D1 Grand Prix Bans Nitrous for 2014 and Beyond [RUMORMILL]


A very reliable source this evening has told us that the D1GP series in Japan has made provisions for the 2014 season to ban the power adder nitrous. While exact details are not clear yet (I have reached out to D1GP for exact clarification of rule change) it seems that various teams are changing how they build a car for the 2014 season. We have heard talks of drivers swapping to smaller turbo setups already due to the inability to spool fast without nitrous along for the ride. This is quite a shake up announcement for the world of drifting as the race for big horsepower cars is giving nitrous an ever more frequent home within the drift world. D1GP is one of the most loosely regulated professional drift series in existence so a blanket ban on a product is a tad shocking. Companies like NOS and NX will be looking closely at other series to hope they don’t make the same rulings we are sure!


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  1. Internet Hero says:

    Daigo haters!!!

  2. Victor Moore says:

    Goodbye nos…. Hello V8

  3. Kids Heart says:

    Yup. Looks like more V8s will be coming in.

  4. Scaifey86 says:

    D1gp don’t have a say in it I believe, it’s actually something to do with the Japanese government or something along those lines saying it’s now a no no. It will have a huge effect as pretty much all car from d1sl and up use it

  5. Blaze1 says:

    Still the most relaxed rulebook in drifting. I think anything goes except for verts and 4WD.

    But anyways, V8s in D1…. I still think the way the sport is judged over there a well balanced turbo 4 or 6 cylinder will always be king. And there’s no proven off the shelf V8s available in Japan. Getting LS1 parts over there is like getting RB parts over here. I see them just finding different ways of spooling the turbo faster. Anti-lag/misfired SR20s anyone?

  6. Joey Redmond says:

    Yea I agree Blaze1 with you.

    I’ve been doing some digging and speculation is spreading about the fact that nitrous is actually a Japanese government regulation issue and not a mandate coming down from the series. I have reached out to some friends in the tuning industry within Japan to see if we could get some information on this but no replies back just yet. If anyone has any information or can reach out to someone that would be pretty helpful.

    Former Formula Drift driver Tommy Suell also mentioned in a Facebook group for drivers where this was being discussed that nitrous when he was in Japan ran for about $30/pound as opposed to America where it sits around $3-5/pound. So people that were using nitrous were facing about $300 to fill up a 10lb. bottle which seems insane assuming that pricing was current still to date.

  7. full lock says:

    Great so d1 wil be over run with v8s now, gay

  8. Ant says:

    And with D1 switching to smaller and more technical tracks, a V8 really doesn’t sound bad but idt they view V8s like we view them here stateside. The amount of time and money that goes into a D1 car, I’m sure LS motors won’t hurt them that much but I agree Blaze1 also; bring on the anti lag and misfiring systems

  9. Donnie says:

    How can I watch all this stuff, like at home, what channel and what’s the name of the show? Always been interested and fasanaited with racing and drift. Not to sure of honda civic is a good drift car anymore. Been awhile since I have looked. Hope to hear a reply back, thanks

  10. Pike Meters says:

    @victor moore, you got rid of your V8 remember????

  11. Kids Heart says:

    @Donnie. Nope, civics are still king in the grassroots.

  12. Blaze1 says:

    “And with D1 switching to smaller and more technical tracks”

    D1 is going to Fuji, Autopolis, and Suzuka this year. All highspeed road courses. Ebisu can be considered a small technical track but how many times have we seen Hibino destroy guys in low powered corollas there? That leaves Odaiba, a place where the S chassis usually wins.

    When the goal is too run the fastest line in tandem without correcting or understeering it throws the torque advantage out the window. Its all about balance and commitment.

  13. ish Mel says:

    @Blaze1 Im not sure to many teams will jump to anti-lag as it absolutely eats turbos and other parts non-stop. But I agree on your point on LS parts being hard to find over there, they will either move to Japanese V8’s or small turbo V6 like the GTR motors. Either way I dont see it being taking over by V8’s any time soon or anti-lag any time soon.