2015 Lone Star Drift TXSL Series for the Budget Minded Drifter

Posted on Aug 8, 2014 In Formula D Pro Am Grassroots


The guys over in Texas have put together a cool plan for drifting in 2015. The TXSL series is for the budget minded drifter. Pro Am and Pro 2 drifting gets more expensive year after year so the guys at Fabricated Motorsports created a series that goes in the overall direction.

The rule book is setup to encourage the careful purchase of a car that fits the rules, will be fun to own and drift, with as little maintenance and cost to modify as possible. Cars such as E36M3 are now roughly 3-5K for a manual transmission car without major issues, and red top S13 are in the same price range. The goal is that a car with the addition of a few suspension mods, knuckles, racing seat, and a simple cage a 5K dollar will be capable of winning the series.

The event schedule will come out shortly we imagine but while you are waiting for that check out the simple rulebook to keep the cars in budget:

1. Cars must be full interior.

2. Engines must be stock other than general maintenance, exhausts and intake systems are open. Cars must have a muffler. That does not mean you can add a turbo to an engine that doesn’t have one, that means you can add an aftermarket exhaust with a muffler. Stock ECU may be tuned as there is no real method for us to stop this.

3. Engine swaps are prohibited except in the case of running motor swaps which are available in the same chassis generation as the car receiving the swap. This means S13 240sx can run a KA24, or a red top SR20DET. E36 BMW could run a S50 motor in a 325 chassis for instance.

4. Injectors must remain stock, boost must remain stock with the stock actuator and no boost controller. Fuel must be pump gas, 93 octane, no better.

5. Engine cooling is open.

6. AC Systems must remain in the car even if they do not function. If the AC system has been removed, we will have a system of adding weight to your car to compensate for the loss.

7. Suspension is open but no attachment points can be moved other than knuckle modifications to add steering angle to the car.

8. Fenders may be modified or replaced.

9. All cars must run Kenda tires as a way to keep costs lower for all other teams. You may petition to run a different tire if Kenda does not make a tire small enough for your vehicle. You may petition to run a different tire brand if you have an extenuating circumstance such as a Formula Drift sponsorship stating you cannot run a competition tire brand. Other than those reasons, everyone must run Kenda Tires in this class. This is in an effort to make the series more affordable for all the drivers, and to simplify the rule book.

10. Light weight components such as carbon fiber doors, trunks, or hoods may not be used. Glass may not be replaced with lexan. Cars must retain their head lights.

11. No hydro ebrakes may be used unless permission is granted through a petition, such as cars which do not have a handle style from the factory like a 240SX. Any car with handle style ebrake must use the stock ebrake assembly.

12. Cage rules will be announced, but a cage with door bars will be required. I am currently trying to decide on bolt in cages or weld in cages.

I attended my first drift event at Road Atlanta in 2005 while shooting for Import Racer Magazine (RIP). Since then I have produced drift content for PAS Magazine, Modified Magazine, Drifting Magazine (RIP), and many more publications. I was the producer of the movie Slide America and then helped found this website in 2007.


  1. Hosford Hugger says:

    is this an evil ploy by Kenda Tire to actually sell tires?

  2. EvanFitch says:

    Don’t know if I’d say evil plan, but……

    Anyway, full interior and full cage? I hope every driver is 4’10” because headroom is going to be scarce.

  3. bro says:

    This sounds like Koss Motorsports moved to Texas.

  4. miguelito says:

    how about older jdm cars with carburators are these even allowed in the series?

  5. david.munne says:

    Hey, I think you should reconsider about the motor being stock, not saying people should have a built motor running hundreds of horsepower, but I think normal bolt on setups like commonly even street cars use, for example, in an sr20, people put a bit of a bigger turbo or cams or injectors.. or people with v8 vehicles. I Love the Idea that you guys are creating a series for a budget drifter, which is a series that im willing to join as soon as I get my hands on a vehicle.. but think about it this way, instead of stock motor, you should have a Hp regulation a weight regulation and a vehicle price regulation… there are vehicles you could find at a great price, ive had friends with rb20 powered 240sx that they bought for 1500, and a friend who bought a turbocharged ka24 240sx for 2200, and a another with a 350 chevy rx7, for 3000, and on and on and on… see what I mean? it would be easier if the regulations where in that order… that should be a great start for everybody not just me… One of the fun things about drifting is run what you brought… not all cars have the same power not all cars have similar setups… not saying cars should be extreme, but that there should be a bit of a tolerance level of power, weight and vehicle price. You should think a lot and reconsider some of those rules to make this a series probably one of the most attended or viewed, because just knowing its as cheap as this.. got me and a couple of my companions really turned up about it… cheers from NJ and good luck with the series

  6. chewy says:

    Texas just keeps getting so much cooler. Keeping the drivers true, I like it.

  7. Blaze1 says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun… but I rather go by tire rating rather then tire brand.

  8. Stuck in the 80's says:

    Funny this is what Nevrslo Drift Series is all ready doing….

  9. Pat Goodin says:

    This is so awesome.

  10. NEVERBLOW says:

    cool story. when do you debut pro for kitesurfing.

  11. Possum says:

    Lol at Koss motor sports. There’s no way they could be that sketchy……
    I love this. Best idea ever

  12. Caleb says:

    When are they going to start putting restrictions on pro am series?

  13. Scooter says:

    So what if you have a car that didn’t have Ac as a factory option, like a Sr5 Corolla.

  14. HoonMob420 says:

    I love this idea hopefully something similar series pop up all over!!

  15. chiprez says:

    Sounds like d1sl

  16. DUSTT31 says:

    I really like it, except for the no hydro e-brake rule. An inline setup is not a huge cost, and stock cable brakes are garbage on some cars. Also full interior is interesting and a little questionable imo. Other than those small points, this is awesome!

  17. W33r35 says:

    Making people run only kenda tires seems pretty loose I hope kenda is sponsoring the hell out of this event and giving the winner cash as it seems all that’s happening is a huge hunk of cash is going to kenda….

  18. W33r35 says:

    Making people run only kenda tires seems pretty loose I hope kenda is sponsoring the he11 out of this event and giving the winner cash as it seems all that’s happening is a huge hunk of cash is going to kenda….

  19. Aaron says:

    Howdy everyone, I am Aaron, the dudes that made all this up. First of all, what wrecked posted wasn’t really a press release or anything, but just something I was thinking of and put on Facebook on my personal account when I was done thinking it over in my head and wanted to start a conversation about it. I doubt everyone here read through the 200 comments while my drivers and I chatted about how we should go about this.

    Texas is a cool place full of cool drifters, and not everyone wants to take part in Proam since it requires a car, truck, trailer, etc. It has gotten pretty expensive, and there are lots of us that just like to play, such as myself. I made this up for us, as it seems fun. And I want to do it, and I just make all this up as I go.

    Full interior, as in you have a racing bucket, plus the rest of your interior. I wanted to keep the cars from getting gutted, so they remain cars. Carpet weighs almost nothing, back seats weigh almost nothing. Front seats are where the weight in the inside of an interior is. You can those out. I don’t want people gutting and ruining cars. I am trying to get the cars to keep AC as well, so the cars are enjoyable in Texas. If you AC happens to not work, you gain no real advantage with that, I just care that everyone else in the series doesn’t think they need to take their’s off to stay competitive. So we have a rule where you need your AC on your car, even if it doesn’t work anymore. If an AE86 didn’t come with AC, they don’t have to put it on, that would be silly. The AE86 can do 20V swaps, literally whatever they want in the rulebook as long as it isn’t too crazy, as I don’t think they are at all competitive in anything drifting related without some pretty damn big changes. I will probably allow them to do F20 swaps, I am not sure yet, as I want to discourage people from “building” cars for this series. I want simple stuff, with as little engine swapping or crazy time wasting stuff as possible.

    My personal drift car is a full interior S14, with backseats, a full cage, door panels, the whole nine yards. My seat is so low and far back that no one under 6 foot 2 can even drive the thing. So full interior cars can definitely thank be caged and be comfortable, although bolt in cages don’t typically fit so out of the way, so taller people may have to resort to weld in cages to get as comfortable as possible. I daily drove my twin turbo 350z drift car for about 50k miles with a cage too, and full interior other than the addition of a Sparco Evo 2. It was sweet.

    As to the Kenda tires, they have been such a fantastic drift tire for local events that the majority of people already run them in our area. The people with larger budgets have felt they need to move to RT615 and 123S and have made it difficult for the people without the budgets to run tires that last 1/4 of the lifespan of the Kendas. The simplest thing to nip this in the bud is just mandate 1 type of tire, as tread wear and tire size rules would be a mess for something as simple as this series. I want something fun for the drivers to run, and fun for me to host. I don’t want people trying to game a rule book instead of having fun driving at an event. And besides that, Kenda has been good to our series, and I would like to continue our relationship with them. There are going to be some allowances for this rule, as we have several FD drivers that intend to compete. They got excited and asked me for a tire rule allowance as they cannot drive on a competitors brand tire while drifting, and we created one for them in the rule book, with the caveat that they must run the highest tread wear rated tire they can get from that company, and possibly a 40-50 psi penalty in the tires if I deem it necessary, but I don’t think it will be.

    Anyways, we are going to do a trial competition of this series on Nov 1-2, and we are going to iron out the bugs of the rule book and format to figure out how it goes. As long as everyone has fun, the cars are fun to drift and tandem with, I think it will work out. My only real worry about the series is that S Chassis will be overly competitive against everything else out there, and no one will choose anything else to drive.

  20. Brandon says:

    Sounds like a great idea

  21. Samurai Sam says:

    The more I think about this class, the more I like it. It’s basically missile cars w/ interior on a spec tire. Hope the test goes well!

  22. Steffan says:

    Cool! I wanna play lol

  23. Chelsea DeNofa says:

    I am driving for sure

  24. Anthony McQueen 87 says:

    Sounds like a great idea since building a drifting machine is expensive to begin with.

  25. Joshua Vela says:

    So I have to go buy interior and ac parts just to drive in this class? Sounds more expensive then the events I’m already attending. I’ve got a drift missile that was gutted and stripped when I got it. Why would I spend money on useless shit like interior and ac stuff for no reason. Can I just put a 20 lb weight in my trunk???

  26. Jon says:

    What if I bought my sc300 with a 1jz already swapped would I need a different car or just turn down my boost and therefore my power???