Ryan Tuerck On The Dyno with new Garrett Turbo – 825/682

Posted on Nov 15, 2013 In Formula D Ryan Tuerck

Ryan Tuerck is already deep into off-season with putting together a new 2JZ engine package for 2014. The guys at Portland Speed Industries went with a Garrett Turbo GTX 4088r for the new season. Here is what the Scion FR-S sounds like with the new turbo on the dyno:

Ryan compares the old setup (GTX 4294r) to the new setup (GTX 4088r) in the dyno graph below. We finished off the day with 800 RPM’S quicker spool. Only 50 less overall horsepower (825.) And 80 overall less torque at 682 running the same boost pressure on both turbos, 30PSI.


  1. Blaze1 says:

    They went smaller? I don’t understand why JZ teams just don’t copy everything on Daigo’s car. Ryan is long over due for a championship, hope he’s a contender next year.

  2. Tight work! Nitrous will make that thing have a giant power band.

    Blaze, Not everyone has the money for Diego’s motor. His setup is about 25k. Not to mention he bolts it to a 30k transmission setup.

  3. Brian says:

    @Blaze1 I`d asume he`s going for a more responsive and quicker spool to have a more predictable poweband. With a quicker spool rate it`ll be easier to drive. Diago`s turbo is MASSIVE! He has to work that car to keep it in boost

  4. Peter Chrisikopoulos says:

    I bet digao will even run this turbo next year.

  5. Jabroni says:

    Daigos setup should have lost him many battles by now because that car gets choked up bad behind slower cars and really only shines out in front…….case and point him vs walker wilkerson in ATL id take a hit on peak horsepower all day to have a broader useable powerband