Imamura Teases TRD V8 Engine Inside His Lexus LFA

Posted on Jan 16, 2015 In D1GP International Japanese


We finally snagged a photograph of the Imamura LFA with the hood open. Casey Crittenden spotted this and confirmed the rumors we reported about it having a TRD V8 engine inside of it. We showed the car off last week at the Tokyo Auto Salon in this post here. We are itching to get some actual drift footage of this performing in D1GP this season!


  1. WingZeroCustom says:

    Now I wonder whats going to happen to the V86 he was in last season? Will it be used as a FD asia car? Or a show/backup car?

    Either way this is a sick build. Just when you thought Kawabata and Daigo had topped the expensive list with the R35’s Imamura builds this. I always wondered if someone would drift a LFA. Just never thought it would actually happen. xD

  2. the truth says:

    Its good to see the D1 pulling some attention. FD is getting stale with the same old rides. Daigo will be the only point of interest next year in FD with what ever teams left drive the same old chassis. As long as he doesn’t have motor issues he will be untouchable. Seems to take about 3 years for the FD teams to get new chassis sorted out.

  3. Justin Yamashiro says:

    @ The Truth
    Forrest Wang is building something new so hopefully that’ll excite though I can understand as we don’t see much besides engine mods usually out of FD. Nothing’s cheap and clearly an LF-A is a prime example. Hopefully we’ll see some new cars on the grid this season though FD does have diversity in cars to keep it different, but then again so does every other series.
    For now, it’s just a waiting game until drivers either release info or tech day.

  4. Scaifey86 says:

    There’s going to be an awesome origin 2jz s15 next year in fd, and to say that the rest of the cars are boring is pretty ignorant

  5. Driftbuddy says:

    I would agree! Fd is over run with rocket bunny kits and the same old crap. When the last time a new chassis was ran competitively. Diago the same guy that will bring the gtr and clean house.

  6. Pffft says:

    Cause 90% of the rest of the cars on grid are mostly the same with the exception of color choice

  7. This car is sick, whats the rear suspension like on these things?

    Ill be out in my same boring car next year. Just making it more reliable and changing aero so I can drive it harder.

  8. @ The Truth says:

    The point being made is that with the general high cost of competing in FD. A hug part being cost of getting your car and crew to the four corners of the US. It’s less likely that someone would take on a expensive chassis as a starting point. With very limited pennies being infused into FD teams, they are more likely to stay in a platform and continue its development then try cars that might open up more interests.

  9. sanlis says:

    back in the old days we always said we are tired to see car keep swapping LS engines into any chassis in the FD field. We are going to say we are tired to see they drivring s chassis. i would love to see if any one can bring the dodge challenger back on track

  10. Justin Yamashiro says:

    @ Chelsea DeNofa
    Your car isn’t exactly that boring or at least to me. There’s minimal BMW chassis’s being ran, at least to the competition level and you prove your driving skill with it. Not saying you didn’t do it either in the RX-8, but the BMW suits you.
    Also, you can’t disagree that your backwards entry at PARC was awesome.

  11. george marstanovic says:

    every series has “stale” rides.

    nomuken with his R34 for like a decade?
    ueno with a soarer for a decade, then BMW the last few years
    EVERYONE ELSE with an S15 or JZX90/100.

  12. Pffft says:

    I can’t comment on that bmw being exciting, considering the car can never make an event without blowing up, breaking down, or catching fire.

  13. apieceobacon says:

    and you cant forget that follow run at texas.

  14. STFU2 says:

    @ George

    Bro! for the sport to evolve you can’t just be rolling some 20 year old car forever. What other motorsports has 20 year old cars running against new year models. You guys need a vintage drift series with the winner getting a sweet cat tee shirt and case of PBR.

  15. sanlis says:

    Not sure if anyone notice the Drift Allstar series, coming this season two more drivers will drive brand new BMW M4…

  16. Michael Smith says:

    I agree every series has its stale chassis. But, in FD there only goal is to be competitive. So, with the little money you have you build a proven chassis that you know.

  17. Michael J Smith says:

    I agree every series has its stale chassis. But, in FD there only goal is to be competitive. So, with the little money you have you build a proven chassis that you know.