Rolls Royce Ghost Drifting At Drift UAE Round 1 [SNAPSHOTS]

Posted on Nov 23, 2013 In Grassroots International Lifestyle

No this isn’t a press car being flogged by some famous car journalist like Jeremy Clarkson but in fact a privately owned Rolls Royce Ghost being slid around at Drift UAE Round 1 event which took place at the Emirates Motorplex. This isn’t exactly something you are going to see at Just Drift or Streetwise Drift here in the United States. The UAE got some freak weather and had some flooding which pushed back the officialness of Round 1 to January after some running in the rain.

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  1. Love the reverse rake on that thing in the second picture. A guy out here in Norway took his Phantom out for some snow fun too:

  2. says:

    I still say, if I won the powerball lottery, id so sponsor an Aston Martin drift team with like a DB9R