Top 10 Drift Vacations to Take Before You Die


Regardless if you are independently wealthy or have a credit card to max out I put together the Top 10 drifting vacations you need to take before you die. The list is compiled upon driving, fan entertainment, atmosphere, and all the fun you can have in the area!


10. D1NZ Final Round – Mt. Smart (Auckland, New Zealand)


The D1NZ season ends at Mt. Smart under the lights! The venue is a custom built and it puts fans very close to the action. The track does take place in the Mt. Smart Stadium parking lot which normally holds duties for the National Rugby team. Once the race ends you are just a quick cab from downtown Auckland where some of the real fun can begin. Don’t miss some top drivers like Mad Mike Whiddett and C’s Garage take on the New Zealand night.

9. Irish Drift Championship – Mondello Park 


The most fun you can have in Ireland is by far Mondello Park. It puts you pretty close to Dublin and has the most energy over a drift weekend in Ireland. Big name drivers such as Dai Yoshihara, Darren McNamara, and other international stars tend to come and drive at this Ireland track as well. If you happen to come here and enjoy watching a weekend of pro drifting then you could also do the ProDrift Academy and drift on your own at Mondello!

8. Formula Drift Irwindale Speedway (Los Angeles, California)


The “House of Drift” as everybody knows it had to make the list. So many people attend this event now parking has been moved off site and stands have been put anywhere they can fit. The driving here tends to be world class and over the last few seasons a championship has been sorted out during the event weekend. Once the Irwindale weekend is over you will find yourself not very far from Los Angeles, Hollywood, and other places to finish out a great weekend.

7. Tokyo Auto Salon + D1GP Kick Off (Chiba, Japan)


Most rounds of the D1GP series will find you out in the middle of no where so the kick-off with the Tokyo Auto Salon has its appeal to foreign travelers. The added bonus for your trip is all of this drifting happens right in from of the Tokyo Auto Salon. You basically get a two for one with this event. For the rest of the  weekend you can find yourself smack in the middle of Tokyo.

6. World Drift Series (Tianjin, China)

China has managed to take drifting to another planet over the last few years. The stop we recommended for your ultimate drift vacation is Tianjin! The whole event looks like the introduction to an AMA Supercross or Monster Jam event with a huge lights and firework display running during the stadium drift event. You get to sit in a sports stadium with 50,000 people and watch drifting in the same manner you would watch a soccer game back home. The whole event even has a Super Bowl style halftime show to boot! Watch the video to see what you could be in for.

5. Formula Drift Road Atlanta (Atlanta, Georgia) 


The fans in Atlanta are just pure awesome. You get to sit out on a hill, pack a cooler, and setup an E-Zup for shade over the weekend. Bring some nice lawn chairs and you will get one of the best drift experiences money can buy. High speed reverse entries, a purpose built drift track, and the loudest fans on the Formula Drift circuit. After the drifting is wrapped up you are only about 30 minutes outside downtown Atlanta to wrap up the trip. Or you can venture down the street to Lake Lanier and finish up a true southern vacation fishing and boating at the lake.

4. Drift All-Stars Riga City Circuit (Riga, Latvia)


Drift All-Stars is going big into the capital of Latvia with one unique city circuit. It is one of the biggest drift events in Europe and all the European drivers tell me how much fun the Eastern European drift events are. People boost that Latvia has the most hardcore drift fans in the world and on top of that the night life in Riga is one for the history books. Let’s also not forget you are on the Baltic Sea to finish up this vacation!

3. East Coast Bash  (Englishtown, New Jersey)

The guys from Hoonigan did a great job showing off how much fun East Coast Bash can be with this video above. The track has an on-site bar, fire breathing, and wild missile car tandem smashing. You will catch many Formula Drift drivers in the mix with an assortment of east coast Am drivers all flying around the courses at Englishtown. Bring a tent and camp out during the gorgeous New Jersey springtime. Then you can always travel up to New York City with a short drive or train ride to close up the weekend.

2. Gatebil Festival (Rudskogen, Norway)

Gatebil is one wild weekend of fun in Norway. You can watch insane drifting from familiar drivers such as Fredric Aasbo, Mad Mike Whiddett, Vaughn Gittin Jr., Ryan Tuerck, along with many big name European drivers! You can camp on site for the weekend here in Norway as they have 5 camping areas. Once the drifting, racing, and car show calms down at night you can enjoy the Monster Energy Aftertrack with live bands and entertainment well into the early morning hours.

1. Drift Matsuri at Ebisu Circuit (Nihonmatsu, Japan)

Even though I have attended Drift Matsuri several times I picked the video of my adventure with Chris Forsberg back in 2009 to show off the build up to this event. It happens three times a year and features well over 400+ missile cars flying around every single track at Ebisu. During the festival weekend you can drift 24/7, check out the zoo at the track, and enjoy the local hot springs for some relaxation time. The best part about Drift Matsuri is that you can easily join the fun with the 400+ missile cars with the help of  getting a car from! You can bang doors with D1GP drivers along with Daigo Saito on so many courses!

I attended my first drift event at Road Atlanta in 2005 while shooting for Import Racer Magazine (RIP). Since then I have produced drift content for PAS Magazine, Modified Magazine, Drifting Magazine (RIP), and many more publications. I was the producer of the movie Slide America and then helped found this website in 2007.


  1. Yukio says:

    No All Star Bash? Most of the FD drivers are there since it’s right after Irwindale and it’s an all night party too.

  2. Blaze1 says:

    ASB is better then Irwindale and east coast bash got their idea from ASB…

  3. ECFU says:

    and clubloose does it better than both irwindale and ASB.

  4. Steffan says:

    Gatebil is going to be awesome! Stoked!

    But, what about Club Loose, and ASB? Those are pretty damn fun to be at… 🙂

  5. rotarypower says:

    1&2 hell yea totally agree. My home state made top 5 🙂


  6. ECFU says:

    eastcoast bash is clubloose @steffan

  7. otis says:

    No drift shifters?!

  8. otis says:


  9. Roido San says:

    Tokyo Auto Salon?
    I’ve been there for the event and the drifting is pretty lame. Sorry guys.
    The main event is the mind blowing cars on display inside.
    If you go to “TAS” just don’t get too amped up over the drifting on display. It’s just that, a display.
    I’d pick Irwindale!

  10. kevkouki says:

    Dont forget Maple Leaf Bash

  11. CK says:

    The list can’t be complete without mentioning the Karpacz Touge in Poland.
    The most hardcore drift event there has ever been, and it’s coming back this year 12. – 14. September with the Driftmasters GP.

    The only place where the spectators get a bigger adrenalin rush than the drivers and afterwards you can go party at one of polands biggest ski resorts. It should be easily in the Top 3.

  12. dpspeed says:

    What about HyperFest? It’s a pretty good party. Lots of drifting, road racing, drifting ride alongs, etc. I’ve ridden along with Vaughn Gittin Jr and Chris Forsberg. It’s pretty chill and there like I don’t know a bunch of people. I’m headed up there in a couple weeks.

    Just don’t hit any deer 🙂