Daigo Saito to Drive Ferrari F430 at Formula Drift Japan


I don’t even know if I really believe Daigo Saito and all his rumors/nonsense for 2015 at this point. First, he unveiled plans to drive a Lamborghini in D1GP which I thought was completely insane. ┬áNow, it looks like he is set to repurpose this Ferrari F430 track car into a drift machine. No idea how he intends to do this within the spirit of the Formula Drift rulebook. On top of all that……. he is bringing an insane Nissan GT-R to America that will run the season on a 21 inch tire. I almost don’t know what to think anymore….. but he is single handidly keeping the 2015 season interesting in case you think nobody else in the sport is.


  1. WingZeroCustom says:

    BECAUSE HE’S DAIGO!!! That is all.

  2. HosfordHugger says:

    Did Dan Bilzerian adopt him?

  3. Niles says:

    It seems like Daigo is playing video games like Need for Speed and Forza and is like pfft i can do this IRL.

  4. Steven B. says:

    This nigga done changed da game.

  5. Cjames says:

    This is getting stupid. Chances are neither this or the Lamborghini will see competition. He’ll be back in the jzx100.

  6. apieceobacon says:

    The term isnt going to be “because racecar” anymore, it’s going to be “because Daigo.” Seriously though, does he not have budget limitations?

  7. apieceobacon says:

    I CALLED IT!!! I was joking when I commented saying that next thing we know there will be ferraris in drifting. Maybe I can predict the future. Let’s try: Next thing we know Erica Nagashima will be at my house. No? ok.

  8. Kids Heart says:

    Because Saito

  9. Mike Peters says:

    How’s his Mustang and Challenger he was planning to run years ago?


    Would be cool but with his track record he’s probably just laughing at how everyone on the internet believes everything he says at this point.

  10. DUSTT31 says:

    Nothings true till it happpens. Troll level: Saito

  11. Turbology says:

    I get the shock and awe factor, but otherwise, what’s the point? Chances are it will never be competitive since absolutely zero drifting parts exist for Ferraris.

    Daigo can pedal, but this car is going to be one giant aborted mess of trial, error and cobbled together parts. Sounds like a great season to me.

    On top of that, running it as a developmental platform or test bed is completely nonsensical, no Ferrari owners are gonna start drifting any time soon.

  12. jDUB says:

    Daigo is having fun….Like some of us should. Relax. Maybe having fun is the secret to being a great drifter/driver? What a concept. KDF all day!

  13. Turbology says:

    @jDUB KDF all day, but not so much F if you can’t consistently shred, ya know? I truly and sincerely hope it works out for him and we can see it in action.

  14. KBanks says:

    Part of the reason why he is where he is and most people posting are where they are ; focusing on limitations doesn’t seem to be his operation plan.

  15. Casper Canul says:

    hey trubology it sounds like ur comments came from different people as soon as someon ecalled u out for being a crab cab

    who wants to go to the gym with me and get tacos im buying

  16. jDUB says:

    Casper Canul represent!! Viva la Raza homeboy! Get your ass back in FD carnal!

  17. Turbology says:

    @Casper Canul if you say so player. I stand by what I said: I think drifting a Ferrari is crazy and nonsensical, but as a car guy, I would of course want to see it in action.

    Happy Friday and have a nice weekend.

  18. Matt says:

    @Turbology +1 for you lol, great way to end that sh-t off lol

  19. Casper Canul says:

    if you see me at fomrula drift i’m buying you a taco your a good guy turbology

  20. Turbology says:

    @Matt haha all good dude, I’m not one for bad vibes, digital or otherwise!

    @Casper Canul haha thanks for the kind words, tacos de carne enchilada are my jam!

  21. Casper Canul says:

    ya guey!

  22. Bill Sherman says:

    @Casper Canul : Damn, first Mike Peters, Tony Angelo, Dewayne Ramsey, Vaughn Gittin, now people are pretending to be Casper Canul? Who’s next?

  23. TWong says:

    Who cares what Daigo does or doesn’t drive. He will still win 99.99% of the time.

  24. Jodin Lejeune says:

    Miss me?

  25. Matt says:

    Dennis Rodman

  26. Adotstarzi says:


  27. Dennis Rodman says:

    someone mention me?

  28. Dennis Rodman says:

    Greetings from North Korea, I think the next person will be Tony Stewart

  29. Tony Stewart says:

    You called?

  30. SANLIS says:

    who is Casper Canul ?

  31. Turbology says:

    Has there been a mid/rear-engine car in FD since the JIC Magic 993? Thing was so gangster.


  32. Nick Hogan says:

    Hey guys, how do you setup a viper to drift?

  33. hachiroku biatch says:

    wtf , does it get any lamer than this, daigo started of f with 800hp chaser ended up with Ferrari/ Lamborghini ,, i seriously don’t get him all the way ,whats the meaning of super-car when everything is stripped off rwd drift build crap.!? he’s probably lamest drifter around, I’m an Asian/ but seriously gave a hats off to Vaughn gittin junior than this jap monkey, at least the man know where his effort/money going, that rtr mustang is 100% SEX btw .. i seriously miss the glory days of drift where people rely on technique, revs,clutch kicks rather than sky high hp crap making drifting no shitty sense, these days with stupid 1000 hp wobbly car and ridiculously retard judging base on smoke, speed , point crap just overrated, true what keiichi tsuchiya said hp drifting make no sense no more, back to grassroot drifting