Walker Wilkerson Misses Another Round with Engine Issues

Posted on Jul 20, 2013 In Formula D Walker Wilkerson

Round 4 was a wash with Walker Wilkerson talking about engine issues they suffered in Palm Beach. Sadly his engine parts such as the crankshaft didn’t make it to him in time for a retune, test, and drive up to Evergreen Speedway. This just puts a huge damper on his 2013 season overall and doesn’t allow him to drive on his original hometown drift track. Here is what he released on his fan page:

It’s killing me to have to post this but unfortunately we will not be able to make it to FD Evergreen this year. The crank was backordered for much longer than expected as well as the dry sump pan. Even after overnight shipping the backordered items there still wouldn’t have been enough time to put the car back together, retune it, shake it down and get it to Washington in time for FD.

I know this will get asked so yes, we could’ve rushed to get the car to Evergreen by installing a stock crank and doing without a dry sump system. However, we would be at square one once again with another blown motor and no results to show from it. Rushing to make the next round with a car that’s been proven to not be 100% is simply not worth the sleepless nights, wasted money spent and disappointment once something goes wrong.

The car and motor are in the hands of our sponsor Real Street Performance. We are very thankful to have Real Street rebuilding the heart of the S14. I am ecstatic to get back behind the wheel and shake her down before we head to Texas.

I’d like to say thank you very much to all of my sponsors: Fueled Racing, Insane Innovations, Exedy, Achilles Radial, Real Street Performance, CP/Carrillo, GodSpeed Project, Seibon, Turbo’s by Garrett, CSF, Enkei, Brian Crower, BC Racing, Fatlace, Era-1, Whiteline, TiAL, Radium Engineering, AEM, Canton Racing, LA Wraps, Grip Royal, Treadstone, Sams Autoland, KAAZ, Astars, Grip Royal and Spyder Auto. Thank you guys so much for believing in me and for your continued support. I’d also like to thank all my fans for sticking by our side through the thick and thin. You guy’s are awesome, see you all in Texas.


  1. Kids Heart says:

    Should go with a trusty SR20det

  2. Your Dick says:

    What a fool. He’s just wasting an entire season. I’m sure he won’t be able to get the same sponsors next year for not doing his part. Should have kept it simple

  3. Wing Zero says:

    Look people. I know how much you all would like to see him run SR20. (And to be honest I would like to see that beast SR20 again.)

    But he’s not gonna put the SR back in people! Or go N/A V8 again. No matter how much ya’ll complain or tell him he should. Its not gonna happen. So just stop harping on the same note. He’s made up his mind about going with a TT LS V8 and he’s not gonna change it. Jeeze……

    I’m sure once he gets the bugs worked out that car is gonna do wonders. I just hope he gets it worked out soon and gets it back on track.

  4. petite pounder says:

    he needs to go with something that works rather than sit out round after round. what good is it doing him if hes got a non-operable TT LS? sponsors will drop him like hes hot next season for not fulfilling his obligations.

  5. chiprez says:


  6. Wing Zero says:

    @petite pounder: I totally understand what your saying. I feel he should focus on 2014 at this point. And he more than likely is. If he gets the car running for Texas and Iriwndale he’s going to probably just to use those two events as testing beds for the car for next year.

    Now. I’m probably gonna start a war with this question for everyone.

    What motor do you PERSONALLY think he should run? Can be any motor?

    My choice would be RB26DETT. lol I’m kind of a RB whore.

  7. Joey Redmond says:

    It seems at this point the 2JZ, LS V8, or some sprint car motor variation are the popular answers to Formula Drift right now.

    You know though an interesting case study is what Dave Briggs has managed to do…. he built a Sprint Car motor and struggled with it in a Nissan 350z for whatever reason with technical issues, etc… (like Walker) and went back to one insane SR20 this season in his S14.

    Regardless of it is the best solution or most ideal solution it has worked for Dave Briggs in the sense that he got his highest Formula Drift finish at Palm Beach and won the last round of DMCC. I’m sure if nothing else it is a nice confidence booster to yourself, team, and sponsors.

    You could argue his chance of victory is less with the SR20 but it has worked for him in the past. The one thing that must be frustrating for Walker in general is that the car held together for $25k Drift Challenge in Long Beach and he podium’d but the car hasn’t been 100% otherwise this year it seems.

  8. Crook says:

    Just bring back his old car, run the onevia front end again- and use the SR20.

    He was much more consistent with the SR- and even if he ran a LS(1, 2 ,3) instead of the LS7 he has been running- It’d be way better in terms of maintaining, and he’d have much more money to get out to all the rounds instead of prepping the car for every single round but one

  9. Mike Peters says:

    Any argument attempting to devalue the SR, can immediately be countered with Aasbo/Papadakis’s program this year.

    Most of the big teams making big power have top-notch crewmen, that are very experienced with American motorsport, and very good at keeping these tried-and-true American engines working well.

    Daigo/Nishida are from JP, and the JZ works great. The polar opposites of equipment maintenance with E46’s are both running solid programs with BMW’s straight 6’s.

    This was a couple years ago, but Gardella and RMR had the EcoTec’s dialed in as well.

    I don’t know why these little wind-up sprint car motors are a talking point, they’ve got an expiration date and need constant between round attention, the only teams running them have dedicated 8-5’ers maintaining them, when there are much more reliable and sensible options (Power’s Katech setup for example, change oil, supply fuel, and party) in comparison.

    Lot’s of great platforms out there, but most of the time a lackluster engine program is due to inexperienced kids trying to figure it out. Ambition is a great asset to have, but you have to be realistic, and find someone that has actually built it, or you’ll be popping motors all day. There is no reason you should ever blow up a LSx engine in this day and age, but I’ve seen me do it countless times many years ago when I was pretty new to building stuff, and didn’t really know what the hell I was doing, and didn’t have any help that actually knew what they were doing, other than good intentions. Everyone has been at that point. Looks like Walker’s program is back at that phase right now. Nothing wrong with the LS engines, but it sounds like his engine builder is throwing parts at a problem instead of solving it. Plenty of proven setups out there on a stock pan with an accusump, even with turbos hanging on the side. And for every single TT-LSx out there, there are 100 more being built by people who talk a big game, but really need to step back and realize they don’t know what the hell they’re doing, and should really find someone to learn from before they try again with some real working knowledge.

    I’m sure it would be very interesting also to see another RBWDC type event with even more variance.

  10. Mike Peters says:

    Also before anyone that is too unintelligent to grasp the initial Aasbo / SR comment, clearly Aasbo isn’t running an SR, but with 20 years of people building SR’s, as Briggs and most D1 guys have shown, there is nothing you can do to the 2AZ or whatever the Scion engine is that hasn’t been done 100’s of times by Tomei or other key players in the SR game. There are a bunch of idiot kids who don’t know what the hell they’re doing with an SR, but the SR can be made to work very very well.

  11. Wing Zero says:

    @Mike Peters: True. Very true. I love SR’s. And was actually quite happy………. aw who the hell am I kidding! I was freakin ESTATIC!! When Dave Briggs said he was running his trusty old SR20 for this season. And I know the SR20 can still get the job done and win events as well. Its like you said you just have to know how to build them and maintain them.

    Another thing is the driver as well. Dave Briggs said that the way the V8 put down power compared to his SR20. And we all see/saw the change in his driving just from a car and motor change. He didn’t qualify all of last season and when he switched back to his SR S14 he qualified for both of the last 2 events that year. So also its still alot of driver preference and what their use to.

    Another example of a well built car would be Kenneth Moen’s/Tanner Fousts 350Z. That car is how old again? Like from 05? 06? And its still running strong with the original VQ motor makin like 800hp? Ken Gushi and Yoshioka’s FR-S and BRZ Flat-fours…….

    As for Walker. I wish him the best of luck. PERSONALLY I would like to see him drop a RB26DETT in the car and see him rip it up out there! But if he wants to keep the V8 route I would say go N/A and run Nitrous like Field did at Iriwindale last year. And if he still wants to go with the TT LS. I say run the SR20 or the old car until the new car and motor are 100%. That way he can at least make the last two rounds this year.

  12. Yukio says:

    I’m one of his sponsors and I don’t plan to drop him.

  13. DUNDUNDUN says:

    It’s not the motor/car itself. Or the Driver.

    It’s the people who think they can build a drift car who have no idea what they’re doing. He needs a better team behind his back who actually know what they are doing when it comes to building a TT LS and everything about the car/sport.

    He is capable of driving well as we’ve seen him qualify very high in the years with SR. Obviously is a turbo car driver. Just needs car set up correctly and to run properly. And without a good crew working on the car. That will never happen.