Following Bob Patinka Around St. Croix at DMCC Round 5

Posted on Aug 16, 2013 In Drift Mania International

It was a beautiful day for RD5 of the DMCC series that took place at the RiverSide Speed way in Ste Croix Quebec.

After the morning drivers meeting Bob got ready to head out for practice. With it being a Top 32 one day event there was only a short 2 hour practice session before qualifications.

The track is fast with some high speed entry’s and a layout that lets you keep the speed up through out the course.

Bob was looking solid as usual but then I stopped seeing him in the pre grid for practice runs.

Turns out his alternator died. Thankfully fellow driver Eric Paradis was nice enough to lend Bob his spare one so he could compete..Always cool seeing drifters helping drifters.

Bobs crew got the car back together just in time for qualifications. Bob put down a solid run getting him the 13th spot locking him into the Top 32 Battles.

After a quick break it was already time for the Top 32.. Bob would be facing Tom Tom.

Tom Tom suffered a huge crash during practice ..Him and his car were not 100%. Bob Put down a good lead run.

On Bobs chase run Tom Tom had a mistake going off course a tad and then Bob got right on him and stuck to him. Bob Moved on to the Top 16.

After the Top 32 there was a track break..Bob gave out hero card to fans.

I even got one!

WIth not much time to rest it was already time for the Top 16 battles. Bob almost ran me over here! at least he thought it was funny.

Bob warms up his tires as this battle was going to be a big one.

Bob was facing a tough opponent.

None other then Dave Briggs who won this event earlier in the season.

Dave has a lot more HP then Bob and was able to pull on him pretty good..Yes Bob is there in all that smoke.

Bob had a good lead run but it was not enough to defeat Dave. Dave ended up going on to winning the event.

RD6 is already this coming weekend at the Montmagny race track.




I have been shooting drifting since about 2004. I have been the official photographer for the DMCC series since they started and now Im also the media director for the series. I also cover all drifting that takes place around Montreal for various web sites and Magazines.

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