Daigo Saito’s GT-R may already be in the US [RUMORMILL]

Posted on Mar 27, 2015 In D1GP Daigo Saito Formula D Formula D Asia



With the recent contract negotiations between port workers and the Port of Long Beach causing a several-month long backup, there has been growing concern around international drivers getting their cars into town in time for the first event (which is just 2 weeks away). Yesterday’s news that Mad Mike would be missing the Long Beach round due to these shipping delays brought up several other questions around who else might be affected by the delays. A source has informed me that Daigo Saito’s new GTR may already be in the US, and may break cover as soon as this weekend in the new Achilles Radial livery (which will be different from the mock livery that was on the mock car at SEMA). Saito is one of the 25 drivers Achilles is supporting this year in PRO and Pro 2 combined.

In case you were keeping track, Saito is building a GT-R for Formula D USA, a Lambo for D1 Grand Prix, and a Ferrari for the Asian rounds of Formula D.

We’re glad that at least one of the international cars will be around for the season debut! If anyone has any tips on any of the other international drivers making it to the US in time, please send them our way!

Jacob Leveton

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  1. Chris says:

    I have to wonder if Robbie is in the same boat.
    Are there not other ports around that these guys can ship into?

  2. KBanks says:

    You can go to South America and then drive it up but you would have had to make those plans quite awhile ago and account for the increase in costs.

  3. SANLIS says:

    Robbie’s car is being build in US isn’t it?


    this is a fact!

  5. Twitch_6 says:

    Pretty sure it would be easier to ship a car to Vancouver and drive it down into the US than it would be to ship to somewhere in South America.

    Also, there’s got to be other ports in the western U.S. that you could ship a car to, unless all port workers are in the same union….

  6. Turbology says:

    Yikes, this strike can cause some serious problems for the international guys. I wonder what Kristaps is gonna do with the HGK car? Andy Gray? Juha Rintanen?

    Sincerely hope Round 1 won’t be a bust for the international drivers.


    dose not matter logistics when the car is already here..

  8. Chris says:

    On a another note, what track do you guys think will replace Irwindale for next season? Since sadly this is the last season there.

  9. Andy Gray / other Pro 2 drivers don’t need to be ready until Orlando (June 5th). Shipping to Miami is probably a lot easier than shipping to Long Beach and then transporting across the country.

    I’ve heard Bluss has plans to get the car into town in time. Not sure about other drivers.

  10. NUTTERBUTTER says:


  11. Kevin says:

    Jacob: It would be Best to ship to Port of Jacksonville thank anything else.

  12. Los Beardos says:

    The Long Beach ports are exclusive to that port. There are many other ports available like Seattle, New York, etc.

    Guys like Juha don’t ship their cars home and ship them back, most have already been here.

    Plus Long Beach has been fixed, at this point they are just playing catch up.

  13. jDUB says:

    Superstreet’s IG account confirms Daigo’s car will be at #Techday2015 tomorrow!!!!

  14. Acebostr says:

    Guys lets be real if something happened where he couldn’t get his car shipped on time I’m sure he’ll just throw it on a plane and get it here in a day hah

  15. Coty says:

    Yeah, I’m mostly interested about the irwindale tragedy. Where will round 7 be? I’m definitely going to miss the long bank and carnage, I can only hope that they would find a good track with excellent layout. Last seasons Florida track sucked. Sonoma? Fontana?

    As for tech day tomorrow… I’m pumped. Does anyone know of there is an order for when drivers go?

  16. fyi says:

    The port issues have impacted every US port. Daigo has funny money and his car was air shipped. Others can’t do that.
    In all the international mentions, everybody should be most concerned about Yokoi. Lights out….. where is his car?

  17. Uhlig #33 says:

    Juhas car is already in the US and the HKG BMW will for sure go there by airplane.

  18. Thedriftferret says:

    The car is stateside Dean Kearney has it.

  19. steven B says:

    Dean Kearny posted on FB a pic of Saito’s car. Apparently he picked it up to take to the tech day deal tomorrow.

  20. is300 says:

    @turbology why would hgk ship to long beach? Doesn’t make sense to me. I was thinking Newark/New York ports than hauling to LB

  21. SANLIS says:

    Yokoi’s car was sent to the ship on 6th march

  22. Brudges Racing says:

    Daigo’s car was not air freighted. And he/ we don’t have all that big of a budget to work with. We have more than some teams,yes. But not as much as others. The fact that it appears we have a huge budget is a compliment. We work really hard and do the best with what we have. The reason Daigo’s car is here is all the people working behind the scenes to make it happen. Cheralyn, Wayne and Dono @ Achilles Motorsports worked hard on finding a solution to get the car here in time with the port situation. It was also possible because of sponsors like Spec Clutch and VooDoo13 developing parts in a hurry and getting them to Daigo on time for testing. See everyone in a couple weeks!

  23. ae86 says:

    There’s a place called port of oakland in the bay area

  24. Blaze1 says:


    Which car is he bringing? Or is it a new build?

  25. SANLIS says:

    @Blaze1 They built a new s15 chassis with 2JZ ( w/ Garrett GTX4294R ) and holinger gearbox.

  26. Turbology says:

    @is300 you would think so, and it doesn’t seem like they are hurting for cash, so even if it cost them a bit more to overland it to LBC from NYC, probably wouldn’t be a big deal.

    I am stoked to see who shows up for Round 1, can’t wait to get some sun, finally!