Falken Tire 2013 Formula Drift Season Year in Review [VIDEO]

The Falken Tire team compiled a season of highlights for the 2013 Formula Drift season in this video. Things didn’t quite go to plan this season with the teams best finisher Justin Pawlak only coming sixth in the championship. The 2014 season for Falken Tire should be interesting with the biggest news to date released about Dai Yoshihara hopping into a Subaru BRZ.

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  1. Tie Fighter says:

    Dmac was in a new car, dai doing one last run in the s13, and jtp having a new team thats a lot to over come when the level of competition is so high. Even teams with the “dynasty” label like Falken has isn’t going to win it every year. I would expect big things from Falken in 2014.