2013 Formula D Rookie of the Year status after 5 rounds [STANDINGS]

This year’s rookie chase is tighter than ever, but mostly due to lackluster results.

Canadian Marc Landreville is currently leading the chase despite only attending one FD event so far. Landreville has confirmed that he will be at Irwindale, with Texas being a possibility as well. Brandon Wicknick and Nate Hamilton have both made top 32 twice so far, which puts them just a few points behind Landreville, with both drivers committing to the remaining rounds. Mats Baribeau, Will Parsons, and Chris Jeanneret have all made a top 32 so far, and all are well within reach of taking the title with a Top 16 appearance. We could still see a jump from the ranks of a driver who has yet to score points with drivers like Rob Primozich, JR Hildebrande, or Luke Pakula simply needing to qualify for top 32 and possibly get lucky with a driver spinning or having a mechanical issue during the Top 32 tandem battle to tie Landreville. Landreville only earned 1% of the popular vote when we ran our poll in April about who our readers think would take the title.

Since the series switched to top-32 tandem in 2009, Odi Bakchis earned the Rookie of the Year title with the fewest points at 255. Unless a Landreville, Wicknick, or Hamilton were to earn back-to-back podiums, we are guaranteed to see a point total below that claiming the title.

Here’s a look at the points standings so far:

Car # Driver LB Qual LB Tandem ATL Qual ATL Tandem PB Qual PB Tandem NJ Qual NJ Tandem WA Qual WA Tandem Total Points Behind Leader
Landreville x x x x x x 0.5 54 x x 54.5
801 Wicknick 0 0 0 0 0.5 24 0 0 0.25 24 48.75 -5.75
144 Hamilton 0 0 0.25 24 0 0 0.25 24 0 0 48.5 6
30 Baribeau x x 0 0 4 24 0 0 x x 28 26.5
48 Parsons 0 0 0.25 24 0 0 x x 0 0 24.25 30.25
111 Jeanneret 0 0 x x x x x x 0.25 24 24.25 30.25

Jacob Leveton

Freelance Drift Correspondent at JacobPhoto
Jacob Leveton has worked as a freelance journalist for 12 years, specializing in drifting since the first professional competition landed on US shores in 2003. Leveton has worked with more than twenty print and online media outlets to provide unique drifting content.


  1. I'm sorry says:

    All the rookies this year are literally pathetic. Landreville on the other hand is not bad at but some of these guys Have top notch cars and they cant drive to save their life. It’s too easy to get an fd license now it seems like. This making the sport go down hill.

  2. Jabroni says:

    i like all these dudes they are excellent drivers and competitors so dont take this next statement wrong but this has been the weakest rookie showing yet in my opinion. i would have liked to have seen more of landerville this season so hard to say about him but he killed NJ and got robbed imo.

  3. M Schroeder says:

    I’m so sick of hearing all these dudes bash rookies this year. “They suck, they can’t drive ” etc Who are you to determine whether they don’t belong in FD or not? Yea this may not be the best rookie field ever but All the dudes on this list have laid down some sick runs this year. It’s a huge learning curve to go from a pro-am to the pros and face these 7 and 800 hp beasts now a days. Alot of these rookies have added big hp to their cars to be able to keep up and in turn have car troubles. Plus there is alot of pressure on these guys to push and do things they’ve never done before to be able to compete. There is a continually growing gap each year between top level pros and guys just breaking in to FD. Doesn’t mean these dudes “suck”. I applaud these dudes for getting out there, sacrificing and putting ever penny, and all of their energy and time that they have into this sport. So instead of bashing them and saying they don’t belong why not encourage them so FD has a big future and not just a bunch of high dollar teams. The funny thing is most of these people that bash these guys could/would never even be able to get to this point, so stfu! I admire these dudes and hope that I get to be one of the “sucky FD rookies.” Props to Jabroni for having some respect.

  4. Can’t speak for everyone but Parsons, Wicknick and Hamilton have worked their asses off to get there. I’ve seen the nights at pro-am events ripping shit apart and working with friends to get things fixed for competition. The hours of networking, smiling, sweating and worrying about details that half the people in drifting haven’t even come across yet. To stand on your keyboard and say that these guys don’t deserve to be where they are is flat out stupidity. You don’t have to like them, but to discredit their effort and drive makes you look like an ignorant, jealous prick.

  5. Jayson says:

    Like above mentioned this rookies don’t “suck” they are learning what it really takes to compete in the pro’s. I know Brandon Wicknick personally and have driven with him countless times. His cars has had issues most of this season an he still qualified top 32 with a wobbling clutch and not being able to throw the car into gear against D-Mac. Everyone is so quick to judge everyone around them without knowing what the real story is. Do some research before bashing someone next time. All these rookies are doing this on their own dollar an on a learning curve so screw anyone who is saying they all suck.

  6. M Schroeder says:

    I’m sorry^ is probably Mike Peters….

  7. Sam says:

    Lets go landreville !!!!!!

  8. Brian says:

    All I see and hear are excuses to be honest. I’m sure all the rookies are decent dudes but it’s pretty sad when a driver who has only shown up to one event is leading the rookies in points.

  9. Mike Peters says:

    M Scrhoeder,

    I have no clue who you are and don’t care, but since you think you know who I am or what I’d say let me point out a couple things:

    a) I have no problem posting under my name

    b) half the internet has no problem posting under my name

    c) You think I’m going to let Will Parsons borrow my truck/trailer and help him out as much as I can to bash him on the internet? Who does that

    d) I stand corrected on C, as I become less involved in the drift-tards, I constantly forget the type of shallow individuals who act like someones BFF then do anything they can to tear them down behind their back, so you do have a valid question.

    There is a reason they’re called “Rookies”, cut them some slack, and look at the last true rookie who hasn’t taken a stab at FD / D1 etc or hasn’t been drifting for 10 years. This is the first year I can recall in a long time that the rookie race wasn’t filled/lead with international stars who were new to FD, but not new to pro drifting. This is the first year in a while compiled of true pro-am cultivated competitors, and I have to say props to people like Will Parsons, who are truly self-made and self-funded. No Mom/Dad handout, no tag-along deals, straight up guys trying to be racers. Drifting needs more Will Parsons, you’ll never hear him say something negative about someone else, you’ll never hear him blame anyone besides himself, and you’ll never see him working any less than 41 hours a week. I’m sure some of the other rookies are like that as well, and the more people like Will Parsons that drifting has, the higher quality of motorsport it will be, and that is why people have, and always will continue to support people like Will Parsons on and off the track, results aside.

  10. Chris Jeanneret says:


    I am not a million dollar race team i am one man with a dream so if you would like to give me a fair shot at rookie of the year please buy a shirt or 10 and ill try and bridge the gap from rookie to veteran as fast as possible. I think i speak for all the other rookies when i say this, I don’t think anyone has the balls that talks shit to put them selves in the debt i have accumulated, and the problems with even the top dollar parts failing and not being able to afford a spare. there are allot of things that make a good driver and not having the budget and backing to keep the car together makes it hard. i have 2 guys that i have to fly out to the events and help me and we have day jobs also. lets just say its like having a school loan now and im still a freshman. I don’t regret doing this at all i just appreciate the shit talking it makes me want it more. cheers 🙂

  11. Mike Peters says:

    Guys…?……I’m pregnant. TAngelo and I are having twins. After nearly a decade of vigorous attempts, I finally have a baby bump. Our kids will inherit our lousy driving skills. Bye

  12. Stop Bitching says:

    If Brandon Wicknick would not have so many problems with his car, he would be first and easily be the rookie of the year at the end.

  13. DUNDUNDUN says:

    I still think they cant drive to save their life.

  14. super nerd says:

    It’s funny how Jacob has been bashing the rookies this year every chance he gets. Last year at this point in the season only 43%(10 out of 23 not counting saito) of the 2012 rookie class had qualified at one event or more compared to 43% (6 out of 14)by this year’s class. If you take into consideration the way smaller class this year and the fact that there is no rookie team with the amount of support and funding as denofa/saito in 2012 it’s easy to see there isn’t as much of a gap as people think. Also after the first 5 rounds only one truly privateer team had qualified at more than two rounds (lowe).

  15. Hi SuperNerd,

    I actually hadn’t thought about breaking down the stats about how many drivers had qualified compared to how many had made a qualifying pass. I may go back and dig into the past 4 years to see how this year compares.

    I try to go out of my way to create articles that not only report on the standings and facts at hand but provide insight into how this relates to previous years. In my editorial in the last issue of the magazine, I tried to help people understand that rookie year results don’t necessarily equate to longevity in the series. Drivers like Pawlak, Mordaunt, Kado, Mohan, Essa, Powers, and others have outlasted those who won ‘Rookie of the Year’ honors in their rookie classes. I would also suggest that I’ve done more to try and provide more publicity for the rookie drivers than any other journalist in the field. From the pre-season videos at tech day to the blog posts on here and editorial in the magazine, I have always tried to help get rookies the publicity they deserve. I wish other drifting outlets would do more to help these guys get the eyeballs on their program they need to obtain and retain sponsors!

  16. Mike Peters says:

    Dang you have a headshot on Wrecked.

    Can I start posting as you?

  17. Mike Peters says:

    Jacob, you damn loser. Go write an article about getting laid and having a life.

  18. ralph johnson says:

    When a racer is competing in a field with this depth of talent it should be considered a triumph to make the top 32. On any given day any number of experienced pros can knock themselves out or get knocked out. FD can be a heartbreaker. There can be no other way to start except to just dive in an go for it. I applaud each and everyone of the rookie class for showing up and giving it hell.

  19. Steffan Maus says:

    The rookies are great drivers. Imagine where Saito would be with engine problems every round in 2012 hindering a qualifying pass that puts him in the show. I remember hearing that he doesnt even change the cars setup from one round to the next. Just shows up with the car from the last round and goes. Thats money working for you.

    Shit I’d sponsor a car if it werent so damn expensive.. LS swap isnt exactly cheap when you need replacement parts at the track and dont already have them.