Nevrslo Motors x Non Stop Tuning V8 powered AE86 [FOR SALE]

Here is one impressive V8 powered AE86 up for grabs for $20,000 as a turn key drift car. The AE86 doesn’t have a traditional LS Chevrolet V8 motor but does come with a 1UZ motor with the help of a custom Sikky Engineering solution. The full specs of the car are listed below along with a Facebook page for contact information on the build.


NST/ Nevrslo Motors/ SIKKY V8 AE86 drift car for sale!
Custom SIKKY 1uz v8 motor swap.
Supra w58 transmission
Standalone engine management with custom wiring harness and tune.
Bc coilovers
Custom exhaust
Fresh paint and vinyl wrap
12 custom wheels
Full Fd legal roll cage
Upgraded rear end with spool and beefcake axles
Custom defi gauge set up
Race bucket seats
Levin front end conversion
Origin body kit and wide body
Full t3 front suspension arm
Custom 4 link rear end



  1. AceSTR says:

    Shit Chris wards 2j FD car was 15k.

  2. justin says:


  3. Datt Mavis says:

    This is a photoshop you idiots.

  4. justin says:

    should of bought it then you dipshit. this livery is way fucking cooler in a I wear a Brett Michaels bandanna when I jack off type of way.

  5. Datt Mavis says:

    Chris Ward likes dudes

  6. Mike Peters says:

    Joey is going to be mad, lolololololol.


  7. AceSTR says:

    I did

  8. Brad says:

    This car is actually for sale.
    Some of the specs have a bit of troll to them.
    The price is OBO.
    Lets see if this thing might go to a new home.

  9. nevrslo says:

    Brad when it sells we are gonna need our 15% fee, dope “stuck in the 80’s” graphics don’t come cheap my man!!!

  10. jason scott says:

    Sick picture, photoshop game on point

  11. Stewart leask says:

    Does that mean everyone else gets their fee from the designs you copied josh?

  12. nevrslo says:

    if your taking about Powers we thought it was cool… but we are having great deals this week on 57DR wheels!!! no lies attached…;)

  13. stewart leask says:

    wouldn’t be the first time you made money off those things

  14. nevrslo says:

    we can go here if you want, and ill let every one know whats up

  15. stewart leask says:

    No need for another rant incident like the shop review on H240, I doubt the people of wrecked would like to hear you talking about pissing in your mouth, etc.

  16. nevrslo says:

    it was farting in my mouth god dammit get straight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Ray Finkle says:

    This thing is awful but easily worth $20k sans vinyl. Still awful though.

  18. Mike Peters says:

    Texas’s children at their brightest.

  19. JDMwhiteboy says:


  20. Brock says:

    This is like Facebook, but better.

  21. Brock says:

    This is like Facebook, but better. Wish I was five lug, GLWS.

  22. jason scott says:

    how do i internet

  23. Mike Peters says:

    I think this article should just be reshared as the summation of Wrecked Magazine in 2013.

  24. That’s a low ass price I was expecting like twice that my high compression single cam kabuild is just going over 15k but I’m confident it’ll compete and win.

  25. TexasIsRetarded says:

    Texas just dropped dangerously close to Florida… get it together clowns!

  26. 240sxorty says:

    This thing is amazingly sleeper. Quiet at idle but a hell of a growl and torque at speed. Glws.

  27. ilikepenis says:

    party tarp. fgts.

  28. Pike Meters says:


  29. Ray Finkle says:

    I’m going to pistol whip the next person who says party tarp

  30. jason scott says: