Daigo Saito Unveils Nissan GT-R for 2015 Formula Drift with Insane Tire Specs

Posted on Nov 4, 2014 In Daigo Saito Formula D Major Announcements SEMA

DaigoSaitoDaigoSaito.GTR Interior

Daigo Saito just unveiled his 2015 Formula Drift build which happens to be a Nissan GT-R in collaboration with HKS. It’s nice to see some of the old school JDM powerhouses coming back into Formula Drift and drifting in America. We did confirm the car will run a VR38DETT and make 1000hp. WE did confirm that he is set to run a 295/35R/21 in the rear and a 275/35/21 all ATR Sport 2 for Formula Drift next year. This is the first car drifting on dubs or wheels larger than 20’s in the sport of drifting as far as we know. The car sounds like it will be a wild build.


  1. Dang says:

    Drift spec HKS GT1000+?

  2. Jerome Flaherty says:

    Awwwww yeah!!! I discovered the build on tumblr and here it is. It’s awesome to see HKS back and considering how they won the R35 Class at WTAC 2014; it looks like a similar build, but built to slide. Plus it’s similar enough to the HKS livery with an Achilles feel.
    My questions are about the transmission. Is it still rear mounted and what kind is it?
    Overall I’m very excited for Daigo and Robbie. Looks like they’ll be back in 2015 with some of the best weaponry available.

  3. sanlis says:

    i know that chassis….it was built by BenSopra, it’s the red car which we seen back in D1 odiaba 2013.

  4. prometherion says:

    ^ Isn’t the red car being run by masato kawabata?

  5. Brian says:

    what about Nashida? is he running the same setup as last year or is he getting hooked up too?

  6. prometherion says:

    He is running a nissan car. Or so it says on the previous article

  7. sanlis says:

    @Jerome Flaherty If it is really the BenSopra build, then that car should have a holinger gearbox mounted right behind the motor

    @Brian He will drive a VQ powered G37-S

  8. Hosford Hugger says:

    i wonder if thats nishidas old chassis from eddie kim

  9. Jake says:

    Pretty sure he posted pre build pics. It was a silver GTR with HKS stickers. Doubt it’s the BenSopra build everyone is 6 along about.

  10. chris beasley says:

    really excited to see the gtr in FD. I would imagine they still have some work to do on the car, but whats up with that ride height?

  11. j1nracing says:

    Dat rear gap… all the better to squat with

  12. Shane Whalley says:

    Is this at SEMA right now?!

  13. sanlis says:

    The reason i point that because the cage design and dashboard is exactly the same as the bensopra(or nichiei) build, and the there is bensopra custom e-brake.

  14. Twitch_6 says:

    Is it just me, or does this feel like Nissan making a response to the success of Scion last year…and perhaps to the overall success of the Toybaru chassis as a drift platform? Does anyone know if Diago and Robbie will maybe be getting some “help” from Nissan and/or NISMO? Along with Forsberg, that’s one hell of a lineup for Nissan 🙂

    I think manufactures taking the championship seriously is great for the sport.

  15. rotarypower says:

    First mad mikes 26b tt miata now this man im in heaven lol

  16. john says:

    – They want drag racing, i’ll give them drag racing

  17. Man that’s disgusting looking. Most likely designed by Americans. Is it a requirement of FD to produce the ugliest livery possible on every car, is that part of the points they score or something lol? No matter how cool the driver is or how much horsepower the car makes still can’t get past ridiculously retarded it looks sorry.

  18. Wrecked Magazine Staff says:

    It is at SEMA. Achilles Radial booth outside main hall.

  19. Matt H says:

    Spoke to daigo today this is not his build they just rented the car and wrapped it he is still building but this is what it will look like

  20. max power says:

    I doubt there is any Nissan factory backing here… Will be interesting to see how these guys do in the new chassis. That size tire on the GTR might be a game changer however. Wonder what the weight will be

  21. bob marley says:

    wheel gap? you mean its on a jack?

  22. Mark Lytle says:

    @Justin Rodgers it is hidious. But so many questions

    1) What transmisson and what mods were used to make the conversion?
    2) Why go from Toyota to Nissan that is a hell of a brand jump
    3) 21″ rims? Wow

  23. KBanks says:

    Daigo can drive anything, he’s probably looking for whatever program is going to provide him with a reliable car and professional level backing.

  24. chewy says:

    Someone has got to fish answers to these questions. So so interesting. I wonder what all will shake up after this. More dramaD. Yay.

  25. ERM says:

    I know for a fact that Daigo purchased 3 GSR dog boxes from Race Tech Services in the last few weeks. Pretty sure both he and Robbie are running those this season.

  26. I still feel like this is a troll car…

  27. Guest says:

    Does anyone design liveries/graphics/wraps (whatever you want to call it) around the lines of the car they are working with. This Achilles livery (for both this GTR and Robbie’s G37) is a total disaster. It is just an incoherent mash of colour.

    (This is my opinion, if you like it then you have a wider appreciation of art than I do.)

  28. Super says:

    I dont doubt that Totani-San and the crew at Mercury are going to help build Daigos new car.

  29. Twitch_6 says:

    I think the livery on both cars is great. A 2015 take on the classic HKS style livery, but with the Achillies color pallet.

  30. Blaze1 says:

    Transmission is probably a holinger. Deleting the front transaxel isn’t too hard. Custom drive shaft back to the dif, I doubt he will run a quick change though since there wasn’t one on the SC.

  31. Isaac says:

    Looks like Conrad setup his suspension LOL

  32. ERM says:

    Transmission is a GSR dog box

  33. ERM says:

    I would put money on it anyway @blaze1

  34. y0 says:

    Its on the floor jack blind dude

  35. Blaze1 says:


    What makes you say that? He runs a Holinger now, I think if the car in the picture is the Bensopra car then it runs a Holinger as well.

    I’m wrong about the configuration though, the R35 has a rear transaxel stock, it still should be too much of a issue to take all that out and start over with a new driveline. Its been done numerous times already.

  36. Spikedrift says:

    wheel speed is going to be insane!

  37. Exxo1 says:

    Yes, I’m agree with Chelsea. I’m feel this is the troll car. Because Kei-Kawabe san is being build the car same as the previous post. Silver HKS.