Nankang Tire Set for 2015 Formula Drift Arrival? [RUMORMILL]

Posted on Dec 8, 2014 In Formula D Rumors/Gossip

A big buzz is going around during this off-season that Nankang Tire is set to arrive in the USA for 2015 in a big way with a dive into Formula Drift. The rumor has been soaring around teams and others involved in the drifting series. It is strange that we cannot pinpoint any direct teams they seem to be talking with for 2015 but the rumor seems to be pretty consistent across the paddock.

In 2014 Nankang made a huge press release launching a large amount of drivers across Europe so the expansion does make sense. What does everyone know or think about the tires and how are they as far as a performance tire against the new blood in Formula Drift such as Achilles and GT Radial remains to be seen.


  1. Tyler says:

    Have them on my car. For all season, non-performance tires, they aren’t terrible. Not the best tread wear & the quality isn’t the best but honestly for the $, they’re better than expected. As far as performance tired go, I don’t think they’ll be as good as GT & def not as good as Achilles.

  2. Samurai Sam says:

    cool! I hope they dont pack up their toys and go home after 2 or 3 years like nexen did

  3. anotherposter says:

    Never even heard of them. Dont think a brand know one has heard of will market well in the series. IMO

  4. Blaze1 says:

    This will be the worst tire the series has ever seen.

  5. JimTom says:

    Well im more curious about who would be driving for them, seeing how if they dont pick a fantastic driver like Forseberg or JR, or they dont sponsor the whole field like Achilles i dont see them making a big impact. Just saying those tires are garbage.

  6. Sanlis says:

    Masashi Yokoi and Naoki Nakamura from Team D-MAX used to run Nankang for several years in D1GP
    , and D-MAX has been running Nankang tire with their D1GP/D1SL car for long time.

  7. JimTom says:

    When you enlist drivers with amazing skills they can make up for the shitty tires they are given.
    Oh in other news Joon Maeng is sponsored by Turbo by Garrett.

  8. Grenier41 says:

    the nankang ns-2r seem really good !!!

  9. Chelsea DeNofa says:

    The new Nankang NS-2R is actually pretty good. Drove on them overseas, would be interested to see how they are on an FD car. Also not sure their race one would pass durometer testing, may have to use the street compound.

  10. Casper Canul says:

    blaze have you ever driven on any of their nicer tires?

    just sounds like ura turd who thinks he knows everything but has no experience

  11. FriskyWalrus says:

    i’ve used nankangs before. they’re not horrible. not the best i’ve driven on, but also not the worst

  12. Peetorg says:

    I had their sports tires on one of my cars and they’re ok on dry but worthless if the road is wet…

  13. Blaze1 says:

    Hey Casper, haven’t seen you around in a long time buddy. Hows it hanging…

    I am very very familiar with the company and its manufacturing. The NS-2R isn’t available in the states but the consensus is that it IS a decent tire. Its probably manufactured in the same facility and or uses the same compound as the Federal 595 RS-R but that doesn’t mean to the same standards. Federal puts a lot more thoughtful development in to their products.
    Cant say the same for Nankang.

    I’ve used many RS-2s which was at one point there best “performance” tire, probably still the only performance tire of theirs you can get in the states. Those are decent brand new for the summer for a commuter or in the back of a mild drift car but they are DANGEROUS in the wet. I honestly question how that tire passes DOT specifications. I guess if your coming from cooper or nexen its a probably upgrade, so I take that back to a extent.

    Good luck to you Casper, hope to see you back on the grid soon!

  14. Casper Canul says:

    Sounds like a really long “no”

  15. Blaze1 says:

    I have driven on the best tires they offer in the USA and they are garbage.


    But tells us more about whats going on with you, what are your plans for 2015? Are you linking up with Nankang to stage your comeback? Whats happening since my comment brought urged you to comment your self. Your a FD OG.

  16. Grenier41 says:

    You don’t have the NS2R in USA, we have it in Canada :p

  17. mofo says:

    The durometer test ?. Spend big enough money with FD and you can run whatever tire you want .

  18. Vindetta says:

    @mofo “Here’s all my monies FD, ima run an all in one chunk tire from the Walmart auto isle kkthxbai.”

  19. Double G says:

    Yo Blaze, I think this conversation is great, and Imma let you finish, but Casper had the best looking FD car for its time.

  20. Brock says:

    Does anybody remember when Nankang made a replica of the Yokohama AVS Sport? I miss the AVS Sport.

  21. inafmous says:

    the car pictured above should do pretty well, as regards to the tires the car in picture runs over 1000bhp on the nankangs and performs and handles very well from what i have seen in person. the drift tire is very different from the street tire, wear rate is alot better