Reviewing the 13.5 inch Suede Driven Steering Wheel

Posted on Dec 29, 2014 In Buy This Grassroots Merchandise Video

Words: Rathyna Gomer
Over the last year, I have been taking my car building much more seriously. I made one promise to myself – no more half-assing anything on my competition car (my LS3 powered 350z). After getting the bulk of the swap completed, I began making a checklist of all the other parts I needed to make this car perfect. Unfortunately, I don’t have much flexibility with my seat (I have to push my seat all the way forward since I’m so short), it all comes down to the size, depth, and position of my steering wheel. Crazy, I know – but the struggle is seriously that real. So when I hit the market for a steering wheel, it was no small task. After much research and many side-by-side comparisons, I was extremely comfortable in choosing a Driven Steering wheel.

While Drifting – Obviously, steering and maneuverability are critical in any motorsport. However, with drifting, steering wheels are spinning like crazy. Being able to catch the wheel during a transition or during a fast manji, is extremely critical. I’ve had experiences with an OEM steering wheel where I wasn’t able to catch the wheel, which could really end up disastrous. Pro Tip > > Watch this video:

13.5 Inch Suede Steering Wheel Deep Dish
– Weighs only 2.35 lbs, featuring a Lightweight Aluminum Core
– Width (Outside Diameter to Outside Diameter) 13.5 inches and/or 343 mm
– Dish (Depth) 3.5 inches and/or 89 mm
– Black Suede Finish
– Red Center Marker for quick and accurate wheel alignment
– Matching red stitching throughout wheel

Look & Feel:
Black Suede – this suede is absolutely gorgeous. It’s not the cheaper knock-off suede that you normally see be used as a coat or finish of a product. It’s actually very soft, but still offers the perfect amount of grip. Not to mention, it’s still very fashionable. Not to mention, it has been holding up surprisingly well (it has about a dozen track days on it – and sometimes I use racing gloves, sometimes I don’t) and it still looks brand new.

Pro Tip >> Leather gets too hot and can get very slippery. Suede always stays cool and makes you look cool too.
Deep Dish – I know not everyone is a fan of deep-dish wheels, but I can’t get away from them. Since I don’t normally run extended or quick-release hubs, this puts the wheel exactly where it needs to be in relationship to my seating position.
Pro Tip >> Steering wheels and pizzas are essentially the same thing. Deep-dish is always the way to go.
Weight – I was very surprised when I first picked up the package because it was so light! According to the specs, this wheel only weighs 2.35 lbs. and is made out of aluminum.

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Photo/Video By: Eddie Luchembe

Rathyna Gomer

Freelance Writer/Driver at
I was first exposed to drifting at a D1GP event at Irwindale back in 2006. After I inhaled my first whiff of tire smoke, I knew that I needed more of that excitement. At that very moment I promised myself that I would be on the other side of that safety barrier and in the driver's seat of a drift machine. A couple of years later, I started working towards my goal. Like many of the Wrecked readers on here, I am a Pro-Am driver striving towards a professional career in drifting.


  1. Max Power says:

    should have JR do the video ….his hands skills are sure to show off the wheel.

  2. DUSTT31 says:

    Couldn’t get over the logo stitched in the rim, or I would have bought one.

  3. Piner says:

    Really a review of a steering wheel? Really?? What next Shift knobs?

  4. tie fighter says:

    Rathyna is gorgeous and talented, she can post on paint drying and I would read it.

  5. Coolio says:

    Talks about nothing ” half assed”. Drives hoopty looking car with no bumpers or side skirts. Very convincing. I like it.

  6. Donna Peters says:

    Cool story about a steering wheel. We’d all like a gas pedal review next. Very compelling and rich.

  7. Omaca says:

    Cool point of view … Totally agree!