S14 Nissan with AMG V8 Swap [VIDEO]

Posted on Jan 12, 2014 In International Video

It seems that our site has been overrun with cool builds and events going on in Europe this week. This video came as a reader submission of an S14 build with a V8 AMG engine. The car just sounds insane! The driver from Romania has actually seen tons of success with the build over in Europe recently on top of the fancy engine swap. After digging through some MB forums I think his swap is a 5.5L AMG V8 swap but I’m not 100% sure. I reached out for clarification and will update if I get it. Turn up the speakers for this one!


  1. Roido 11 says:

    Damn it! Don’t you hate it when you think you have an original idea then someone goes and build it before you do.
    I love it, awesome build.

  2. Piner says:

    That is a Mercedes M113 Evo, 5.5L supercharged SOHC all aluminum 3 valve V8. Yes it came in the CL55, S55, SL55 AMG models. These are pretty good motors.

  3. byron h. says:

    interesting swap but ugly car and sounds like a tractor. find some more info on that bmw 1 series 3 door wagon at the end.

  4. AnthonyMcqueen87 says:

    Something different is good at least its not another LS1 series motor like everyone else.

  5. Stefan V8 says:

    The engine is for sure the M113 5.5 Supercharged V8 also found on E and G55 AMG with 476, 500 or 507hp. This is the only engine that looks like that with the supercharger on tom mimmicking the lobes diameter.