Chris Jeanneret Testing his Honda s2000

Posted on May 1, 2014 In Formula D Spy Shots


Car troubles sidelined this cars debut at Round 1 Streets of Long Beach but it seems ready for Road Atlanta. Chris and his Speed Factory team shook down the car at Evergreen Drift’s event over the weekend and Chris posted this photo up on Instagram. The car is putting out some pretty ridiculous smoke and the top is down ready for Round 2 at Road Atlanta! How do you think Chris and his new car will do?


  1. Jeff Kurtz says:

    Can’t wait finally the return of the s2000 to formula drift.

  2. CONcerned says:

    ….Epic Fail….

  3. Blaze1 says:

    “How do you think Chris and his new car will do?”

    I’m not expecting much, I still don’t understand why this is generating so much hype.

  4. Mendozi says:

    He sucked in a S14.

    This seems like the logical answer to the problem.

  5. Snowdrift says:

    The motor from what I’ve read seems to be overkill for someone that failed to qualify with a far easier chassis in the 240sx (S14). I’d be nice to see something a bit different, just not sure the product will be successful. Also, I don’t understand how so many drivers cars weren’t ready for long beach?

  6. Michael says:

    I agree that this car seems to be almost too highly publicized for his lack of qualifying last year but it’s awesome to see a k-series motor in FD so hopefully he’ll do work next weekend!

  7. rotarypower says:

    Going to be a challenge for sure rookies dont fair to well at my home course from recent history by Friday night we will see the usual suspects with a couple rookies in the mix

  8. Steffan says:

    That’s interesting…

  9. Jabroni says:

    another pricey overbuilt car that wont perform…….meh