A Look at Newly Licensed Ryan Litteral At Work and Behind the Wheel

Posted on Sep 10, 2013 In Formula D Pro Am Grassroots Just Drift

Animal Auto is one of those places that you know everyone who works there eats, sleeps, and breaths drifting. Their shop is practically their second home. They’re definitely a unique breed in the drifting community that really focuses on giving their cars insane angle and power.

SRs and RBs all waiting to be turned into animals.

From working on Formula Drift motors to building beastly engines for drifting enthusiasts, Andrew Molina does it all.

California heat, grease, sweat what more can you ask for?

Wondering whether the “Fab” stands for  fabulous or fabrication. I guess I will never know.

The fabricator at the shop Bryan Rogers, wasn’t available at the shop during my visit but Ryan Litteral showed me his beast under the cover.

Animal Auto staying close to the purists perspective, by opting to do the VH45 transplant when it comes to V8 swaps.

Work S1Rs (front) 18×9.5 (rear) 18×11+ Koguchi Power over-fenders + BN Sport side skirts + front + rear bumpers = Perfection

Nothing is stronger than the bond between Father and Son

Ryan was super stoked that he found a malfunctioning tie rod end before his competition.

Ryan in his natural habitat…

Interior Specs: Custom Roll Cage by Get Nutz Lab, Bride seats, Nardi Deep  Steering wheel, Parts Shop Max Hydro E-brake, Animal Auto wiring harness, Crow Harnesses, Kenwood head unit, Kenwood speakers,and Kenwood Amp.

Suspension Specs: Custom Valved Feal 441 coilovers, Battle Version suspension arms & links, Serious Badass Fabrication knuckle and chassis setup, & Kaaz 2way.

Engine Specs: Built RB25 450whp @16lbs on 91 octane, Full Race Twin scroll manifold, Borg Warner EFR 7670 1.05 a/r, Dual Tial 44 mm wastegates, Denso MkIV Supra fuel pump, 720cc injectors, custom intake manifold, custom Griffin dual pass radiator, SPALl fans, custom downpipe and exhaust, Custom dump pipes, & Aeromotive FPR.

Exterior Specs: D-Max Type 3 Aero, D-Max Roof Wing, Seibon CF Hood, Work Equips 18X10 (Front) & 18X10.5 (Rear), Skyline R33 Brakes, 350X Front Rotor, Serious Badass Fabrication Intercooler Piping, & Factory 83 Decal Design

Animal Auto sets sail for Top Drift Round 4!

And of course Cash came along to show his support as Animal Auto gets ready for competition.

Practice sessions gave the crowd just a little taste of the upcoming epic tandem battles.

Even after some mishaps during qualifying, Ryan still put down some amazing runs that threw him into 2nd place.

Ryan has his eye on the prize.

Ryan’s first battle was cut short due to mechanical failures by Dominic Rotondo.

Everyone was out for blood even Daniel Giraldo (6th in points before Round 4) in his AE86. Ryan used to drive a Hachi in the past so he is coming in with a competitive advantage.

I’m almost certain that there was paint trading going on in this run! It was a close battle but Animal Auto’s drift machine advanced to the Top 4.

Up next was Jason Kim (3rd place after Round 3) in his S13.

Survival Mode: Ryan advances to the next stage.

Even though Spike Chen and Ryan are great friends when they lined up it was every man for himself.

Spike kept it real close and personal by never leaving the sight of Ryan’s side view mirror.

The following run was just as close with Ryan staying in close proximity to Spike. I honestly had no idea who had won this battle until the trophy commencement.

Ryan received 2nd place for Round 4 of the Top Drift 2013 series and placed 5th overall earning him a Formula Drift license. Animal Auto staying close to the top of the food chain.

As usual you can’t celebrate the trophy commencement without the champagne shower.

Formula Drift is shaping up to being quite interesting with some heavy weights coming out of the Top Drift series. Will the ANIMAL in Ryan come out to play at Long Beach next year?


Photographer / Video at Wrecked Magazine
I have been shooting drifting since 2011. I started interning at Wrecked early 2013. I'm living my dream and telling the story through my camera.


  1. DA Fan says:

    Can this fat dude put his shirt back on?

  2. Crook says:


    Keep killing it, Ryan. I’ll be rooting for you for sure next year.

  3. Mike Peters says:

    He doesn’t need a shirt. He’s an animal.

  4. Jabroni says:

    so if he was skinnier you wouldnt have a problem looking at him shirtless…………….hmmmmmmmmm

  5. Mike Peters says:

    Uhh “Srs and Rbs all waiting to be turned into animals” Must be in Animal Autos 6 month minimum waiting plan they offer. This shop is a joke.

  6. Ryan Litteral says:

    fat is the new black

  7. Ryan Litteral says:

    Thanks for the love eddie, joey, and raythena we all really appreciate it!

  8. Mike Peters says:

    Hi ‘Mike Peters’

    Thanks for your post indicating that you have free time during the business days, which provides the implication of either

    A) unemployment

    B) supporter of Obama

    C) You suck at your job

    D) With C you make less than $10/h, which ties in with B

    All I know about these guys is Ryan seems to have a cool personality, and drives hard and builds his own stuff, and the Brian Rogers guy has been doing this a while and has a pretty solid understanding of how drift cars work.

    Get annoyed when I get all these messages on Bookface asking why I say things I didn’t say.

    Goes to show the complete lack of care for how professional this site looks by the admins who are too lazy for a ‘log-in feature’

  9. Mike Peters says:

    Also, this is the longest post I’ve ever seen, whoever the author is learn how to format, like 20 scrolls to see the comments on the blogroll.

  10. Mike Peters says:

    So “Mike Peters” who are you really? Bryan, Roger or Andrew?

    You talk so good about them but there is also bad to a shop. They have screwed over many people when it comes to building cars ( I don’t want to name in respects to the owners ) and ripped off a lot more people. Just because Ryan wins in a car “built” by them doesn’t make them a great shop.

    Ryan is a great driver which is why he did very well in that car, but being a good driver has nothing to do with having a great shop.

  11. Ryan Litteral says:

    we haven’t fucked over anybody. the work and our reputation alone speaks for itself


    we didn’t ask for this feature it was offered to us based off of the same fact

    if we weren’t legit there’s no way we would’ve made it this far this fast


    pretty low joey

    pretty fucking low

  12. Colin Frost says:

    Just swap the comment plugin over to disqus


    bombest comment plugin, plus looks pretty nice too

    ps. ryan looks nice with his shirt off

  13. Bryan Rogers says:

    I want to throw my opinion in so you can hear it direct from me. We share shop space and I would not share a shop with someone that I did not trust 100% to work with. Animal auto does solid work and for most of the time cheaper than the sketchy work that Andrew is fixing. I know there is controversy over the s14 but credit was given in this blog post to everyone involved and this car is a completely different car from when Ryan purchased it. There is no way it could have been a competition car in the state that it came to Animal Auto.

    As for Serious Badass Fabrication. My work speaks for itself. I haven’t hear one bad thing from my customers or even random people about my work. I do have a long wait time but this isn’t my full time gig and I am very upfront about that before I take a new customer. I have been around drifting from the beginning I’ve built and worked with numerous teams and cars. I have been Formula D and D1 licensed so I know what needs to get done and how a car needs to work. There’s always going to be haters but please if you are going to slander have some factual basis for your claims.

  14. Mike Peters says:

    Anyone who posts as me that isn’t me clearly lacks credibility. On Wrecked you could be anyone. You could be Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Chuck Norris, you could be Dale Earnhard……

  15. Dale Earnhardt says:

    I am Dale Earnhardt. Damn this is a good feeling.

  16. Rabb says:

    Mike Peters vs Pike Meters

  17. Donna Peters says:

    Wasn’t that S14 built by Forest Wang’s shop?

  18. ChickenWangSsss says:

    I am pretty sure that that his skyline was built by a few shops including forrests. Lol pretty sure that ry ry didn’t pay anyone. That guy owes me money too. The fact that he has his own “shop” is a joke. He can’t even work on cars and doesn’t know anything about them. Ill admit……..he’s a good driver. But that’s pretty much it. he has burned so many ppl in the community its surprising that he even has fans anymore. Most of his fans are just the dozens of chicks he convinces to sleep with him,,

  19. Bryan Rogers says:

    Donna the cage was built at get nuts like the blog post says. Everything else was either built or rebuilt by Animal/SB Fab. Parts of the cage will have to be fixed before it will be legal for next year too which will be done in house.

  20. Donna Peters says:

    So you guys made a Seriously Badass replica of a Forrest Wang car? ie body kit/wheels

  21. Bryan Rogers says:

    Clearly he bought he car for the chassis ie wheels aero and cage otherwise he would have started from a shell or a stock s14. In a lot of ways a stock car would have been a better starting point too. Truth is there is a lot of parts of the cage that aren’t welded and will have to be fixed before to will pass Fd tech. It’s some rookie mistakes so if you are posting because you are riding Forrest dick and you think we are trying to take credit for his work you have no clue. If you’ve ever met me I’m the first to disown the work on the car that I didn’t do I wouldn’t want to be associated with how sketchy some of it is.

  22. Terry says:

    LOL at Wang’s wang riders!

    Small shops will always have some pissed off person bad mouthing, it’s only a matter of time before it happens. Most of the time it’s usually a petty misunderstanding but all of the time should be handled face to face and in person. My 2 cents.
    Bryan Rogers is one of the most reliable and honest people I have ever known. Also one of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to car building, car driving, car culture in general.

    The real Mike Peters crashed my car. Then lost the key!

  23. SRpower says:

    this kid is a joke whoever the hell he is….. all ProAm kids take note on how not to act on a public site. Did he really say he did not ask for this feature? Get this guy out of here. Glad to see all the people he owes money to in here calling him out.

    Fuck this kid.

  24. bryan montgomery says:

    The slanderous comments are laughable period. I first met these guys when I got into the sport. They have been cool since the beginning always helping me with my driving and building my car. The fab work bryan does is awesome I run his knuckles and he does my chassis setup as well. The guys at animal do great work and the attention to detail is top notch. They are the only guys I trust to work on my drift car

  25. It seems as though as soon as someone makes it in this automotive scene a bunch of haters from the depths have to rise from where they dwell.

    From the first day I met Ryan I knew he was straight up and have known Andrew for years, he actually even built my SR motor that i currently have and its been bashed to shit and still starts up the first time every time and runs like a champ.

    Ive learned that people will hate simply out of jealousy, hell there is even a whole group of people that constantly talk shit on me all day on the internet cause i dont drift my frs or drive it in the canyons. that wasnt the purpose of the car, my s13 was made for sliding around as it is affordable to fix in case something happens. good luck blowing an frs transmission and finding one on zilvia for sub 200 bucks.

    Ryan next year is gonna kill it in FD, Andrews shop is going to grow and actually my 240 is at his shop right now getting worked on.

    Stop dick riding and just accept the fact that this motherfucker went out and earned his FD license and is doing shit you wish you could. hell even i am jealous but that doesnt mean im gonna badmouth someones shop and lively hood over the fact that i couldnt do what he did.


  26. DickRider9000 says:

    @RobertoKochis wait…you kinnda sound like da dick rider here. all i got from that is “wah wah, i love ryan’s cock in my mouth. wahh…bryan and andrew…let me ride youuuu pweeease”

    lolol who’s the dick rider here? i think it youuuuu. maybe you forgot you were riding ryans cock so it’s so small and all. ryen sure talks a big game when chicks have told me otherwise. LOL.

    all anyone has said that this fool is a joke (which he is). and that he sucks at working on cars (which he does) and that he owes money to peeps (me on that list aswell). literral only cares about getting to the top but doesnt care about how he does it. like SR pointed out…he the fuck complains about a feature on wrecked and then says “he didn’t ask for this” when just 2 hours before that he was super grateful. and then on his facebook is super excited about it. but the moment pike meters pops up, this guy gets all butt hurt.

    its not a good sign when a millioon peple have to come to your defence. just sayin.

  27. Mike Peters says:

    Man.. I hear so many stories about Bryan’s knuckles breaking. Didn’t the street drift kid Elias break his knuckles that you made Bryan just parking the car?

    I’ve also heard a lot of bullshit about Ryan not giving credit where its due especially when it come to that Corolla you had. Did you build it or someone named Andy did?

    As for Robert, you talk about not dick riding. Aren’t you dick riding Ryan? Anyone can put a body kit on an FRS and be the shit. That’s what you did right?

    Bryan Mongomery or whatever the fuck your last name is. You get your car set up by them? no wonder you haven’t progressed in that miata of yours.

  28. KingsofkingsGTR says:

    First off animal is shit…. The cars they have worked on (key word) worked on (not built) because they haven’t built any of there cars….all of the cars have already had done work somewhere else and these dudes claim they did the work…. I have seen wiring harnesses done by them and there animal alright it looks like a Tasmanian devil was under the dash and hood hahahahaha stop lying to yourselves and the industry.. Your scam artists and that’s fine the industry will weed you out on its own…. Jus as fast as you opened your doors you’ll be closing them…… #imitators

  29. KingofkingsGTR says:

    Donna Peters good call out…… Now there admitting it’s Forrest’s old car hahahahaha dude straight lied to everyone claiming that they built it…. That shop s
    Doesn’t have the talent to built a car like that… And Brian your an idiot ohh he jus bought it for aero wheels and suspension stfu….that’s like you wearing a dress and heels everyday and sayin it’s for holloween and its January … #straighidiot

  30. Wannabe says:

    Yo B Rogers is that the same s13 you been working on for 3-4 years?

  31. Steffan Maus says:

    Damn, it was a good read till I got to the comments. Bummer…

  32. Bryan Rogers says:

    I love the anonymous comments no one here is man enough to post their real name? Call me if you think you know something about me or come by the shop or come talk to me at an event. This is just childish internet drama from a bunch of bored boner kids.

  33. Wannabe says:

    So …….same shitty car you tried to do D1 USA in? Oh well.

  34. Mike Peters says:

    All I see is Bryan Rogers on driver lists for D1GP, did you never qualify bro?

  35. Shinchu says:

    LOL @ interweb thugs.

    go beat him in a skid race if you are so badass. until then, STFU.

    S-L.n forever

  36. @DickRider9000

    haha whatever man, i post my name, you post a username name.

    ditch the keyboard and show yourself and say what you gotta say like a man, not with a keyboard like a bitch.

  37. @mike peters

    if tha’ts all what it takes then why didn’t you do it?

  38. S.M says:

    This Man Can Drive. End of Discussion.

  39. Jesus g says:

    Sounds like one troll guy ranting off about bullshit under 6 different alias. Pretty lame and I would have belived Ryan did something wrong if you were man enough to show face and demand a resolution from the get go. Instead of hiding behind the Internet creeping on everyone to find dirt while trying to sabotage a group of individuals only makes you look jealous and silly. I’d say this negative slander is a bunch of b/s and frankly very feminite…

  40. Timothy bushee bigworm951 says:

    wow all you talking shit is a joke. if your so badass show your face and put you money where your fucking mouth is enough said. Ryan is a very humble guy and they do in creditable work on there cars.