Daigo Saito Dismantling Lamborghini for D1 Grand Prix

Posted on Mar 1, 2015 In D1GP Daigo Saito International Japanese Spy Shots


They say a picture is worth 1000 words but this image of a dismantled Lamborghini Murcielago set to become a drift car has my speechless. Once I reported that this build was happening last month I didn’t know what to think or do other than heading to Kayak.com and looking for a flight deal to Japan this year so I can see this drift car in person. Part of me has still struggled with the reality that this drift build could be happening in the first place. That doubt comes to me regardless of my very reliable sources who have continued to confirm that this is his D1GP plan. Well, inside Daigo Saito’s million dollar+ drift shop they have started dismantling the Lamborghini in preparation for the upcoming D1 Grand Prix season. Here goes nothing?

DaigoSaito.LamborghiniD1GrandPrix DaigoSaito.LamborghiniMurcielago Lamborghini.LibertyWalk.D1GP

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  1. Cody says:

    I hope he throws a 2jz in this just because he can.

  2. Derren says:

    Is he going to fit the engine in the front or leave it mid engined ?

  3. Mike Peters says:

    What what in the butt

  4. Turbology says:

    @Cody that’s not entirely far-fetched. Daigo has never been one to go with the flow, but even he has to understand the difficulty and potential complications of running the V12.

    It would be cool as hell, but neither easy nor cheap to fix/replace if it blows up. A 2J in the trunk would be absolutely bonkers (if not proven, reliable, and easy to maintain).

  5. apieceobacon says:

    I just want to see how the hell he’s going to make this thing work. Daigo is going in blind to this car since no one has done this before. I hope that it works out well because this is easily the most outrageous drift build anyone has even attempted.

  6. apieceobacon says:

    And a 2jz would make this build that much cooler but then I guarantee the lambo fanboys are going to riot against it.

  7. Steven B. says:

    Is he gunna convert it to RHD? Lets be honest, The dude won’t drive it if it remains LHD. It’ll just collect dust like the other LHD car(s) he has.

  8. traistaylor says:

    That thing is gonna have so much weight over the ass

  9. Mike Peters says:

    There is a lot of money to be made parting out exotics, especially with everyone modding them, I still think this is trollfest 9000.

  10. Doof says:

    UGR builds 1200+hp Lambos.

    Lambo V12 TT would be the sickest sounding thing in D1GP. I still question the authenticity of this “news”

  11. Turbology says:

    @Mike Peters you’re right about that, the influx of RWB and Liberty Walk has a lot of the purists crying foul, so stock parts just become that much more valuable.

    @Doof that would be badass, but the UGR Murci kits START at $109,000: BONKERS money by any standard.

  12. I think he may be building this for someone. May not be for his drifting.

  13. SANLIS says:

    @Chelsea DeNofa
    Liberty Walk had announced that Daigo will be the driver, isn’t it?

  14. Turbology says:

    Kato-san seems like a pretty rad dude who’s always down for some wackiness, but I can’t imagine he’d be too stoked about crumpling his car on the regular.

  15. Joey Redmond says:

    The reality of Daigo Saito building this in an attempt to drift in D1GP is 0% speculation.

    According to his sponsors and friends he is attempting to drift thing in D1GP.
    The reality of it being able to happen and him making it work well enough to be competitive is where I fall a little short.

    If it happens I am booking a flight to Japan to watch this thing in action. Who is with me?

  16. Coty G says:

    All this talk about motors… What about trans set up?

  17. Turbology says:

    @Joey Redmond there is nothing I would love to see (and hear) more than a howling V12 catching sideways air at Ebisu, but I agree that dialing it in just doesn’t seem probable.

    @Coty G good question, a Lambo manual trans is likely a poor choice for durability, it would probably have to be a Holinger or Hewland box, big bucks!

  18. Shift-Therapy says:

    I highly doubt he will run a 2J in this, if you look he is moving away from 2JZs in his other 2015 projects. I have from reliable sources that in the 2014 US season alone he straight up destroyed between 15-20 2J builds and they had to be rebuilt or run backups constantly. This is in addition to the rumors that in 2013 the engine needed a complete overhaul and rebuild after every event. Daigos need for power has surpassed what he can reliably pull out of a 2JZ without it needing more lube than he brought.

  19. Turbology says:

    @Shift-Therapy that doesn’t surprise me, especially considering the massive power he was making and constantly riding the limiter.

    He could always stuff in an…LS. =/

  20. SANLIS says:

    He did broke a lot of 2j over the last two years, after all 1200 is a very big number. He definitely need massive and instant power for his drifting, so it is possible if he go v8 turbo…or twin, and NOS!

    ps: i am wondering how he drive such a big car in small course such as ebisu and odaiba ..lol

  21. Coty G says:

    4jz. It’s a thing

  22. apieceobacon says:

    If they want to go for creativity and originality points in the build(because its not original enough lol) they should try to put in an axial piston engine.