Fredric Aasbo Lands with Rockstar Energy but Stuck in a Scion tC Another Year

Posted on Apr 1, 2015 In Formula D Fredric Aasbo Scion

One could hope that with an influx of marketing dollars the FWD RWD Scion tC would be retired for something a little more exciting for the new season. Great news for Aasbo his this is by far the best his car has ever looked since he came to the States. I also personally think Aasbo is around a 3.1 favorite to win the championship this season. That tC seems to progress a little bit each year under Papadakis Racing and much of his competition made huge overhauls to their programs. His biggest competition will probably be Forsberg again but for Forsberg to perform at that high of a level to win across 14 rounds is a tall order.

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  1. Samurai Sam says:

    whoa! sweet!! congrats to him and the team!

    the ricer in me likes the yellow wheels

  2. Chris says:

    Personally I really dig the livery this year. Think I’m more of a fan of the black wheels than I am of the yellow wheels. To each their own though.

    Hopefully they uped the power in this car, last year after Irwindale he was talking about adding more power to keep up with the faster guys ie Forsberg/Saito. Should be an interesting year, would like to see some designs or even a car for Tanner now!!

  3. Turbology says:

    I am continually impressed at how much punishment the 2AR can take, granted it’s a fully-prepped race program and it’s taken Papadakis a few years to get it dialed in to this level.

    Maybe this new sponsorship will bring new car opportunities, but if it ain’t broke…pretty rad that this is for all intents and purposes the last competitive 4-cylinder consistently in Pro.

  4. EvanFitch says:

    Things everyone knew: Example A

  5. C. Pomeray says:

    I’ve got the championship contenders as:

    Top Tier:

    These have been the Men capital M over the past few years and pre-season favorites for 2015 Champ. They all know what it takes to win and have the programs to support them. Saito is in a totally new build, but he did that once already in 2012 and that worked out for him okay, plus he looked like a real ass kicker at Irwindale last year. The other dudes are last year’s top 3 and could easily be so again this year.

    Second Tier:

    Neither of them had great years last year, but they are both recent champs and with a few things breaking their way they both could be in contention come Irwindale. Essa’s new build will have to go like it did in 2013, and Dai will have had to really dial in the FRS this offseason.

    Third Tier:

    There are a couple of guys that you might be able to convince me to include on this last list, but at this point it’s hard for me to look at any of the drivers/programs and think they could pull it off for 7 rounds, better than all the dudes on the lists above. McNamara is the only one on the list that has won an event in the past two years, but I think they all have the skill to pull it off if everything goes just right for them and maybe catch a break or two.

    I wouldn’t know where to put Tanner if he were running all year. He will be a total wild card. It will be really interesting to see what taking a four year break from pro drifting does to a top driver, if anything at all.

  6. Slider S15 says:

    Great news and awesome livery! Couldn’t think of a better Team mate for Tanner Foust!

    I wonder if this means that Papadakis Racing will also be running Tanner’s program…..

  7. Erich hagen says:

    Stuck? I think they are one of the smartest teams in FD for not constantly switching platforms. In fact the top 3 last year all used the same car with minor updates from the year before. If it’s not broke then don’t fix it.

  8. Adotstarzi says:

    To the dude talking about abuse this engine can handle, he blew it up last year befor top 16 I believe. Can gaurentee they don’t run the same engine all year at all. There’s dudes last year (not Gonna name drop) that went through 4+ engines. $$$$$$$$$

  9. Blaze1 says:

    I like the TC. He could take the whole power plant and throw it in a FRS but then there would just be another FRS/BRZ on the grid, where’s the fun in that?

  10. Crispykrem3 says:

    @Erich hagen While I can agree with that to some degree, it gets pretty boring watching the same driver in the same car year after year after year (Jr, Forsberg, etc.)

  11. Kids Heart says:

    @blaze1 it might win?

  12. apieceobacon says:

    This car has come so far, I dont see a reason to change now.

  13. Shook says:

    I really hope he puts KMC rockstars on this

  14. T.Foust says:

    Welcome to the team

  15. DUSTT31 says:

    was joey drunk when he typed this out

  16. Turbology says:

    @Adotstarzi I’m sure they popped more than a few motors in pushing the limits and developing parts, but it’s impressive that Aasbo stays so competitive with a 4-cylinder.

    I’m not saying it’s the end-all of drift motors, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t intrigued. I mean even Daigo grenaded how many JZs?


  17. Brandon says:

    I don’t think aasbo being stuck in the tc is a bad thing, he’s a beast in the car and he probably would’ve changed by now and wouldn’t be so committed to the tc like he is.

  18. Twitch_6 says:

    Car looks pretty good!

    Honestly, not surprised to see Aasbo stick with the TC. If things continue to go well for him, I could see Fredrick in a flagship Toyota vehicle (aside from a Toybaru) in 2016…maybe 2017. I could definitely see him in a LFA, maybe an ISF, with TRD power. Then maybe an FT-1 in a couple years (if it’s ever made).

  19. John Ma says:

    I wonder if Tanner hooked them up with the partnership.

  20. alika80 says:

    tC has done him well. No need to change chassis, they’ve got that thing dialed. Stephan Papadakis knows his stuff, 4 banger keeping up and killing JZs and LS’. He will be a championship contender for sure. I’ve always liked Rockstar liveries, all the way back to Dais old S-chassis.

  21. Justin says:

    This car looks amazing. *serious face* Congratz to Fredric on the new partnership!

  22. Samurai Sam says:

    @C. Pomeray –
    Dmac isn’t driving this year, so you can take him out of your list of contenders.

    Also I have more faith in JTP than ESSA since JTP is in the same chassis as last year and is already testing. Essa in a new chassis with a last-minute build doesn’t sound promising.

  23. Crispykrem3 says:

    @C.Pomeray 4 of last years top 10 aren’t on your list anywhere, but Tuerck and Essa are?

  24. zachnthebox says:

    stuck is like driving a Cressida with a 1JZ and 4 lug rims The Scion is a great car and he drives the shit out of it

  25. C. Pomeray says:

    @Samurai Sam, pour one out. I didn’t know he wasn’t going to be back. Bummer.

    @Crispykrem3, I agree w/ you about Essa. It would have to be a really successful build for him to compete, and even then i think it would take a little luck. I have trouble seeing any of the FRSs win it all, seems like the wheelbase is just too short and they looked overmatched on the track, but that said if somehow Tuercks team can pull it together I think he has the skill & experience to get there…he would also need to catch a few breaks. I’m not sold on Wang, Moen, Kearney or Grunewald as being a serious threat for the title, are you?

  26. Nevrblo says:

    Wang qualified first how many times last year? He’s been around drifting quite awhile and I think we’ll continue to see him in the top 10.