2014 Drift Muscle in Japan [SCHEDULE]

The 2014 Drift Muscle schedule seems to be all the more exciting to the world drifting stage as Formula Drift sets to release a schedule with MSC next month. The Drift Muscle schedule is full of American Formula Drift conflicts meaning that they will most likely avoid conflicts with the MSC / Formula Drift collaboration series. Also, no driver is going to be running a full season in either of these for 2014. They have 3 Formula Drift conflicts and one D1GP event conflict in this 8 event schedule:

Round 1: Nikko Circuit (March 8/9)
Round 2: Maze Circuit (April 12/13)
Round 3: Sports Land Sugo (May 17/18)
Round 4: Honjo Circuit (June 21/22)
Round 5: Tsukuba Circuit (July 26/27)
Round 6: Maze Circuit (September 13/14)
Round 7: Fuji Speedway (October 25/26)
Round 8: Nikko Circuit (November 29/30)


Complete Drift Calendar Here: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/find-a-drift-event/


  1. Matt Petty says:

    is it weird that i don’t know what the fuck is going on with Japanese drifting anymore? Is it weirder that i don’t give a shit? I dont even know what drift muscle is. But i am assuming its referencing the male genitalia. But what gets me even more is that the skyline pictured is the ugliest car i have ever seen.

  2. Kevin says:

    Is it weird that Americans ruin everything? Is it even weirder that I took a shit?

  3. windycity says:

    looks to me like the US of A has influenced shitty car style in professional drifting over there

  4. Blaze1 says:

    Is it weird that wrecked talks about Drift Muscle as if its a actual professional series?

  5. Super says:

    If we are talking about ugliest cars ETown holds that title. Bloodyrashes

  6. JP Sheridan says:

    Car looks like a camaro with a GTR front end, very confusing. @SUPER hate much? Take a look at Ebisu cars during spring matsuri, pretty sure they have us ETOWN cats beat in that category. Thanks for the positivity though.

  7. miguelito says:

    any drift series around the world thats not lead to formula drift means nothing to this site.. 😉

  8. Wegs says:


    Still not as bad as this one (Also a Drift Muscle car, but from Philippines)

  9. Miguelito says:

    Drift muscle philippines/lateral drift champion gio rodriguez in his nissan cefiro with a r35 convertion from ATOY customs .. And that yellow one is a s15 r35 convertions

  10. senpai says:

    Look’s like it might be a 180SX under all that GTR stuff

  11. Dalton says:

    Drift muscle is fun to watch and has some of the better looking cars anywhere! Matt Petty just has a stick up the ass of his life.

  12. sanlis says:

    it is a demo car build by imai-san from Bee-Racing, which a 180sx, with gtr exterior and 2jz. check out his facebook and you guys will find more details and photos. it was also been interviewed by option two magazine. plz take a look on it.