Conrad Grunewald Compared to Chris Forsberg around Road Atlanta [VIDEO]

Posted on May 9, 2014 In Chris Forsberg Conrad Grunewald Formula D Video

Compare these two drivers run through the new Road Atlanta Round 2 layout. The big changes for 2014 are the start line has been moved backwards about 150 feet and part of the course has been recently repaved. You will notice that Conrad Grunewald goes for a much more reverse entry as well comparing the two POV videos.


  1. Blaze1 says:

    I learned a lot more watching Conrad’s video.

  2. uwesc says:

    It´s basically right, I saw Conrads entrys from outside.
    But these videos are not good for comparison. One is a helmet camera (which of couse moves to the direction he´s looking) and the other one is fixed in the car.

  3. […] drivers use coming down the big hill. Conrad Grunewald has the coolest ones in the series. You can watch a POV view here of his wild reverse […]