Three Palms Drift – New Formula Drift Pro Am Kicks Off Next Week

Posted on Dec 1, 2014 In Formula D Pro Am Grassroots Schedule


The newest Pro Am sanctioning body and series found in Southeastern Florida is set to start next weekend in-between the big holidays. The pro class payout is set at $10,000 for first and works its way down to $1,000 for fourth. This Pro Am series will be issuing licenses for Pro 2 after the March 21st round closing out this winter drift season so check it out if you are a driver looking to step up into Pro 2 in the southeast. All events take place at Three Palms Raceway.


  1. mike says:

    10k seems like a lot for first place
    Do other series advertise what they payout for each place? Maybe it only seems high because I haven’t seen what other series are paying out

  2. FriskyWalrus says:

    definitely a good series to check out. the guys running it are a great group of guys

  3. Runthatsht says:

    $10,000 payout, this is great news…support Florida drifting

  4. apieceobacon says:

    It looks like its going to be a great series. I wonder why they are starting so early though.

  5. Thank you for the kind words Frisky Walrus. We all hope to see you there this season 🙂 A Piece o Bacon- we are a off season serice. Since we have such awesome weather in the winter time, we can slide all year around. This series is great for people who didnt earn their Pro-2 licance in 2014, and want a second chance at it for the 2015 season.

    And thank you Wrecked Magazine for your support!

  6. Jason says:

    10k first. They are paying out more than FD lol

  7. Chelsea DeNofa says:

    Its 10k for the championship. Not per round IIRC. Still rad tho.

    I like how they will let anyone drive it, but if anyone with a license wins it, they will not count that as the FD Pro 2 license.

    Seems like all the key players in Florida are involved, so I think the events could actually be exciting!

    Still think they should limit tire size to 235 of normal 300+ treadwear tires to keep tandem tight and costs down.

    Should be rad tho!

  8. Doozer says:

    “Still think they should limit tire size to 235 of normal 300+ treadwear tires to keep tandem tight and costs down.”


  9. roadsterjosh says:

    I do see one issue that hasn’t been discussed. From a logistical standpoint, how does driving at one venue, even with multiple track layouts, really prepare someone to go to the next level? One of the biggest hurdles for anyone that has made it to FD is the budgetary struggle of the travel, in which this could be a factor. Also, driving at different venues allows you to learn more about your style and your set up.
    I am all for this series, and in no way trying to bash them. I am just thinking that in some ways this will handicap their drivers, if the drivers don’t through their own means try to go elsewhere to compete as well.

  10. DUSTT31 says:

    Thats how track championships work. Ex.- circle tracks, drag racing, etc.; its all points at the same track, not a touring series. Its up to the driver/team if they can get perform at the professional level, the pro2 license is just a nice perk, maybe even too much, but so what. Personnally, I come from a dirt oval go-kart racing background, and have family history in both drag racing and stock cars, and a track championship is awesome to me and something im used to. We did both local track points and a southeast series. And you also have the option to tour and get more seat time at different venues, which of course up to that team/driver to do. The fact that 3 Palms is hosting a series is awesome and something they should, or any track that does, should be commended on. That something that can help further and establish the sport of drifting as a legitimate motorsport, something we should all want. Hopelly ill be out there competing if i ever finish my e30.

  11. roadsterjosh says:

    I am not discounting their series, just stating a thought. From my experience, you have more driver growth and progress from driving with new people at new tracks. However, that does get expensive and hard to justify sometimes.
    But… you don’t hear of many drivers going from their local track series to the busch series in nascar. It has happened, but not typically at a high success rate. If I were concerned with trying to make drifting a career, I would compete as much as possible, anywhere I could find.

  12. barn williams says:

    I don’t think it matters much. Pro2 is the real pro am anyways. Drivers that earn a spot here are likely to be just as good as anything a series like SWD produces. The real test comes when they start leaving the small pond.