Jonathan Guitard Shows off Lacroix Tuning Lexus SC300

Posted on May 21, 2014 In Drift Mania International Spy Shots

Jonathan Guitards Jonathan Guitards.Burnout JonathanGuitards.Lexus JonathanGuitards.Drifting

Jonathan Guitard is seen here showing off his Lexus SC300 for the 2014 DMCC season. Jonathan showed up on our radar last year when he took home first place at Round 8 of DMCC in Sanair! With help from Budweiser, Standard Suspension, and Lacroix Tuning he is ready to run the 2014 Drift Mania season. His SC300 has a 2JZ engine making 850hp  and makes 725 torq. 



  1. Snowdrift says:

    He’s basically taken all of landerville old dmcc sponsors. Anyways tasse will win the championship again this year.

  2. W33r35 says:

    I believe in pat cyr

  3. Brian says:

    Pat has done A LOT of work to that frs on the off season. Dude is gunna slay this year!

  4. BeamTeam says:

    This shit is sexy AF