Pat Goodin Shows Off 2015 Formula Drift Livery Ready for Long Beach

Posted on Apr 3, 2015 In Enjuku Racing Formula D


Thanks to a render we posted earlier last month we did know that Pat Goodin was going back to his bamboo livery. We caught some footage of the car drifting at the Enjuku Racing Test Day but it lacked a complete livery. Pat’s throwback livery looks good on the car and it appears he added Competition Clutch and Cosmis Racing Wheels for the new season. He remains Enjuku Racing title sponsored for the new year and I think he could be looking at his best season finis in career history. I think his season’s performance will be boosted greatly by a home track visit to OSW where I could easily see Pat land on the podium.


  1. VegasDrifter14 says:

    OMFG!!! You guys leaked Pat Goodin’s car now too!

    This website sucks and i hope it burns to the ground

  2. Donna says:

    Looking so good….love it!! Get it Goodin! Team Enjuku!!!

  3. SANLIS says:

    I prefer the old G8 wheels.

    off topic: i think you guys really need to make a statement about the fw s15 spyshot thing

  4. Samurai Sam says:

    Dai Yoshihara’s car hasn’t looked the same since the Discount Tire livery.

    Oh wait, this isn’t Dai’s car?

  5. Srsly bro? says:

    Pat has been with Competition Clutch for at least 2 seasons already (or he has just been running their decal for the giggles)

  6. Roger Dat says:

    @ Sanlis

    Nothing new! Wrecked been spoiling FD drivers hype for awhile now. Really, it should be the teams responsible to keep it under wraps if they don’t want pictures leaked. Don’t think wrecked went out of their way to get the a photo. With all everyone having a camera phone and IG account its only a matter of time. I’m sure Joey will have a few drivers freak out at him at LBC its the norm. Keep up the good work.

  7. Scooter says:

    I’m surprised he isn’t running Square wheels or Spec clutch since that’s what Enjuku pushes.


    and cue pat goodin fading into the back ground. that’s like bands re releasing an old album to drum up some hype. nothing new to report lets bring back a throw back.

    sucked then sucks now. the end!

  9. apieceobacon says:

    Wrecked has every right to post about the car. They are allowed to ad it is their job to post news about drifting. If you dont want it to get leaked then dont give them the oppritunity to. On the other hand I would still like to see a statement from wrecked. The only side anyone has really heard was from Forrests team and I would like to see another perspective before I draw a conclusion.

  10. Paul says:

    The S15 was actually forrest’s 2014 car with s15 headlights. Just wait until media day. You will all see his purple supra.

  11. Pat Goodin says:

    Haha we were posting pictures on the enjuku Instagram and mine before it was posted here. I’m really pumped on how it came out, so I want people to see it!

    Also, I’ve been with competition clutch since 2012. They custom built us these insane mini triple plate clutches for last year and this year. Seriously awese stuff!

  12. Muggy says:


    Absolutely right about Forrest. Old chassis, but with the NEW motor for FD 2015. Only way to run it live without “showing” the new 2015 car.

    And yeah…it’s gonna be some DANK ASS PURP color

  13. Doof says:

    @roger dat

    All fine and dandy but then what’s the justification of going out of their way to publicly offer $5 to everybody sharing pictures, even after the guys asked them to remove it.

    I mean it’s not like half the world already knew it was an s15, but they kind of made it stupid with all the stupid crap of giving money away.

    I guess when you’re in your 30s with no real job and share a miniature apartment with another likewise twat waffle, you have nothing better to do with your time.

  14. Michael J Smith says:

    I don’t see why leaking the s15 was a big deal. It looks just like his 14 livery and i don’t think that surprised anyone.

  15. Paul says:

    @Doof, All the S15 picture was, was a chance for that twat waffle to show everyone what a major douche he was. I think we all saw how much he cared for the drivers of the sport he publishes about. Not only ruining their day, but paying people money to shit on them. You would never see the twat waffle doing that to JR, because JR’s dick is way too far down his throat.

  16. Roger Dat says:

    So 5 bucks is all it takes . Lol. Shit eventually the drivers find away to screw themselves for free.

  17. coty says:

    doof strikes again.

  18. Adotstarzi says:

    Idiot said g8 wheels look better lmfao. Square wheels are trash and if anyone disagrees with me fuck you period