Drift All-Stars Sets a 2015 Schedule Covering Europe

Posted on Feb 21, 2015 In International James Deane


The 2015 drift season in Europe has seen schedules released left and right but the biggest one we always look forward to viewing is the Drift All-Stars release. The biggest names in Europe tend to dance here such as James Deane, Piotr Wiecek, and Janis Eglite. The series will kick off in London at a possible new location during the gorgeous month of May and venture around the mainland from there. Here is the schedule:

May TBA – London, England – Round 1 @ TBA
May 29-31 – Lodz, Poland – Round 2 @ National Circuit
July 4-5 – Eskiltuna, Sweden – Round 3 @ Grondal Circuit
August 1 – Riga, Latvia – Round 4 @ Riga City Circuit
August 8-9 – Tallin, Estonia – Round 5 @ Laitse Rally Park
August 29-30 – Kaunas, Lithuania – Round 6 @ Kaunas Street Circuit
October 9-10 – Warsaw, Poland – Round 7 @ Warsaw City Circuit


For a Full World Schedule Of Drifting:

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  1. Turbology says:

    Will be interesting to see how this year plays out with Kristaps from HGK running in FD.

    Any word if Juha Rintanen will be coming back to FD?

  2. prometherion says:

    @turbology, didn’t his name got removed from the list of drivers on the fd page

  3. apiecobacon says:

    Yes it did. I really hope that it’s just a clerical error that he was removed because I feel that he’d do really well in FD

  4. Turbology says:

    @prometherion good catch, that’s too bad! Ryan Tuerck speaks of Kristaps and the HGK guys pretty highly, not to mention the fact that he can actually drive.

    @apiecobacon agreed, but I have a feeling this won’t be the last we see of him or HGK. I hope to see a lot more collaborative international stuff going forward.

  5. Matt says:

    personally one of the best series. honestly a lot of good driver.

  6. apieceobacon says:

    I’m actually really surprised that no one has tried to run an HGK built car in Formula Drift. Their cars are really inexpensive compared to most of the FD builds that we see now. I talked to someone at hgk about buying a car back in 2013 and the car was going to cost me a little over $100,000 including the donor car and shipping to texas from their shop in Latvia. It was going to be an FD legal bmw e46 with a 650hp ls motor and all of the fun stuff that they like to put in their cars. I never actually got it built because my wallet was focused on other projects but one of these days…

  7. Scooter says:

    Juha is a Pro 2 driver.

  8. Turbology says:

    @Matt I completely agree, between Drift Allstars and the EEDC, there are some really talented guys laying down some sick runs.

    @apieceobacon wow that’s wild that you were so close to pulling the trigger on one of their cars. I don’t know about the similarity (or lack thereof) of Drift Allstars and FD specs, but they can’t be that far off and I bet Kristaps and crew would be willing to build the chassis to FD legality.

    Ryan has developed a good relationship with these guys during his various trips to overseas, so he may or may not begin to take on a role of brand ambassador here in the States. That being said, maybe we will see one of their cars here sooner than later?

    @Scooter I saw that, but based on his logistical difficulties last season (including almost losing the car in transit), I’m not sure he can manage another try this year.

  9. Matt says:

    @Turbology haha at first i thought you meant EDC, which we both know is like iffy talent wise. but yeah, EEDC has tons and tons of talent. personally i like the diversity within cars. i’d even add D1NZ in one of the few series i like but d1nz has about 8 drivers you KNOW will progress throughout each round.

  10. Turbology says:

    @Matt haha maybe we should invent TDC: we can make songs with turbo sounds and they would sound better than EDC anyway hahaha!

    D1NZ is definitely rad. I’m not sure if all the series in Europe are sustainable long-term, kind of like all the different sports leagues in the 70s.

    What would be really cool is if Drift Allstars, EEDC and King of Europe all merged to create a definitive European championship series.

  11. Matt says:

    @Turbology yeah, it’d be very balanced if all were meeged. And qualifying alone would be amazing to watch.

    i’m tired of seeing battles where lead care pulls like 6 car gap lol. It’s not even close to being worth watching.

  12. Turbology says:

    @Matt couldn’t agree with you more, not to mention the ridiculously blatant politics that we are all made to suffer. Really holds true to being about who you know…

    Imagine a drifting world championship with the top finishers from each respective series going all out. May be far-fetched, but it’s possible with Redbull etc money behind it.

  13. dannyhughes says:

    what is the date in may is the event in London going to be held and where is the venue going to be at and what are the times and prices for adults over 60 and children over 10 and 16 thank you.