The Nankang Tyre 2014 European Drift Team is Announced

Posted on Jan 10, 2014 In International Major Announcements

The Nangkang Team is at Autosport International (Booth 2620) this weekend and features David Waterworth with his V10 Nissan S15 Silvia. The V10 is sourced from a Dodge Viper and is one of the coolest Silvia swaps we have seen for a while. Here is a list of the eight drivers they have signed for 2014 and the series they will be running. One driver is TBD for the new season as well:

2014 Lineup:
Mark Luney (BDC, IDC, KOE)
Wesley Keating (BDC, IDC, KOE)
David Waterworth (BDC, KOE)
Dan Firmager (BDC, Gymkhana)
Brian Egan (IDC, BDC)
David Egan (IDC, BDC)
Barry Leonard (IDC)
One Driver TBD


  1. Cody says:

    I wonder if Formula D is far behind?

  2. Brian says:

    does anyone know if this was a new build or a refresh of his white s15?

  3. Blaze1 says:

    Nick Hogan made me hate the sound of the V10 viper.

  4. Fadam says:

    @Brian, it’s just a refresh of the White one

  5. We are looking forward to competing across Europe in 2014.
    Alongside this Awesome S15 we have an amazing list of cars, including
    The New build Lucas Oil/ Nankang Tyre Supra of Mark Luney’s
    Wesley Keating’s fantastic S13
    and the Dealtwidth 350Z and S2000 powered AE86 of the Egan brothers.

    See you all in 2014

    Nankang Tyre Drift Team