Mad Mike to return to Formula Drift, but will miss Long Beach [CONFIRMED]

Posted on Mar 26, 2015 In Formula D Mad Mike Whiddett Major Announcements


In a release from Red Bull, we got confirmation that Mad Mike will be returning to Formula Drift US, but unfortunately won’t be able to make it to the Long Beach round due to delays at the port.  It’s unfortunate that he won’t be able to tackle the streets of Long Beach in the 1,000+ HP 4-rotor Mazda Miata MX5 he built in New Zealand, but Atlanta will be an appropriate track to properly stretch the legs of the car. The first rumors of Mad Mike making a return to FD started all the way back in November at SEMA, and hype has been building ever since. We’re excited to see him get back on track in a fully-built car as opposed to the RX-8 which, as admitted in the Red Bull PR, was more of a street car than fully built proper drift car.

Jacob Leveton

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  1. otis says:

    I don’t think he’ll be in New Jersey either unfortunately

  2. Rappadan says:

    My Mazda brotha from anotha Motha!

  3. Jodin Lejeune says:

    Gaaah. 2010 I missed him in NJ because I was away and now it sounds like he’s only doing the World Championship rounds.

  4. Justin Yamashiro says:

    @Jodin Lejeune
    You do know that every FD round stateside is going to be a “world” event right?
    You’re opportunity to see him in Jersey would be possible.

  5. Jodin Lejeune says:

    Thanks, Justin. You’re totally right. For some reason I thought Jersey wasn’t included.

  6. otis says:

    The Goodwood festival of speed is the same weekend as New Jersey, I don’t think he’s going to miss that, but we’ll see. I’d like to see him at my “local” event


    saw this coming from a long way off chuck. could be the reason to drop denofa off nitto. maybe cuz they are only allocated so many tires a season and vaughn getting the majority, this was the only other reason to move away from the denofinator

  8. Turbology says:

    @otis good call, that’s too bad, looks like I won’t be able to see him rip this year. I’m headed to Long Beach for Round 1 and I’ll definitely be at Wall for Round 4, but he won’t be at either. Too bad!

  9. Justin Yamashiro says:

    If you’re making those travels already then why not attempt Seattle. I’m sure there’s hope there. Just a suggestion since you’re going the distance.

  10. otis says:

    @Turbology it sucks, I’d love to see him rip at Wall, gonna do my damndest(?) To make it to irwindale before it becomes a mall