2014 Formula Drift Round 3 at Miami Homestead [RESULTS]


What an insane event at Miami Homestead today! Matt Field gave the tandem follow battle of the year but it wasn’t enough to get the win!  Chris Forsberg had oil pressure issues in the final which put him down on power and he couldn’t keep up with Vaughn. So here is how they finished, top three qualifiers are top three finishers:

1. Vaughn Gittin Jr.
2. Chris Forsberg
3. Kenneth Moen
4. Matt Field


  1. Blaze1 says:

    I like this track but they way they run it is almost disrespectful. I love style but it should stay out of tandem, tandem should be a dog fight. 9 times out of 10 this weekend when a chase driver got aggressive and sucked in on his opponent there was contact. It was ugly to watch and took up way too much time getting the cars back together while figuring out the decision. I feel there should be a more natural/smoother racing line to be played during tandem, that whole outside clipping zone they run ruins it. But then again if they get rid of that it just wouldn’t be FD right?

    ヽ( ´¬`)ノ

    Please don’t ruin Fuji!

  2. tie fighter says:

    JTP got shafted again. The judges need to go.

  3. Brandon says:

    Should’ve had a 3rd place battle

  4. y0 says:

    Formula Drag Racing

  5. rotarypower says:

    This no third place battle is killing me i feel the fans are getting shafted. As much as i hate to say jr has a fast car and there aren’t to many cars in the field that can keep up in the chase position. With dai and daigo (his kryptonite) not being in the mix its going to be hard to stop him.cant believe i jusy admitted that lol

  6. Ryan Sage says:

    @blaze1. There were no outer zones on this track.

  7. Blaze1 says:

    @Ryan Sage

    Your half right… clip number one (double apex or touch and go?) shoots you straight to the outside of the turn. If you penalize the qualifying or lead driver if he doesn’t wash out and goes shallow it essentially makes it a outside zone you have to abide by. The way I see it for the chase driver its a inconsistent transition to adjust too which is causing contact when going for close proximity. I feel if you guys get rid of that element we will see close proximity from initiation to finish and less contact incidents.

    If everyone was driving JR’s mustang this probably wouldn’t matter much but nobody including my self would like to see that.

  8. BringBack3rdBronzeBattle says:

    Matt Field was impressive today! So was Moen is also on a roll

    No 3rd place battle really sucks, I feel we lost out on a potential barn burner.

    Am I the only one who thinks Gittin sandbags on chase runs? If you can pull gaps on lead runs, you should be able to be right there following. Seems content to stay just close enough to not be in danger or get deducted. Not a fan but I will air he has a fast car. Use it.

    Otherwise, great show, but hot AF. Why have it in the middle of the day in south florida?

  9. Dang says:

    Let the mind games begin. Forsberg hungry.

  10. Wallace says:

    I loved this event! Really exciting and a lot of great battles, really straightforward calls compared to some other events, can’t wait for round 4!
    Also I hope Dai gets to rip it in Jersey since he’s done well there before

    lol @Blaze1 really? whatever man

  11. Matt Field…. Robbed.

  12. rotarypower says:

    What ever happened to gentlemans rule there is way to much drag Racing off the line smdh

  13. mugshotmarley says:

    All in all,I give FD credit for creating a new and succeasful motorsports competition in the 21st century. With social media, instant and widespread communication/complaining/critiquing (yet from anonymous people), you guys are doing a great job. I can’t imagine other professional sports/competions being successful as they are if they where created in this present day. Although I think there are ways to improve this sport/competition as I see it now (including issues with a new course/venue), but great job taking the sport to the level it is now.

  14. mugshotmarley says:

    ^^^sorry for the broken engrish, Im on mobile and flying home from another great event. Can’t wait for NJ!

  15. Slider S15 says:

    I think the wrong 2 men were in the final this weekend. I have no idea how Field vs Forsberg went OMT after the first battle with Forsberg dropping wheels, shallowing up and loosing proximity with Field bang on point and bang on the door.

    Moen vs Gittin should have never gone OMT either with Gittin’s Gap pulled in a straight line before initiation an Moen’s pulled in the judged section. The fact that that wasn’t held in higher regard than a gap pulled in a straight line before any drifting really annoys me.

  16. Ryan Sage says:

    @blaze1 I’m not sure what you are saying makes much sense in this context since this layout, especially the backside going up hill, has one line. We don’t decide that, physics does. If you don’t get that portion right, you can’t connect. Is it hard for the chase? Yes. Do we know that? Yes. Is it taken into account? Of course.

    @mugshotmarley. Thanks for that. It’s super easy to criticize things. You just open your mouth and speak. It’s nice when someone actually says something nice. That was cool.

  17. Cool story says:

    Formula D wants to see a close battle all the way to Irwindale between JR and Forsberg. Looks like it’s going to be a Drift Alliance type of year again… Gotta love it

    Furthermore, @ryansage, move the judges stand next time. Half of the people in the top 5 for qualifying and even during competition were dropping tires around the first clipping point. You guys miss half the run by the time they even come into sight and then the smoke blinds you from the chasing car meaning you can’t see any of their mistakes through the last corner.

  18. Fadam says:

    There really needs to be some sort of gentleman roll/pace cone or something similar implemented, or drivers need to start making full use of the restart cone. The amount of battles that was lost over the gap drivers pulled on the drag race to 1st corner was pathetic.

  19. sanlis says:

    I think the the track is good and challenging, and also go for tandem battle,
    but as @Cool story said, there were lots of car drop the tires into the dirt but no deduction for them,
    and the smoke made from the lead car totally block the view that what was chase car doing,
    even the camera can not shoot it in that position. beside moving the judges stand,
    the track surface is not suitable as there are a lot of trees blocking the views of the first U turn causing lot of misjudging, formulad drift probably need to find some solution on the issue we mentioned. Afterall, we know we have to see what drives are exactly doing to make the judging fair.

    All in all, it is a very good event as i enjoy it a lot, looking forward for the FDNJ.

  20. Chris Beasley says:

    agree with Fadam. so many battles decided by the drag race before the first corner. its terrible. Wang and aasbo are two that come to mind that had “bad” chase runs because the other car out dragged them.

    @ryan sage, I thought the event went really well. The live stream was great, which is much appreciated. enjoyed pro 2 as well.

    now just stop the drag racing.

  21. Blur494 says:

    @Cool Story If you were there you would see that the current position of the judges stand is by far the most optimal. There is not a clear line of sight to the entire track from any perspective. You also have to take size of the judges stand into account. That thing takes up a large amount of space.

  22. Samantha Cruz says:

    More importantly. .why wasn’t the event sold out?? Why would you guys make someone pay to get into an event and not provide them with proper seating. . Taking money from people to.endanger them.. if Ia car were to set fire in front of the jumbo tron how would people. get out? I was at the top of the bleachers and I couldn’t even get down to pee cause people were in the walk way piled up, plus bleachers have been know to collapse when they are over capacity. ..u guys should have sold out the event instead of getting more money… yesterday was a blast but you don’t endanger or rip off your fans. Because we are the ones that make or break you. ..

  23. Samantha says:

    ALSOOOOO. Matt feild got fucked over. ..

  24. D....Warriorz says:

    The event wasn’t sold out probably because of the location.. I’m sure PBIR would’ve had a better turnout.

    @Ryan Sage
    Would FormulaD consider going back to PBIR using a different section of the track. Particularly the one on the link below

  25. Blaze1 says:

    @Ryan Sage

    With all due respect, if there is only one possible way to run the course why is there need for clipping points? Wouldn’t the judges clearly see a car is offline. Or is it just for drivers reference like a braking marker?

    1st clip in unneeded in my eyes, I don’t see a point of it being there since the course is so naturally defined. Lead cars shouldn’t be running such wide lines in tandem. The course isn’t super wide but there is enough room for these drivers to run aggressive “shooter” type lines while staying in drift. Less contact incidents, essentially no rear tires off course, and less proximity between cars.

    But I understand what I’m suggesting goes against the whole FD philosophy of tandem drifting. Its been that way for FD since 2006, but I have seen you guys use a different more traditional approach from time to time (PBIR 2012-2013). I was hoping you guys would see the issues it caused in this round and make adjustments for the future.

    I rather make things easier for the judges rather than to criticize them.

  26. Nelson Ayra says:

    @Samantha Cruz

    I agree with you 100%, during thursday practice I was looking at the bleachers and I knew there was noooooo way there would be enough seats. PBIR was just as horrible for seating, but this event seemed way worse with that. I would love to see FD come back to homestead, but c’mon supply the fans with a place to sit.

  27. Ryan Sage says:

    @blaze1 I don’t think you are at philosophical odds with our tandem methods. I think we both desire the same thing. Our methods try to create drifting that manifests the most closest door to door action possible. Whatever accomplishes that, we try to shoot for.

    One of the many reasons why we like a complete utilization of the whole course is for the simple fact that chase drivers can sacrifice line to gain proximity. This is especially helpful for cars with less grip or lower horsepower. The massive amount of diversity and variance of car builds in the series is a challenge we have and it’s a constant moving target as teams adjust and develop their programs, but course set-up with emphasis on outer zones or full course utilization is one of the many steps that the series takes to mitigate this disparity.

    With respect to Miami, what I was referencing was uphill left-hander. There is really only one line there one can take to correctly link the S portion up top. I’m not the only one saying this so you are not just arguing against me. Vaughn Gittin Jr. referenced this in the post event press conference as well. However, when you get up to IC2, we asked drivers to clip and go wide, from one side of the track to the other. What that does besides keeping the cars at higher angle is allow the chase, if needed, to dive in to gain proximity. Case in point: Matt Field vs. Forsberg. We could just have easily said the line out of IC2 to IC3 to be a more middle line, but this limits (in our opinion) door to door action and makes the HP wars more apparent.

    No doubt about it, the amount of HP and grip in the series is a worthy challenge for us. We’ve yet to achieve a perfect system that gives even the lowest of HP guys a chance to hang with the bigger builds. Perhaps it’s too much of a burden to overcome without sacrificing diversity, but we’ll be damned if we don’t try to do what we can do keep things competitive.

    I think I can say with some degree of confidence that the series desires the closest, most insane battles more than anyone. It is, after all, our product. No one wants to see gaps.

    We have restart cones. We’ve tried pace cones. We are open to rolling starts, but there isn’t a “perfect fix” that we can just implement and make everything the same as everyone running the same chassis, same tires, same equipment would do, and I don’t think it’s a fair comparison to judge us against other series who have no where near the diversity or mix of vehicles and builds.

    BTW, we won’t “ruin” Fuji. We’ll be starting on the turn. 🙂

  28. Samurai Sam says:

    Will the post-event press conferences ever be put online?

    Wrecked put the first one from Texas online, but I would think these would be broadcast either as part of the livestream or filmed and put online by FD later.

  29. Salto says:

    I really liked this event!
    The livestream was great! even from my phone, so huge compliments on that!
    I even liked the judging untill Field didnt get the win against Forberg the first time.

    The dragracing has been going on for years and I dont get the complaining.
    Everyone knows if you lose the dragrace to the first turn, you’re gonna have a baaaaad time
    So you could get your ass to the dragstrip and practice, install launchcontrol, traction control afterburners or whatever and deal with it.

    FD could always do a “too big gap before turn one” OMT or not penalize the shallow line taken catching up, but as long as it isnt.. well.. you know

  30. chewy says:

    Matt field got robbed. Plan and simple. Watched with my own eyes Chris forsburg pulling the good old I’m gonna stall in drift using ebrake into a turn with no need for that and where all day he never touched his ebrake. But come on everyone knew after the top 4 was picked that it would be the games of how many one more times can we pull until it’s Vaughn vs forsburg. Fd just isn’t fair no more. Shit needs to tighten up. Get serious stop with the favorites cause it’s more than obvious to the fans.

  31. Ryan Sage says:

    @samurai sam. We are not set-up for that yet, but we’ll see. This year is the first year we are doing press conferences at all seven rounds. Surprisingly, the toughest thing about doing them is that even though we approve around 60-200 media applications per event, when it comes to asking questions in the public, media people are notoriously shy! Though I will say, Joey from this outlet asked around 4 questions, so that was cool.

  32. mugshotmarley says:


    Although it being lest entertaining (from a viewers standpoint) for 3rd place being decided by qual, it urges drivers to do push it during qualifying, rather than sandbaging it, inorder to pick off top qualifiers in top 32 (daigo). If it was up to me, qualification would be worth more points (atleast 1/2 the amount of podium points) because it highlights the driver’s style, and speed isn’t as much of a priority as in tandems.

  33. scrap change says:

    There needs to be a gentleman’s rule where they initiate together and not have a 1/4 mile drag race into a drift bc it’s kind of annoying seeing the chase driver lose bc he couldn’t keep up in the start after putting down a sick lead run

  34. MS says:

    I’m sure most people would like to see a 3’rd place battle come back over a few drivers driving a little harder on single runs that’s not even that noticeable. I have’nt heard a single person say ” Man, qualifying sure is a lot more fun to watch this year!” A podium spot should be earned in TANDEM because that’s what drifting competition is about. TANDEM. I mean recapping the top 2 drivers runs is great and all but I’d much rather watch a competition for a podium spot between 2 guys that have been killing it all weekend.

  35. Alejandrift says:

    This is shaping up to be a great year. I’m going to bet $25 that ford is buying a championship for it’s choke artist/poster child.

  36. mugshotmarley says:

    Mainstream drifting is what made tandem drifting and competion. Tandem drifting brought out the “drag race” to the first corner and “stalling” mid corner to throw the chase car off, which I believe both are not what drifting is all about. I for one look at qualifying just as exciting as tandem, because it show cases the driver’s drifting skill/style. That being said, in tandem, whoever has more hp has the major advantage, regardless of skill (on a pro level). All in all, Formula D is slowing taking the right steps to lessen the advantage of having more hp.

  37. Ryan Sage says:

    @scrapechange. There is quite a lot of discussion in drivers meetings about the start and how drivers should get off the line together. The term, “gentlemen rule” gets used a lot actually. What manifests in reality is that these guys are competitors. They want to win. There is no easy fix to this with so much variation and diversity in the series, but we’ll keep trying things. I could give you an exhaustive list of stuff we’ve either tried, researched or brought up to drivers, but there isn’t a “silver bullet” so to speak that can neutralize the HP and grip differential.

  38. Westies says:

    Just let the follow car jump the start.

  39. Westies says:

    Just have a rule stating they can’t impede the initiation of the lead car, or must be behind the lead car by a certain point on the track. Then you have guaranteed closer runs.

  40. Samurai Sam says:

    Come on Joey, tell us what you asked!!

    Ryan – Maybe it’s because most of those ‘media outlets’ seem to be instagram pages and blogs that don’t actually write articles.

  41. scrap change says:

    @Ryansage maybe making this gentleman’s rule an actual rule. Where you enforce it, and not following it can lead to point deduction In judging, or over all restart. And for hp I think you guys should start soon thinking about a cap. It’s a Competitive sport but you guys should be trying to level the playing field everyone where you can see a rookie like Tyler Wolfson go head to head with JR without having an 16 car gap, and say that ” Tyler should be a little closer to JR, because proximity is what we want.” Watching car after car being left behind in the straight bc of a drag race to the first corner is getting a kind of boring. There is almost no tandem the entire event, like door to door action, except for 1/2 of OMT

  42. medriftlongtime says:

    @scrapchange and @ryansage: How about a power to weight ratio rule?

  43. GeorgeK says:

    @Ryan Sage

    Seems like you’re avoiding the Matt Field being robbed issue, watch the run, watch it again, and tell me that Forsberg got the win, like that was ridiculous, and thing like that turn off people from the series, I guess the drift alliance has more weight than fair judging.