Tony Angelo Cracks 700whp in his Scion FR-S

Posted on Dec 17, 2013 In Formula D Scion Tony Angelo

Tony Angelo showed off his Scion FR-S engine bay which is now making 705whp thanks to a Garrett Turbo GTX 3576. Tony is keeping the 4 cylinder for 2014 Formula Drift and we are told going to upgrade shortly to a Garrett GTX 3582 for more possible power. The car is right at 2,700 lbs. with Tony sitting in the car.



*UPDATE at 8:45pm –
Tony actually sent us his dyno graph of his 704.1 whp from R/T Tuning. After texting with Tony for a bit he mentioned his goal with the new turbo is going to be around 775-800whp.


  1. Scaifey86 says:

    So, as a second papadakis engine it shouldn’t be a suprise it makes this power

  2. Tie Fighter says:

    sorry to TA but he is going to be the example I use here.

    I find it strange to keep hearing these guys who are field fillers at best going to bigger power engines. the problems they have qualifying and getting through the brackets on a consistent basis isn’t because they are down on power, it’s because they don’t have the car under them to really compete.

    yes power is a huge help but the drift game is still centered around car control. if you can’t run with the big boys skill wise/car wise then putting more power down is putting a band-aid over a bullet wound.

  3. America says:

    Mike peters is gonna be so jealous. Im sure he’s gonna post some hate up in here

  4. pike meters says:

    @tie fighter uhhhh couldn’t have said it any better.

  5. Pike Meters says:


  6. Chewy says:

    Why? So he can spin out more and still make top 32. Sigh.

  7. INTOWINSOM says:

    How is it he got his FD license again? Did he actually earn it? Or was it just a DA bros of FD hookup?

  8. Blaze1 says:

    Tony earned his license in the early days of FD. I think he needs to work on his tandem skills but he doesn’t deserve the amount of hate he gets on here. Minus the livery this car is bad ass!

  9. AceSTR says:

    Only thing I dont understand is that TA has more seat time then 3quarters of the field. Gets all the practice with the missle car with pro drivers. How is he still shit?

  10. DUFFMAN says:

    Well getting back to the power chart. Its interesting how hard the TQ drops off on the top-end. Something is out of gas here. Maybe someone from RT can chime in.

  11. Vince@RT says:

    @DUFFMAN…the HP and TQ Drop off at the end cause that’s where we turn off the NO2 and dump off some wastegate duty cycle.

    As far as the TA hate… I agree, maybe he brought some on himself back in the day but its a lil excessive anymore. TA has grown up like alot of the original FD dudes and although he isn’t as successful as some of OG guys, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t hustle and keep his sponsors happy with what he does for them on and off the track.

    Either way…I get it…the internet is a tough place and peeps gots reps to keep up with…

  12. Internet Hero says:

    FD’s licensing system shouldn’t be about keeping sponsors happy. It should be about skill.

    Rhys Millen didn’t do enough to keep Hyundai happy, but that doesn’t mean he should lose his license and Angelo should keep his.

    Angelo needs to get bumped to Pro2 if he doesn’t make top 16 consistently. He’s made 3 top 16’s in 2 years. If his name wasn’t Tony fucking Angelo, he would have gotten the boot a long time ago.

  13. Vince@RT says:

    Tony’s last 2 years his average finish in standings is 26th out of an average 68 driver’s field(both years were first years in a new chassis) and I know that includes a bunch of single event dudes but that’s what the standings say…

    Rhys still has his license as far as I know…. and if he wants to drive I’m sure he can get just get a car tech’d pay his entry fee and drive that’s the way FD works right now…with that being said if he doesn’t make the PRO1 cut next year he will have to deal with that and his sponsors.

    I’m not here to defend TA…he is a big boy and can handle his own shit, I just know him personally (unlike 98% of the dudes that talk shit) and Tony is a genuine, hard working guy and hustles to make it to ALL the FD events to try and compete. To me(and alot of industry people) those actions trump all the dudes that just talk a big game, have some family money, drive one or two events, only last one or two years and then talk shit on pro drifting as a sport… regardless of how good of a driver they may be


  14. Jabroni says:

    first off your Internet zero your RHYS statement couldnt be more off, what happened to rhys is what happens when your factory backed, as a company they choose to not push the gennesis brand anymore because its a car they dont sell alot of. they choose to advertise towards other venues. thats the risk you run when the sponsors fund most of your program. if ford chose not to push stangs anymore then good buy to the drift program is what it is, that was bigger than rhys. mazda did the same thing when they dropped the rx-8 no need to advertise a car you wont sell anymore.
    TA is a good driver but when he stopped driving FD the cars were worlds apart from then and now. you could win championships with 400hp and the suspension setups have come leaps and bounds, its alot to get use to jumping into a newer chassis. hes practicing his ass off and seems like always making changes to improve the car i think he might surprise some people given some more time.

  15. Simply...P says:

    If Tony doesn’t make Top 20 this season, he’ll do the honorable thing and retire.

    I think.

  16. Blaze1 says:

    @Jabroni… if you look at the stats he has done much better after he has came out of retirement. But he competed when the series was top 16.

  17. Brian says:

    @Tie Fighter

    ya dude you hit it right on the head. you can have all the power in the world but just because you have it doesns`t mean anthing. Look at Diago, i honestly think he`s handy capping him self with all that power. Why can he handle it? cause he knows how to drive and control a car. Tony might be getting a little over his head…. on the other hand he may proove us all wrong.

  18. nismoZ31 says:

    Most people could care less how much TA sucks or how hard he works. It’s the fact that he still advances while sucking bc he knows people. And yes, the interwebs has to hate at a 200% rate bc that’s the only way anyone will notice and hear the cries of the people!

  19. Internet Hero says:

    3 tandem wins in 14 events is hardly ‘advancing all the time cuz he knows people’. At least 1 or 2 of those wins were cause the other guy spun.

    He sucks, but he keeps getting a ‘pass’ cuz he’s Tony Angelo. Danny George has 2 tandem wins in 2 seasons, but at least he’s showing improvement each year.

  20. C-Los says:

    I’m no Angelo fan but the guy has always taken the tough road, he drove an RX8 and now this 4-cylinder underdeveloped platform. To barely crack 700 now means Angelo is a bit behind everyone else; heck even Aasbo with that same motor hovers at over 900. Another thing to consider is that nobody in FD has figured out the steering in this chassis yet or the optimum weight distribution. It will be interesting to see what Scott from SPD designs for next year’s Falken BRZ. But then again they’re using a V8 :/