This Weekend Brings Central Florida Racing Complex – CFRC To An End

Posted on Nov 25, 2013 In Chelsea DeNofa Grassroots Major Announcements XDC

The last thing the world needs is one less place to go drifting but after this weekend it appears that CFRC (Central Florida Racing Complex) will be closed forever as a racetrack. The guys running CFRC currently will be moving all the frequent drift events over to Orlando Speed World we are being told.

CFRC held frequent events for the local Florida drift community and even featured some higher profile events such as XDC, Streetwise Drift, and WDrift. You can relive some of the good memories of the track with our tag Central Florida Racing Complex. Some local drivers had a blast sending the track out with a bang which can be seen all over Instagram with entertainment like this:


  1. Troy says:

    Actually, CFRC will be open until the end of the year. They will have two more events this December, one on the 7th and the last on the 29th. After that event on the 29th, they will officially be closed for good.

  2. SteveO says:

    It’s bittersweet seeing this little track closing, the drifting events at CFRC started in an overflow parking lot at a dragstrip and then turned into a fully devoted drifting complex in 4 years. With the help of some great people, the sport has grown in Florida since CFRC opened with drivers who got their first taste of drifting and have been rising in the ranks of drifting. Orlando Speedworld will be providiing a great venue to continue the sport and take it to the next level for drifting in Florida.

  3. RapperDan says:

    I can honestly say i was never stoked to run here initially, but they were constantly turning out great drivers and it does suck to loose a venue. On to the next one!

  4. Wrecked Magazine Staff says:


    I do see a Black Friday event on FB:

    So the track will close end of 2013? I was trying to get more information but it wasn’t super easy to come by over the weekend. Do you have links to December events?

  5. Edgar says:

    Rob Flemming can help with future talk.

  6. SteveO says:

    @Wrecked Mag

    We have two more events, the Kaizen Project by the Daily Routine on the 7th featuring a drift jam session and finally our driver appreciation event on the 29th will be the last event at CFRC.

  7. This sucks that Florida is loosing a venue. I’m glad I made the trip down from GA to drive this track before it closed.

  8. Kevin Phillips says:

    Oh what a night, can’t wait for Dayron’s fire footage to surface. . . .

  9. Tyson Raw says:

    Flip it back over, drive it again!

  10. DoubleG says:

    Well this sucks

  11. ahmedootie says:


  12. @Tyson Raw – “”Throw her in the fire and drive it again!””

    Thank you for letting us destroy your car! You are a rad dude!

  13. WAY to awesome of a time! Thank god I have to sit on my fire suit to see over the steering wheel.

  14. Tyson Raw says:

    @kevin, That bitch isn’t dead yet. Expect to see it at the drivers appreciation Grand finale on the 29th.

  15. @ Tyson Raw –
    I will be there to go out with a bang!