Dmitriy Illyuk – Wrecked Weekly Episode 8 [VIDEO]

Posted on Jan 9, 2014 In International Video

The weeks interview I sat down with Dmitriy Illyuk who has taken Europe by storm recently in a SR powered S13 Nissan. With help from his partners like Kenda Tire and WiseFab he has managed to bring home a championship from EEDC and both of the local Ukraine drift series titles as well. His new build is in the works with a VK56 shooting for the 1,000 hp mark. Listen to him talk about drifting as a whole in Europe and break down his trophy winning chassis.


  1. Hosford Hugger says:

    He’s a pretty funny guy! He just needs more mustache….

    do they have a live stream?

  2. Euro hugger says:

    Drift all stars does for some rounds

  3. hollywood37 says:

    excited for all the euro guys trying to get into fd next year, going to be some good shake ups.