Achilles Radial Supports 25 Drivers for 2015 Formula Drift Season

Posted on Mar 21, 2015 In Formula D Formula Drift Pro 2


The 2015 Achilles Radial team is huge at 25 drivers and features a ton of heavy hitters in the drift series. The 25 drivers are split between Pro and Pro 2 and Achilles is showing clear intention of winning another championship for 2015. Several other tire brands seem to be divesting from the sport but Achilles is heading full throttle into the thick of it for the new year.

Formula Drift Roster
Daigo Saito
Robbie Nishida
Dean Kearney
Kenny Moen
Alec Hohnadell
Joon Maeng
Brandon Wicknick
Kristaps Bluss
“Rapper” Dan Savage
Marc Landerville
Geoff Stoneback
Nikolett Szanto
James Evans

Formula Drift Pro 2 Roster
Andrew Grey
Faruk Kugay
Alex Youe
Jeff Wolfson
Brody Goble
Juha Rintanen
Dewayne Ramsey
Mike Pollard
Doug Van Den Brink
Sergey Karbargain
Eric Hill
Tommy Van Cleef


  1. Samurai Sam says:

    No Charles Ng or Dave Briggs?

  2. Tie Fighter says:

    Samurai Sam: negative on Ng, he has other tires now

  3. Piner says:

    Pro 2 will also have Fello Ambivero as well on them.

  4. Brian says:

    if briggs is infact not with Achillies this year not going to lie, kinda glad they replaced him with someone that actually deserves it. I’m seriously not trying to be MR. Hate of Briggs but I’ve never been a fan and last year at FD Canada it really struck me that he doesn’t appreciate the things he has. He’s never had any real succses and dude was chilling out in the Achillies rig like he’s some big shot not doing a dman thing while Alex Michaud and his team were hustling after the event busting their balls to help change,sort and clean up the tires. As long as you have money I guess you don’t need to work…..

  5. Adotstarzi says:

    glad to see Doug van den brink bsck in the lineup dudes a killer always had nasty setups

  6. Coty G says:

    Damn that comment about Briggs could ruin a rep. I honestly think he needs to move on from his SR setup or get more grip. I’ve always been a Dave Briggs fan so I guess well just see.

    As for ng I wonder where he went with his tire sponsorship and why? It reay seemed like Charles really started to step it up on the tail end of the season.

  7. Yoshi says:

    What ever happened to the fantasy drift thingy? I want Wrapper Daniel Savage on my team.

  8. otis says:

    @coty believe Briggs will be running a VQ this season

  9. Turbology says:

    @Brian dang that’s too bad to hear, he was a pretty nice guy when I met him a couple years back at FD NJ and even rocked a Turbology reservoir cover on his car for a while.

    @Coty G yup @otis is spot on, Mazworx built him a VQ for this season. Seems like a relatively odd choice with a limited track record of success, but more torque than the SR for sure.

  10. NUTTERBUTTER says:

    cut dave some slack hes an ok dude, he for some reason just has a hard time conversing with people unless comfortable with them. never the less this season is going to be interesting and im excited to see alec hohnadell drive this year. i think his program is going to get exponentially better with his new pairing, kid was epic last season wit the crap car he had (ps there doing the same thing to nates car this season so expect that thing to be broke constantly) so i think he will do great with a good set up, better crew and better support

  11. @NutterButter I am a good friend of Alec’s, and he told me after driving Forrest’s car a little at Vegas Drift over the weekend he is super stoked on this season because like you said, his car and crew will be exponentially better this year. Also, at FD Miami I met Briggs at the hotel and he is just a shy guy. Not everyone is a Danny George who wants to talk all day. Have you seen Forrest’s interviews? He looks like he is being held against his will haha.

  12. Scaifey86 says:

    @Turbology, Rhys Millen ran a VQ in the early builds of his genesis before they found the power and reliability with the Hyundai V6, its a pretty solid platform its just not generally used because there are better options cheaper

  13. Turbology says:

    @Scaifey86 ah yes that’s right, I forgot about Rhys. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some powerful VQ builds, but, just as you said, there are better, cheaper options that make more power.

    V6s generally speaking aren’t as popular as I6s, tight packaging, complex plumbin and essentially two sets of components make them more difficult and expensive to work on.

    That being said, it’s hard to argue with the brutality of the VR38 in the R35, so I am pretty stoked to see what Daigo has up his sleeve this season.

    @AustinTheCannon that’s good to hear, because Forrest’s car was real competitive last year, and Alec can pedal, so I think he’s gonna tear it up this season!

    Chances are good Forrest is running an S15, so it will be pretty rad to see both an S14 and S15 in Get Nuts Green on the grid!

  14. jDUB says:

    @Turbology….Not sure if you are new to FD but Tanner Foust won two back to back Championships 07′ and 08′ using a VQ in his 350Z. You’re Welcome 😛

  15. @Turbology I am pretty stoked for Alec this season. I went to Atlanta and Miami with Alec and we had to deal with his motor losing 2 cylinders on one side in Atlanta and then 2 steering racks blowing up in Miami. Then in New Jersey and Seattle power steering went out while he was on the bank. Last year was tough, but Forrest knows what he is doing building S chassis. This year will be great for both Get Nuts cars!

  16. Turbology says:

    @jDUB fair enough, but that was a day and age before the great horsepower wars. Do you think a VQ can be competitive in 2015? I guess we will see with Briggs’ new set-up.

    @AustinTheCannon I think he’s gonna have a really killer season, especially after all those mechanical gremlins last year. He can pedal, and GNL is serious business!

  17. Mike Guy says:

    Im all for spreading the love throughout the field but in most instances quality is better than quantity. If the Top 3-5 guys are the main $ contributions from Achilles then i expect to see those guys supported big time if they feel that an extra 20+ other drivers help provide them with their ROI? The Achilles support and activation setup better look Falken’esque if this is their way of taking ownership of FD!

  18. Scaifey86 says:

    Also Ng and Nishida will be running VQs this year, looking to be a popular choice

  19. Turbology says:

    @Scaifey86 let’s hope they perform consistently, definitely cool to have another significant engine in the mix other than 2JZs and LS.

  20. Kevin says:

    Looks like someone is jealous of Briggs?!? Dave is an awesome and very kind dude!! He hasn’t had major success yet in FD, though he’s made it to top 8 or top 4 if i recall in Florida 2 years ago. But back in the DMCC days, he would crush the competition! and FIY, just because briggs isn’t on the list, doesn’t mean that Achilles replaced him, Briggs might have very well found a better partnership!