Mike Pollard Finally Set to Make Formula Drift Debut at Seattle

Posted on Jul 8, 2014 In Formula D Mike Pollard


According to Mike Pollard’s official website he will finally be making his debut in Formula Drift after various attempts in the past. He will be borrowing a 2JZ powered car to make the event. Interesting to see who’s car he will be loaning. The brief PR does mention and confirm he will be on Achilles Tires for the weekend. Who is excited to finally see Mike Pollard make a Formula Drift debut?


  1. ziptiedmafia says:

    He is borrowing Matthew dales car

  2. Hosford Hugger says:

    can’t wait for him to not qualify and come up with excuses

  3. Piner says:

    Ooof when I loaned him a car it wasn’t in great shape when I got it back.

  4. Cool guy says:

    Another crappy driver. Sweet

  5. becauseimbatman says:

    Why does

  6. Darryl Moore says:

    Mike Pollard vs. Geoff Stoneback SLT 2013 Top 4: http://youtu.be/RNVUj1pJPzc

    I’m just saying, dude can drive….

  7. MS says:

    ^hosford hugger wants to be the new Mike Peters….orrr is he Mike Peters…hmmmm..
    Good for Mike though. He’s been trying his ass off to get to FD for a really long time now. Looking for to seeing what he can do.

  8. Scooter says:

    What’s the story with his car?

  9. MIKEH says:

    Glad to read this news ! Pretty impressive driver !

  10. Chelsea DeNofa says:

    Stoked to see him driving. Dude shreds. I see a top 16 qualifying run for sure.

  11. Paul says:

    I was so pumped for Mike Pollard to make his FD debut last year at long beach. Now i’m over it. He’s been building some silly RB motor for the last year and a half that still doesnt run… I wish him the best, but i’ll be very surprised if he’s able to qualify. Especially in someone else’s car.

  12. Jabroni says:

    its taken him a while to finally compete because he dose do it on his own dollar and dude works at normal as shops like the rest of us and has some small sponsorships no tittle sponsor yet. but he will def deliver even in a borrowed car….that video posted earlier was in a borrowed engine not the normal 2,2 tomei sr20 that was in that car before.

  13. Blaze1 says:

    I’m not a fan of borrowed cars, especially something that isn’t proven to be pro worthy. But I’m hyped to see him drive, dude is supper aggressive. But can you guys believe we are already 4 rounds deep in the series?!?!?! Time flys!

  14. TAPNSCRAPE says:

    He’s deff a fan favorite and i agree with what DeNofa said about A top 16 qualifying run ( I can see maybe top 8). Of course with a borrowed car… I’m sure he will get some testing in and set it up to his driving style!

  15. Mike Peters says:


    Sorry to disappoint, but “Hosford Hugger” isn’t me, neither is “Mike Peters” half the time.

  16. DriftingForTheCure says:

    Just thought I would clear up a few things just for fun. He is driving my car AND you are right it isn’t close to anything like some of the cars on the grid BUT he should be able to hold his own. The car isn’t just a stock 2J with bolt ons, with the recent upgrades it should have no problem holding its own against most of the field. This is a solution to get him driving while he continues to build his car. He does the majority of this on his own dime and unless you have built an FD car you more then likely have no understanding at the complexity or cost at being competitive.

  17. Paul says:

    DriftingForTheCure… What cure are you drifting for? Is it the one Robert Smith is in?

  18. ziptied mafia says:

    Paul your a dumbass drifting for a cure is for fighting the battle against cancer pollard will shred he did it in a Sr imagine what he can do with a built 2j he has more impressive achievements than most fd drivers and was 1 of 3 drivers to goto Japan and compete in d1gp and he has a lot of heart this man can drive and if he had the backing you would definitely see him up there on the podium consistently to run fd takes a min of 25000 and it’s hard to compete on that not like Vaughn gittins 1.3 million this is what the sports about Mikes friend stepped up to the plate and said enough is enough your competing take my car that’s a real friend and gives me hope for the future of this sport not like all these new school dumbfucks who are only out for themselves this is what the sport used to be and I’m excited to see it get back to that now Paul be a good little bitch and kiss his championship ring