Masato Kawabata Unveils 2014 D1GP 1000hp Nissan GT-R

Posted on Jan 11, 2014 In D1GP International Major Announcements Spy Shots

Greddy x Trust unveiled this 1000hp Nissan GTR today at Tokyo Auto Salon to show off the newest D1GP build. The car will be driven by Masato Kawabata in 2014 with sponsors Toyo Tires and GreddyxTrust for his 2014 season. According to SH reporter Dino Dalle the car is making 1000hp out of the VR38 engine along with a Hollinger sequential gearbox that is all linked up to a R34 Skyline subframe and rear end (source). Kawabata will hope to bring back to back D1GP championships.

The aero on the car is sourced from Rocket Bunny while other technical partners with the program include Rays, GP Sports, OS Giken, Endless, Prodrive, Bride, TRS, and Buffalo. What do you think of the new build?




  1. Cacahuate says:

    Why is everything getting a rocket bunny kit? We need something different

  2. Blaze1 says:

    ” Kawabata will hope to bring back another D1GP championship which he hasn’t seen since the 2007 season. ”

    He won the championship last year…

  3. Matt Clarke says:

    lol 10$ says they looked up his wiki page and saw the 2007 there.

  4. Joey Redmond says:

    I updated this text guys. I have been out of the office today! The guy who wrote it up apparently didn’t watch last season. Thanks for pointing it out guys.

  5. Tundabolt says:

    Why did he use an R34 sub-frame and rear end?

  6. Technick says:

    You also have it saying r34 when this is an r35.

  7. technick says:

    My bad, miss understood, its using an r34 subframe. Ignore my last comment.

  8. technick says:

    My bad, miss understood, its using an r34 subframe. Please ignore my last comment.

  9. Tom says:

    They have to use a r34 rear subframe due to the fact the stock r35 transmission is essentially the rear sub. Stock the r35 has a trans axle rear mounted transmission. They moved the transmission forward to a standard mount behind the crankshaft with the holinger. Once they loose the stock trans, the whole rear end comes out.