Formula Drift Seattle with Off Track – Tony Angelo and Chris Forsberg v. Michael Essa [VIDEO]

Ryan Tuerck won the GoPro camera and Jenson Argyle walks around asking the drivers of Formula Drift which judge they would kill, bang, marry. Chris Forsberg and Michael Essa take home the run of the weekend where Chris put down an insane follow battle against Michael Essa. Tony Angelo is the highlighted driver in Off-Track to wrap up the Round 5 video.


  1. Wing Zero says:

    I love these videos!! Man….. Andy got killed by everyone!!! XD Can’t wait for Texas.

  2. rotarypower says:

    Haha everybody wants to kill andy thats awesome

  3. Hosford Hugger says:

    i knew tangleo was on tindir ! what a pig

  4. Mike Peters says:

    I like how Essa is wearing an ignite shirt in the screencap, yet the other e85 article was posted. Lol.