Formula Drift Irwindale by The Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted on Oct 21, 2013 In Formula D Major Announcements Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Nitto Tires put together an info graphic of consumption and usage at Formula Drift Inrwindale. 1,800 tires were used in the weekend by 54 drivers. While the fans in attendance consumed 2,500 hot dogs along with 4,500 waters/sodas. A poor performance in the keg department with 15 tapped and my coffee consumption went unmonitored apparently. What do you think of Formula Drift by the numbers?



  1. Tie Fighter says:

    So is FD attempting to schedule Irwindale for the 2014 season even though there is speculation that it will close? The schedule is supposed to be announced at SEMA in a few weeks.

  2. SteveO says:

    I feel like the numbers are exaggerated; because let’s be honest here, during the livestream I can’t say I remember seeing one fan in the stands eating a hot dog.

  3. Jabroni says:

    you were looking for fans eating hot dogs on live stream…..u can eat 50 hot dogs at a cook out with 20 people easy and you had 20,000 spectators seems reasonable……why even make that comment some people are really strange these days

  4. SteveO says:


    The comment is to poke fun at these cliche “by the numbers” flyers; by presenting bold numbers in order to give a simple synopsis to show sponsors/investors/new fans the size of the event, but are usually exaggerated. For what it’s worth, I truly don’t know how many hot dogs were sold, nor did I spend my time on livestream scoping out fans consuming a hot dog, just a joke homie.

  5. anthonymcqueen87 says:

    The series should be on live tv. Not on some lame live stream that always slows.down or pauses and with an emphasis on more camera angles for the viewers as they do for other forms of motorsport.

  6. Wrecked Magazine Staff says:

    @Tie Fighter

    Track closing is December 2014. All 2014 races are scheduled as planned for now.
    Don’t see Irwindale next year being an issue. I think it and that Turkey Race they do on Thanksgiving will be the two last big bangs.

  7. Blaze1 says:

    A grip of people left during top 8… but hey they paid lol. Hot dogs at irwindale? King taco nachos all day! I still question the live stream numbers if all 250k had unique I.P.s and how many of the 20k tickets were given away for free… mine and my friends were. Either way FD does a good job with their flagship event.