means anything to you. He added a title sponsorship with Rockstar Energy Drink and I really hope he runs those yellow wheels he used in his car unveiling. Regardless, the car has never looked better and I think he is poised for a great season.


3. Vaughn Gittin Jr. РFord Mustang
Vaughn Gittin Jr. is using his old Ford Mustang with the new livery as they continue to research and develop his 2015 RTR for competition. My guess is, he will stick with the 2014 Mustang until he winds up mathematically out of the championship. That is when he would bring the 2015 RTR out for this year. If he is in the running for the championship, I expect to see this car in 2016. Good news is, you can always see his new 2015 Mustang RTR at non Formula Drift events such as Street Driven May 2nd at VIR.

4. Odi Bakchis – Hyundai Genesis / Nissan 240sx
Odi Bakchis is running a complex Formula Drift World Championship setup that involves running two cars in the USA. We have a complete Odi Bakchis schedule for his die-hard fans that want to know what he is driving and where. For this weekend, he will be in this big V8 powered Hyundai Genesis with a Vortech Supercharger kit hoping to start off with a great 2015 season.

5. Forrest Wang – LHD S15 Nissan Silvia
This car became the most hyped up and leaked debacle of 2015 all over the Internet last week due to our Instagram page but we will leave that be. Car looks pretty similar to last season and still carries a 2JZ engine setup and WiseFab for big angle.

6. Kenneth Moen – Nissan 240sx

Kenneth Moen put together a refresh on his Nissan 240sx in bright yellow with a new title sponsor in Gatebil. He does also seem to have new partners with STR Racing Wheels for 2015. Judging by some social media updates the car isn’t quite in full running form just yet so we are left with a render right now.

7. Darren McNamara – Not in Formula Drift for 2015

8. Dean Kearney – Dodge Viper
This car is another one that doesn’t seem to have tested just yet but here is a render of the new Dodge Viper. I think it is the best the car has ever looked and year over year Dean Kearney seems to do better each year in this thing.


9. Justin Pawlak – Ford Mustang
This is actually a ground up new Ford Mustang JTP built for his 2015 Formula Drift season. He remains on Falken Tire but does have a new crew and is spliting travel and other duties with Michael Essa for the this year.

10. Conrad Grunewald – Chevrolet Camaro
He has some new sponsors came into this program like Always Evolving and GT Radial for his 2015 Formula Drift season. I am personally more excited about his demo car he built with SDPC that includes a huge turbo kit and a DRS style rear wing.

11. Robbie Nishida – Nothing Released as of Wednesday

12. Ryan Tuerck – Scion FR-S
Ryan Tuerck put together a new Scion FR-S for the 2015 Formula Drift season with a completely new crew and shop. The car has a classic IMSA Toyota style livery, white Fifteen 52 wheels, and at Media Day was throwing down some wild angle.


13. Ken Gushi – Scion FR-S
This car appears to be a new look to his classic 2JZ Scion FR-s. Greddy has run the lead on his program which has been a little plagued with random mechanical gremlins over recent times. If the car keeps together he could easily finish in the Top 10 with this car for 2015.


14. Daigo Saito – Nissan GT-R
This is probably the second most hyped car of the Formula Drift off-season. It had a SEMA unveiling in Achilles livery and got this update before being unveiled in this new look for the season. Yes, this car is still running 21 inch rims for the new season. I can easily see Daigo finishing in the top three for the season or 30+ depending on how this car holds together.


15. Matt Field – Nissan 240sx
We leaked an early snapshot of his car which showed off his new Rotiform BLQ wheels and the fact he made a move to Yokohama Tire for the new drift season. I really have become a fan of Matt Field over the years and his progression in the sport is clear if you watch him over time. Matt overhauled his engine program and made some big improvements including a new Vortech Supercharger setup. I can easily see him finishing in the Top 10 this year if all goes well.

16. Michael Essa – Chevrolet Camaro
A completely new project by Michael Essa for 2015 could see him shine or struggle with a new platform. He brings over the famous SLP brand as a title sponsor and has a true Hot Rod style feel to his build like his 2015 teammate Justin Pawlak.

17. Tyler McQuarrie
Tyler returns in a Chevrolet Camaro with his big two sponsors GoPro and Mobil 1. His 2014 season was really held back by mechanical issues that basically left him irrelevant towards the start of the season. However, he partnered up with an old brand Falken Tire with he ran in some of his best seasons in Formula Drift history. I cannot see Tyler finishing worse than 17th this year pending some huge car issues.


18. Dai Yoshihara
Another Top 10 driver who just had a car that held him back throughout 2014. The team is most likely taking a budget cut for 2015 after Falken Tire pulled back it’s factory support of drifting which might make things hard for the team in this new season. Dai has been testing a ton at WSIR during the off-season so that might help solve the issues they seemed to have with this car.


19. Pat Goodin
Pat Goodin had an awesome season last year landing a top 20 championship place but nobody really seems to talk about him. He continues his program with Falken Tire and Enjuku Racing and did a throwback to his bamboo livery.

20. Kyle Mohan – Mazda RX-8
This Mazda is getting another year in Formula Drift with a wild flame/aluminum/blue wrap for the new year.

21. Chelsea DeNofa
Not released yet.


22. Charles Ng – Infiniti G37
His Infiniti G37 got a new look for 2015 along with some large sponsorship from Sparkplugs.com and Maxxis Tire. The biggest change I have learned about this car is he bailed on the LS3 engine for a stroked VR38DETT engine. One note is that it does make him eligible for the OEM manufactures championship this season.

23. Jhonnattan Castro – Nissan 370z
Castro brought on a new title sponsorship with E3 Spark Plugs for the 2015 season. He continues to drive a 370z built and managed by the CFR team.

24. Geoff Stoneback
I posted a photo of what Geoff Stoneback’s S14 looked like at Media Day captured by OMGdrift but pretty sure he will be adding a livery before the big Round 1 weekend.

25. Joon Maeng – BMW Z4
The Nissan 240sx is getting retired in favor for a BMW Z4. Not much information has come out recently about his Z4 but we broke the news of his BMW back in February.

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  1. Doof says:


    Everything else

  2. OMCARacing says:

    Wow… this is going to be a great season!

  3. Snowdrift says:

    Really liking Mohan’s design!

  4. Wegs says:

    Doof: Are you shitting me? Gushi and Mohan’s cars are fucking tits.

  5. Doof says:

    Gushi’s car look better last year. Mohan’s car has flames on it. Flames are never cool, unless it’s shooting out the exhaust.

    They may be tits, but they’re still just A cups.

    Maybe some day you’ll learn

  6. jr says:

    Wangs car is freaking beautiful! !! #vegasdrift

  7. Scooter says:

    You forgot Jeff Jones, Pat Mordaunt, Tanner Foust,and Nate Hamilton.

  8. Scooter says:

    Also the Sikky guys have been quiet on the off season.

  9. Paul says:

    @Scooter, im pretty sure the Sikky guys haven’t changed liveries this year.

    Jeff Jones has the only terrible livery. I’m sorry, i just hate camo, and what makes it worse is it’s red, white, and grey camo. Then you add gold wheels out front, and red in the back, and i just hate it.

    Where is Corey Hosford? Anyone know?

  10. Crispykrem3 says:

    Things to add to the list of liveries no one can pull off: matte, camo of any sort, realistic flames, HKS clone.
    Liveries anyone can pull off? TRD throwback livery apparently. I still think the 90’s Toyota Le Mans liveries would look better though.

    @paul He’s running pro 2 iirc.

  11. fb_drifter says:

    Surprised I haven’t seen anything on here about Yokoi brining the actual D-max S15 over here. Saw it on IG, personally I’m more hyped about that than anyone else

  12. PTG CURTIS says:

    My fav’s are:


  13. Odi is my favorite driver but always has the worst liveries. Maybe one of these years someone will design him a good one.

    @fb_drifter, I agree. Really excited to see Yokoi out there. I love the basic-ness of his build. No tube front, full doors, etc.

  14. DK says:




  15. ish says:

    Wangs cars look boss that car just screams style, all the FRS’s look good this year. Conrads car looks cool for some weird reason I cant explain. The rock star cars look good for just being a big advertisements. Essa has taken a huge step back in style that camaro looks just awful, i mean its just horrible, uglier than Doofs mom awful. jkjk but for real that car is so bad, Justins car too, flat black was so last year and Chris already won the flat black contest move on its not 2002. Also glad to see daigo move on from his Lexus, huge upgrade I think.

  16. Doof says:


    Dang… That’s pretty ugly.

  17. Doof says:

    Also just saw a pic of Stoneback’s car this morning. I give that car a thumbs up as well. Looks pretty cool.

    D1SLish apart from the stupid filter sticking out of the hood and the missing trunk/ tail light garnish.

  18. Doof says:

    EDIT: oh, guess he got rid of that nonsense; it has a normal hood now….

    Even better

  19. chris beasley says:

    @joey, any news on some of the new international drivers? haven’t seen any of their cars posted yet. I know mad mike wont be here till round 2 but what about the others?

  20. apieceobacon says:

    Update on Kristaps Bluss maybe?

  21. SANLIS says:

    Yokoi s15 already arrived and being tuned but no livery applied yet

  22. Crispykrem3 says:

    Yokoi’s S15 shouldn’t even need to be mentioned, anyone with half a brain knows it’s going to be the best looking car FD’s seen in the last few years.

  23. Blaze1 says:

    Yokoi’s car is in the pit right now. Looks cleeeeaaaannn, not feeling these new school Japanese wheels though. But life goes on lol.

  24. otis says:

    Yokoi’s 15 is the hotness and Bluss e46 is bad ass (if bluss is the dude driving the e46)

  25. Brandon says:

    idk how i feel about stoneback’s car never really felt his car’s livery

    essa’s car doesn’t look too good with the red on it.

    glad to see how jtp’s car look, been looking forward to seeing his car livery for some reason. i guess its because falken stepped back a bit with the sponsorship.

    everyone else’s livery looks good, mohan’s is kinda meh. not really feeling the flames on the rx8.

    also like how gushi’s is based off of his pikes peak frs

  26. Jeff Jones says:

    I bet Paul is secretly a CX employee. Haha its cool dude. Im not a fan of how the rim color looks in pictures either. Might try to paint them white be for ATL. I thought the car looked more like a koi fish then camo. http://aquaverse.in/Projects/Navodaya/Final/images/upload/fck/image/Koi%20Carps/koi%205.jpg

  27. Chris says:

    Essas livery – Not impressed. Looks like something someone would hurry and make in Forza.

    Saito – Really digging the livery this year. Kinda hoping he is running a big ass wing.

    Yokoi – Hands down wins the livery this year.

    Aasbo – Love seeing Rockstar as a sponsor, dude deserves it. Livery looks great.

    Foust – See Aasbo

    Wang – Its good to see him in the S15, he was killing it last season as I’m sure he will do this year. Wish the livery was changed up a little more since he rocked the green and black last year.

    Ng – Car looks fantastic, only problem is you sometimes have to do a double take to make sure it isnt Aasbo’s 2014 livery.

    Pawlak – The black looks great on the car. Nice to see him out of the teal and blue.

    Bluss – Car looks mean as hell and i’m pretty excited to see him run this year. Its shaping up to be a great season.

    Gushi – Car looks good, but I liked last years livery better.

    everyone else, looks pretty good as well. Not impressed with Ryans, but you win some and you lose some. Stonback, as I’m sure will kill it this year, doesnt look like he went all out with livery, I guess less is more but we will see.

    Take care all.

  28. Wegs says:

    Chris: Wang isn’t going to switch his colors any time soon lol green and black is his thing. All of his shop cars are green and black. His entire program, shop, and team are based off those colors.

  29. Chris says:

    @Wegs – Gotcha, makes sense. Still a little variety never hurt anyone lol.

    However, gentlemen and the occasional ladies, today is qualifying. Its been a long 6 months.

    See you at the track!

  30. DUSTT31 says:

    Wang’s cars are always super detailed, i remember at PBIR 2012 they said they polished the driveshaft. I like Stoneback’s car, nice and clean. other random thoughts: I also kinda like Odi’s car, minus that wierd green on the wheels. Looks like Moen will be driving a banana this year. And I seem to be the only one thinking Gushi’s car looks like butt.