Drift Mania Cancels Autodrome St-Eustache and Moves Event to St. Croix

Posted on Aug 7, 2013 In Drift Mania International Major Announcements

The September 1st/2nd round 7 at Autodrome St-Eustache ha been moved to the St. Croix track. The St. Croix track was already home to Round 3 in July and the upcoming round 5 this weekend. This brings three of the eight DMCC rounds to the St. Croix track in 2013. How do DMCC fans feel about the change of venue?


  1. Mike Peters says:

    I don’t think Canadians are allowed to have an opinion since they aren’t free like us Americans eh.

  2. QcBoy says:

    Well, people from Montreal are sad and people from Quebec (the city) are happy. Next year, it will be called DMQC for drift mania quebec championship.

  3. Hosford Hugger says:

    I hope some americans run up there and win again like the good ol days. Wheres Matt Waldin and B Wilkerson????

  4. Mike Peters says:

    I believe they have lives outside of drifting. Crazy concept to some of you I know, but it does happen.

  5. M.landreville says:

    Waldin still does 1or 2 round , dont forget pollard,patinka,munson

  6. Brian W. says:

    Go drifting in Canada?….. hmmm…..

  7. Mike Peters says:

    This is basically like if Formula D decided a month in advance to not go to Irwindale and instead do the last round of FD at a track in a the middle of nowhere, where it’s tough for sponsors to book hotels, where there’s no kinda cool city spots to check out after the event or anything like that.