Bigger Drivers List for Formula Drift Japan Has Arrived


We finally got a hold of a much bigger drivers list for Formula Drift Japan this weekend. The drivers list looks quite strong even with D1GP throwing an exhibition event with Ken Block on the same exact weekend in Japan.

Shun Qi Liu
Zhuo Liu
Fredric Aasbo
Ng Sheng Nain
Chi Lun Tang
Daynom Templeman
Oat Krerpradab
Masao Suenaga
Saranon Pronpatanarak
S Chanatpon Kerdpiam
Emmanual Amandio
Robert Whyte
Muhammad Zaiham Hamdan
Wan Johan Rahim
Kazuto Ichiyanagi
Mike Whiddett
Yoshiaki waki
Michihiro Takatori
Kiyotaka Yamazaki
Masataka Kawashima
Manabu Fujinaka
Yuki Inaoka
Kunihiko Teramachi
Tsutomu Fujio Yuji Tanaka
Koji Yamaguchi
Kazuya Bai
Daisuke Hasegawa
Yoshifumi Tadokoro
Tadahiro Fukada
Ikuo Saito
Noritsugu Totani
Seimi Tanaka
Masashi Yokoi
Atsushi Taniguchi
Hirohide Tanaka
Daigo Saito
Yuichiro Takahashi
Nobuhisa Sone
Katsuhiro Ueo
Takeshi Mogi
Robbie Nishida
Toshimitsu Mauda
Mito Shinnosuke
Masaki Kasahara
Shinji Minowa
Kitashiba Tomoyuki
Kuroi Takamasa
Shinozaki Yoshinori
Iizuka Kazuya
Takahashi Kuniaki


  1. otis says:

    Does anyone know what times the stream will be live?

  2. Dang says:

    “Toshimitsu Mauda”

    I think that’s supposed to be Masuda. Daigo’s mechanic’s professional drifting debut?

  3. Michael John says:

    Hi, I’m in Tokyo on from the 13th July till 18th…. Would like any advice on where to watch any drift event / practise days… Anything — anyone

  4. WingZeroCustom says:

    50 Drivers… nice. Shit if we could get some more state side drivers we could have our first official Top 64 in the home of drifting! XD

  5. Scaifey86 says:

    Will be great seeing Ueo competing again, and I wonder if this will be enough to lure Kazama back into competition?

    Rob Whyte will also be driving Saito’s chaser for the round

  6. rotarypower says:

    takatoriiiii!!!!!! Sweet

  7. 4fourGraphics says:

    Mike Whiddett is competing as well is he not? Fairly certain I saw a photo of the “japbull” being prepped the other day

  8. Chelsea DeNofa says:

    Mike will be driving in the RX7. Its supposed to have a turbo setup now.

    Wish I could of driven here!

  9. Blaze1 says:

    (Bottle noises) Americaaaans, come out to plaaaayaay!

    For years before FD was a superpower, Japanese drivers most with little funding came to America to share they’re knowledge, showcase their skill, and to entertain us. Many drivers came out of their own pocket purely for the love of the sport. We can’t do the same for Japan, the birthplace of drifting? But I bet come WDC all these guy will be busting a$$ to ship their cars to china to “compete” with guys who aren’t even Pro Am material.

    #disappointed #embarrassed #ashamedtobeamerican

  10. KBanks says:

    How do you use they’re in place of their and then use their correctly later in the same sentence?

  11. Blaze1 says:

    Auto input on a android phone. My appalogies…

  12. Kids Heart says:

    Everything Blaze1 said. This is damn right shameful that the bigger named American drivers weren’t hustling ass to find cars the moment this was decided. I bet there are teams over there that would climb over each other to let a Forsberg or Gitten ride their vehicles.


  13. George Bush says:

    99.9% of the American drivers would get eaten alive at this rodeo and they know it. @Blaze….are you going to support this event? #bysupportimeanblowallthedrivers #poser

  14. Kids Heart says:

    The flyer has JTP, Forsberg, Gitten and Saito. Too bad 3 of those stars wont dare show without their buddies judging.

  15. Twitch_6 says:

    Beyond disappointed none of the top American drivers are going to this event.

    I can understand it being difficult and/or expensive to ship a car to Japan…but I can’t imagine it being impossible for a top FD driver to find a car already in Japan that they could borrow. Check Saito at IDC last weekend.

    Mad respect to Aasbo for making the trip, I really hope he does well!! Props to Saito as well…dude traveled to Jersey, then Ireland, and back to Japan, just to compete. THAT is dedication 🙂

  16. WingZeroCustom says:

    Yeah Kids Heart. I was really hoping to see Those Mustangs and V8 370Z Shred in Japan. I was thinking we’d see Tuereck, Essa, Kearney, and a few others.

    Forsberg I can kinda understand as to maybe he just wants to keep all his focus on his Current FD lead. Same with Vaughn. But JTP I and a few others I was really hoping we’d see. 🙁

  17. Vaughn says:

    @kidsheart and Blaze1- Instead of making completely ignorant comments why don’t you think a bit about what is required to make an event like this reality instead of just running off at the keyboard.

    For me and anyone that would bring the FD car would require Air freight (Seattle is right around the corner). $25k each way minimum. (yes I looked into it) Just because there is an FD in Japan does not mean money falls from the sky to add it to the schedule. Its tough enough to make 7 USA rounds under the current scenario.

    I surely am not going to show up to Japan and drive an unknown borrowed car to compete against Daigo in his car . Thats just silly. When I finally put it together (been working on it) to go compete in Japan I am bringing my car and going to give all the competitors what they want to battle and fans what they want to see.

    You could’nt be more wrong if you think we don’t want to be in Japan competing, there is way more to it and you are correct about one thing $$$ has alot to do with it. You need money to make something like this reality, its pretty simple.

    Buddies judging???? ummmmmmmmmm not sure what that means.

    Back in the day D1 paid for all the drivers to come here since you assume everyone spent personal money to come share drifting with us……… Not once did anyone say “I’m gonna spend my money and ship my car and go teach and entertain Americans’ without some sort of business motive whether immediate or future benefits were sought.

    As far as me on the flyer……. FD has rights to do what they want as per our driver contract. I just saw this like 2 days ago. I am not thrilled with what could be seen as false advertisement of our attendance. I am hopeful that there is no damage done from that marketing………

    Not to mention it is 4th of July so hanging with Family and Friends for my last weekend home for the next 2 months sounds pretty awesome!

  18. Chris says:

    Does anyone know how I can watch this online? Tried searching and I’m not able to find anything.

  19. Mustanger says:

    Very articulate and professional Vag Jr.

  20. Dang says:

    Not sure if it will be Dailymotion too.

  21. Ryan Sage says:

    We will stream on DM as well, but FD Japan has their own deal with Ustream too. We will post the times on our site and it will be on the live page.

    I agree with Vaughn you guys need to give the US drivers a bit of a break when it comes to attending this event. This model is the same model as FD Asia. If guys from the US can make it, great. If they can’t and don’t want to be a driver for hire like Aasbo, that’s fine too. The event is focused on drivers in the region primarily, just like Sing, Thailand, Malaysia, etc.

    As we have done with every other international events, we allow the use of marketing materials representative of our brand for our partners usage, but we never allow false promotion of who is going to be in attendance. If someone specific is going to be there, it’s stated.

    Let’s try to have some fun. This is drifting after all.

  22. mclargehuge says:

    Instead of crapping on about why there are no US drivers heading over for this event, why cant people realise that this can be the door for some other international drivers to get onto the US FD scene??

    As an aussie, I would love to see Rob Whyte kick ass in Japan, gain some traction, maybe get some more coin from his sponsors to make a move to the states and start competing there. This is easily the biggest and most anticipated drifting even run outside of the US in recent times.

    Also, cant wait to see some pics/updates from this event.

  23. Kids Heart says:

    Ford changed the hell out of you dude. Enjoy your weekend anyway.

  24. Vaughn says:

    @ kidsheart What? You don’t even know me and if you did you would never make that comment. It has nothing to do with Ford or any other sponsor. It has to do with priorities, goals and reality. Reality being the keyword here, get some.

  25. Pat Goodin says:

    I know I’m not a big name, but trust me, I would LOVE to be in japan right now driving this event. It’s totally not that I don’t want to, trust me.

  26. Vaughn says:

    @pat You’ve really changed since you have been chasing the dream you have worked so hard for! It’s no excuse you should be in Japan. 🙂

  27. miguelito says:

    relax drifting fan boys this is just the beginning theres more to come.. this is not the last of it! so leave VGJR alone and the rest of american FD drifters..

  28. Blaze1 says:


    I don’t know how much contact you had with the J drivers but back then many of those guys paid out of pocket in the US. I knew of some guys who essentially gave up on competitive drifting after they shipped their cars back. That says a lot right there, D1 took care if some of their people but definitely not all.

    No one… not even Ryan Sage thinks its a bad look for the US sanctioning body not bringing any American talent with them to Japan? There’s probably some kid in Japan with a VGJ mustang on his wall wishing he could see the car in action, too bad this isn’t happening. America doesn’t care about you little Kenji.

    I was there since day zero, falken show off. D1 USA vs JAP, when you were getting schooled Vaughn I was there. When you were whooping ass Vaughn I was there. Those were good times, I would argue the best times so thank you. I was hoping America would return the favor and honor those fans with similar memories. If that’s wrong… I don’t want to be right.

    @George Bush


  29. Super says:

    Vaughn is mad that he cant bring his monster truck and drive on top of cars

  30. George Bush says:

    Blaze1…you are a nobody in the drifting community. You’ve been a “fanboy” sine 2002??? You’ll still be posting on shitty sites like this in 10 years without having driven a real car.

  31. Kids Heart says:

    I didn’t watch the second part, what happen in the last part of qualifying? Any written updates?

  32. rotarypower says:

    If FD is going to have more japan events like this in the future. Then maybe its time for your drivers like JR who have made a decent amout of money over the years to open your pocket books and build a car for fd japan. That way there wont be any issue of getting a car there in time or spending 25k on flying a car. It would be nice to see some of these drivers running multiple series like saito,aasbo just saying

  33. Piner says:

    Do some of you guys just not understand how this sorta stuff works? The majority of a teams budget and schedule is planned near the end of the previous season. The Details of this event were not well known until after most teams in the US had already locked down their plans. A huge unplanned detour like this with such short notice would be extremely hard for even the most financially well off teams to make happen with any sort of hope of being competitive.

    Now if the Japanese events gain some steam this year I think it would be a Safe bet to seeing more teams work it into their plan for next year.

  34. Blaze1 says:

    I’m not even looking at the teams for answers. Its obviously about dollar signs with them, and its somewhat justifiable. Its just so cute how people said guys like Rhys, Tanner, and Sam were just in it for the money. Now the guys that were born and bread drifters that now dominate the sport are making all their decisions based on dollar signs too.

    Back in the day Vaughn mustang would break all the timd and he would be borrowing any S13 he could get his hands on. But now he’s too good for that since Daigo has a fast car… but no he isn’t scared though. Last I heard he had a car in china, a freight ride from china to japan is much cheaper then one from the states. But hey its 4th of July right? Friends family all that good stuff. I guess his sponsor mate kenblodoesn’t care about any of that since he is hosting a event the same weekend in japan.

    If FD really geared the event towards only Asian drivers that’s on them. They should have put together some recourses to get some Americans out there. Lord knows that wouldn’t fly in the states, D1 without Japanese drivers huh? Barely anyone would show up to that crap including me. I would respect everyone involved a lot more if they just cut the excuses and admitted they came up short in getting American talent to japan and they will try better next time.

    There’s a event in December… after Irwindale and SEMA. Lets see if they can make it out next time around.

  35. Blaze1 says:

    Ken Block doesn’t **

    not “kenblodoesn’t”

    I need to stop posting crap from my phone.

  36. Vaughn says:

    @blaze your are talking about a different era. An era when a good driver could show up in a 350hp s13 and have a chance in the top level of drifting. You of all people should know those days are gone….. Your way smarter then you are acting here. The reality is not hard to grasp. The era has changed causing the effort and expense to be involved to change causing some decisions having to be dictated by priority, overall goals and budget ( like mentioned above).
    Don’t confuse those that you accuse of getting into something for money with a guy whom has to make decisions that involve money to be capable to sustain and stay Involved in what he loves. There is a reason some of us are able and choose to still be here since day 1. This shit does not happen on accident.

    I do have a car for china, and it’s in charlotte ready to leave post prep for my China program this year. A program that so far is sustainable and makes sense to my priorities, overall goals and budget. See a pattern?

    Thanks for being a fan of drifting.

  37. AnthonyMcqueen87 says:

    Vaughn dont you worry about blaze1 he is just another D1 fan boy who doesnt realize that that series is dead. Formula Drift is the big time now and most teams in the series cant make it internationally it takes money and alot of the small budget teams hell even the big ones cant afford to travel thier and back. It will take some time but FD is here to stay and its growing substantial ly

  38. AnthonyMcqueen87 says:

    @blaze1 if thats is the case how come more of your Japanese drivers come and compete against the best in the world and dont give me money as an excuse. Cause that was one of things you were bitching to vaughn earlier about.