Grab These at Falken Tire Booth this Weekend at Formula Drift


Falken Tire previewed some free goodies you can grab at the Falken Tire booth this weekend at Formula Drift Round 2. You can find these available for all the main Falken Tire drivers including Dai Yoshihara, Justin Pawlak, and Darren McNamara. Head over to the Falken Tire booth early during the event as supplies will be limited!


  1. Blaze1 says:

    What Garrett parts does D-mac run on his car?

  2. Koni says:

    @Blaze1 – My first wild guess would be the turbos?

  3. 2 turbos as of now.

  4. anotherposter says:

    The twin turbos…

  5. Blaze1 says:

    Ahhhh OK… wasn’t sure if he was officially turbo of not. Since he wasn’t at Long Beach

  6. Another poster says:

    They just finished it this past week I believe.