Dennis Mertzanis – Wrecked Weekly Episode 7 [INTERVIEW]

Posted on Jan 2, 2014 In Dennis Mertzanis Formula D Video

I catch up with Dennis Mertzanis this week to talk about his new build for 2014 and some possibilities for his engine platform for the new season. The video shows a detailed preview of the ARK Performance Legato kit which is what the Hyundai Genesis coupe Dennis is building for 2014 will be based off of. We take a look at the new Konig Intergram and chat about Kenda Tires and their performance in the Formula Drift series during the interview with Dennis. Wrapping up we go into details on his 2013 car and how easy it was to modify for drifting, horsepower/torque numbers, and why it was so overweight. We even get some big hints about an engine swap coming for 2014.


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