Order A Danny George Package – Get Face on Car + More for 2014

Danny George is back at his fun funding again for 2014 offering people even better packages than 2013. Below are a sample of three packages and one more “baller” package is available on top of these below. Some unique options in his 2014 packages include video credits, on-screen video plugs, and discounts on brands such as GoPro and STR Wheels. Head over to Danny George Racing to buy your package today.





  1. Miata Man says:

    do i detect shots fired from DG to Keezer in that video?

  2. Danny George says:

    Kory is cool. It wasn’t totally directed to him. I’m on the same give something back for a value as most. Mainly is talking about how last year we had many saying we were “begging”.

    Thank you Wrecked for the post. This year is going to be amazing. Can’t wait to do everything better.

  3. Hosford Hugger says:

    Can submit a photo of my dreamboat instead of a photo of myself?

  4. Danny George says:

    Whatever you like! No dicks !

  5. beard says:

    Damnit Danny what’s with the windnoise. Kick professionalism up a notch!

  6. Danny George says:

    It was last minute. Lav broke on us. I know. It wasn’t Loren shooting. 🙁