Chris Forsberg – Wrecked Weekly Episode 9 [VIDEO]

After our original interview became out dated and quite a disaster due to people eating on his car (yes, that really happened) and me having random outbursts of laugher I scraped the original interview we shot.  I opted to shoot a retake interview over Google+ Hangouts on Air last night with Chris and we wound up talking about a ton of cool issues. While this episode lacks some formatting, name titles, and fancy editing it still provides tons of great content.

Chris Forsberg talks about his goals to hit 1000hp in his VK56 engine this year, we touch on protests, Formula Drift Pro 2 series, the 2014 World Cup, why D1GP banned nitrous, and his new daily driver which happens to be a RB swapped 240z.

I would also appreciate your feedback on the Wrecked Weekly series as a whole and what drivers you guys want to hear from next! Also, is the Google Hangout format acceptable or do you like the fully produced interviews? Thanks for watching as always.


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  1. The Real Dustin Millard says:

    Hey Joey.. long time watcher first time poster…

    Does Chris Forsberg ever think he will compete in a hot dog eating contest? if so what are his plans when facing Takeru Kobayashi?

    Love Crop Dustin

  2. Matt Petty says:

    So much good shit addressed in here. Bravo bro’s!

  3. Great interview! Good to hear Jhonnattan Castro join this team and are working together For 2014 season, we need this kind of expertise and power to get results this year. Let’s see how he handles this v8 NA +800hp transition. This is going to be a great year for Dominicans Drift Fans.