Chris Forsberg vs. Tony Angelo and a Taser [VIDEO]

Posted on Aug 21, 2014 In Chris Forsberg Formula D Tony Angelo Video

Chris Forsberg hopped in his missile car and headed out to Englishtown Raceway to complete the first taser drift challenge. Drift Alliance teammate sat in the passenger seat of his missile car zapping him with a taser in the throttle leg, heart, and shifting arm as he attempts to drift around a course.


  1. Roido 11 says:

    I maybe the only one who thinks it, but pretty much most of the drjft alliance / hooligan videos do nothing to endorse the motor sport of drifting.
    Just saying….
    Hate away

  2. Matt Petty says:

    Shut up nerd. “Endorse”? what fucking endorsement does drifting need?