Ryan Kado’s Big Fire During Night Practice at Formula Drift Texas [VIDEO]

Posted on Sep 13, 2013 In Formula D Ryan Kado Video Wrecks

The guys at Drift Idiot caught the big moment and threw it up on Instagram. Ryan Kado’s team was full hands on deck when I walked by so I cannot confirm but I would imagine this was a fuel related or fuel line issue. The car went up in flames in an instant with huge rooster tails of flame balls flying past the trunk. What an insane look at Ryan Kado’s Nissan 350z from this weekend. Course workers got the fire put out relatively quickly. I see if his team works through the night that they could be running in Top 32 tomorrow.


  1. SteveO says:

    PV = nRT

    Chelsea putting on the pressure and creating some heat!

  2. Danny George says:

    The team from RoadRace Engineering are over there now doing a bunch of wiring. They will get it done and ready i’m sure. The family that is FD is pretty amazing. Rock on guys!!!

  3. Jwolf says:

    I wonder if his PVC intake manifold finally blew up.

  4. rotarypower says:

    ^^thats y i love drifting it just validates its the best motorsport on this planet

  5. hollywood says:

    leaky injector o ring spraying allover red hot manifolds caused the fire.

  6. internet hero says:

    is he still running that pvc turbo kit

  7. Dale Earnhardt says:

    Danger to manifold!!!

  8. i was there says:

    Kado is currently running NA with ITB’s. Still a Nissan, V8 Titan transplant!